Thinking Blogger (Part 2) by ME2

Two more tags for The Thinking Blogger. My funny and beautiful Vicki at Living Life & Catching Light and a new soul mate, Chris B at Ms. Cellania. Thanks YOU2. In your honor I have relinquished control of my blog today to ME2, the skinny lady who lives inside me.

She has promised to keep it nice.

Thanks for patronizing her. signed, Pamela

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you, Pamela, my alter ego, for allowing me this opportunity to write a post without your constant intrusion. My mission, which I chose to accept, was to choose the five bloggers who make me think.

I am worried a little about that provision to "self-destruct" in five seconds. HA!

Nevertheless, I will play along with this MEME and pretend for a minute that some bloggers out there really do raise my eyebrows. That's one of the odd things about growing older, how much more difficult it is to raise them.

I guess I could start plucking them closer to my forehead. That would actually be Pamela's forehead.

Back to the subject of Thinking Bloggers. You'll note that yesterday Pamela mentioned five FEMALES. Today, I'm going to talk about MALES. I like to talk about them.

So, without further ado I present my awards:

Willowtree lives in Australia. Somewhere. A Dingo Got His Barbie is the name chosen by popular reader vote. He was formerly Once Upon A Blog. I relate to him because he has his own split personality. When Peter comes out to play, he says he is what an Aussie bloke would call an Arse. They call each other pet names like that down under. Pamela says that WT has a gentle and compassionate heart. It is evident in his many post about his dogs and cats that the crusty exterior is just a protective facade. I say
Peter Peter Makes it real
He's a Man with Buns of Steel
And when Peter Raves and Rants
He bends down and drops his ..... Pretence. HA!

Alrighty then. My Second Thinker:
That would be James Burnett and his Burnett's Urban Etiquette. He's a journalist who blogs, and in his spare time works for the Miami Herald. His observations on relevant topics reel Pamela in. On top of that, he consistently replies to his readers comments. One time I told him he was a real "hunk," and he thought it was Pamela. James, I said, if you'd post a few more pictures you would double your admirers. Take a hint from Peter.... and show us your Byline!

The Third:
Ian, whose first blog is E-Dogs Everything Page, had wonderful curly locks. Then, one day, in a fit of frustration, he tore up his current in progress novel and CUT HIS HAIR. He loves his wife and his children. Pamela is into mushy stuff like that. He also loves to write. The second blog is a Monday through Friday Web Comic: The Adventures of the S-Team. By the title you can assume correctly that all his super hero's names begin with S. Don't tell Pamela, but I'm going to enter her in his contest as a new character because she also has a big S. HA!

Number Four:
Pamela makes me read Poems that don't rhyme. The poet is Vaughn Seward and he blogs under the name Masago-no-haiku. God Bless You!! Okay, I admit that he has a cute little beard and he haiku'd our cat and sometimes you see amazing pictures he writes in your head. I'm learning to appreciate being cultured. My haiku name is Yoplait-inmy-haiku.

I bet some of you thought Haiku was those knives that cut through brick on an infommercial, for just $29.99? HA!

The Final Thinker:
Another Aussie - his name is Peter, too. (Get it? Peter2! I'm so happy.)
He is older than Pamela and me. That is why we are both so amazed by his blogging skills at Holties House. Recently he wrote a series about his late father that mesmerised Pamela. I was more astonished by the fact that, in March, he drove his car cross-continent (as opposed to in-continent) with a tag team of co-pilots. Seriously, who'd be crazy enough to travel 7500 miles with an old man driving on the wrong side of the road. HA!

It's been fun. See ya at the movies.

ME2 ( HA!)


Gattina said…
Your head must smoking by now with all this thinking about thinkers !

No, I don't have a heavy accent, lol ! I have an English one, usually people don't find out from where I come, but it's for sure I dont sink, I think !!
And I like to laugh too, but I won't say : "my sincere condolences" Ha, ha, ha !
Susan in va said…
ME2, you're just as much fun as Pamela - and you have good taste!

I'm just wondering which one of you your newly 6yr old grandson, Jammin' prefers - ME1 or ME2?

I like you both ;)
deslily said…
glad to say I read some of these already! (hip hip hooray! lol)

I responded to you comment on my should get a cornelia funke book for the kids, they are great!
Shelby said…
great post! I'll have to read Mr. Burnett's blog for sure :)
Heather said…
Uh, I think Susan just said ME1 has bad taste.
And Peter has buns of steel? Most be all those years of construction work (get it, working on steel frames).
And congrats on your award!
Shelby said…
Oh we must do lunch at the beach next time I'm over that way!! :)

It won't be until another year or so tho :(

- sigh -

THANKS for the invite!
Karmyn R said…
Where has my mother gone and when will she be back?


excellent choices.
Tiggerlane said…
I really like James Burnett - he poses interesting questions, and attempts to show both sides of an issue.

He is truly a good thinker! Maybe a naked statue of him would attract more readers, too?
Swampwitch said…
Gatinna, it's not "her head is smoking," it's "what is she smoking?" pencil shavings? as Julie would ask.
So many blogs, so little time.

When am I ever going to be able to read all this material?
ian said…
Thanks for the tag!

Little Miss Moi said…
Dear whoever has hijacked Pamela's blog. That was a thinking bloggers post. It made me think that there's way more women who blog than men....
Robin said…
Me2...SPECTACULAR!! I particularly like the poetic tribute to Pirate Pete--you are quite talented. Perhaps you get that by osmosis from your host's body.

And you're 12 shades of shading of cuteness is usually reserved for young ones, but when it fits, it fits!

Great....I'm with just complicated my life. Could you please manufacture more hours in a day?

Thank you.
Willowtree said…
Yeah sure, thanks.

I don't know what's going on but this is probably the fourth of fifth post that hasn't shown up on bloglines! And not just your blog either.

Have you been having any trouble?

(seriously, thanks for the nod)

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