Needs more Salt

In my previous post, I shared my accidental use of Vanilla flavored Soy Milk in Cheese sauce. Some of you laughed with me. Others were curious, and I felt obliged to satisfy them. The queries and my responses:

How did it turn out?

Like vanilla flavored cheesy pasta, Little Miss Moi. People eat pineapple on pizza; it really is not that different.

Did it taste bad?

Melissa nailed it "Ohhh...gag. ;)" Then Susan in VA threw it in the trash with the final insult "EWWWWWWWW!!!!!"

It is an acquired taste. I haven’t acquired it yet. There was some memory of the first time I sampled beer. Bleeech, and then belch on it for a few hours.

Were there curdles involved?

You mean when I screamed after realizing what I had mixed into the sauce??? Or, do you mean the soy milk. Yes, Jodi, if the first question; No, Jeanette, if the second.

Oh no, you didn’t?

No, Animal Mind Matt. I didn’t. ME2 did it. (Did not. Did too. Did not. Did too. Did not. Did too.Did not. Did too. Did not. Did too.Did not. Did too.)

What is cheese sauce?

It is what you make first. Then you make reservations to go out for dinner. Thanks, Swampy, for the reminder by E-mail that sometimes the back up plan is the best.

Scary, did you really do this?

Yes, Barngoddess,. Scary! However, it could be worse. I could have been cooking naked and started a fire and had to be rescued through an upstairs window by a fireman and his ladder. Scary for the fireman, I mean.

There have been many ruined recipes in my kitchen over the years, because I didn’t read the recipe or check the label. It is an inherited gene from my Grandmother Grace. At least I didn’t eat dog food, which was one of her famous Goofys.

My most common mistake involves salt. I either forget to put it in, or forget that I already measured it and added. That is what I did to Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls.

It is odd that no one asked me if we ate it. Time’s up.

Thank you to all your positive reinforcement and encouragement. I promise that when you come to town and want to get together for dinner, we'll go to Applebees.

So, let’s hear some of your best recipe flops!


Tiggerlane said…
My stupidest one ever was right after I left for college, and tried to make pie crust from scratch. I had miswritten my mother's recipe - instead of 6 tablespoons of water, I had written 6 CUPS. After the fourth cup, I was irate, and called my mom to ask what the hell was going on! Of course, any idiot should have know that there no WAY that much water would ever bake out of a crust.

The Pilsbury crusts are the only thing I use now!
Karmyn R said…
Oh - you don't want to know, really...

The first time I made dinner for Dave, I made Beef Stroganoff - and didn't use sour cream for the sauce. BLECH.

another time - used baking powder instead of baking soda for chocolate chip cookies - they were like little cakes. (but still very edible)

and I'm asking - DID YOU EAT IT???
C said…
I can't cook very well but if you make pumpkin pie with brown sugar it turns out really good.
Pamela, I am still having a horrible time commenting on your site. I don't know what the deal is! I loved your recycling/composting and general Earth stewardship post. Good one!
As for recipe flops, all I can think of is the time my sister made Kraft Mac & Cheese. She didn't drain the pasta before adding all the other ingredients. Needless to say, it turned out like Mac & Cheese soup.
kailani said…
LOL! I just figured you ate it anyway. My husband would have -- he has a cast iron stomach.

I can't think of anything personally but I remember my Dad once making stew. He put in too much salt and thought he'd add sugar to balance it out. Yuck!
theotherbear said…
You just threw in that bit about a goof up being to eat dog food and I didn't see it coming. Now that is sick making.

My worst mistake was getting Celsius and Fahrenheit mixed up when making pavlova and set off my sister in law's smoke alarms.

My brother once used salt instead of sugar in a chocolate cake. Then my dad gave it to trick or treaters wrapped up in plastic. We all laughed hysterically.
Jenny said…
I must be pregnant because it actually doesn't sound that bad.

Excuse me while I got sue the makers of me IUD.
Susan in va said…
Let's see...I can remember adding too much water to the blueberry muffin batter one time. I just made blueberry pancakes instead. It was actually very good.

Oh, yeah - then there was the time I made French Silk Pie (which is NOT baked and contains raw eggs). I was getting freaked out by eating raw eggs so I substituted Egg Beaters. I don't recommend doing that. It tasted fine, it just looked like curdled milk.

So, did you EAT the cheese sauce?
Anonymous said…
I am giggling something silly!

it wouldnt be scary for your fireman hubby to rescue you nekkid ;)

have a super weekend.

Shelby said…
funny :) !!

have a great Friday..
Shelby said…
I'm back - You've been awarded a thinking award :)
angeleyes Blue said…
I don't cook but I am a great baker. My very best recipe I found was in Parent Magazine back in 1993. For those of you who are adventerous and if you have kids you gotta try this.

Take a choclate cake mix (not the pudding ones)and follow the directions. Before you bake it add 14 ounces of fresh spinach that you've pureed and a can of beets. Mix it all together--(make sure NO SPINACH STEMS are recognizable) Bake according to cake mix directions.

The chocolate covers the taste of the beets and this is truly the moistest cake ever.

I recall my husband asking me if he was eating the healthy cake or was it just cake. I giggled and said I would never tell.
Robin said…
Most recent mix up was in my house, but committed by my s-i-l. She was making my recipe for Sweet & Sour green beans while I was a'cookin' up a storm...she accidentally added 4 tablespoons of salt instead of sugar (I didn't see her do this). I tasted them and asked if she had added the sugar. She assured me she had but said she'd add a little more. This time, I did see her out of the corner of my eye...adding SALT from my salt pig that sits on the counter!!!

Needless to say, we added two pounds of sugar and they still tasted more than slightly saline...:/.
Jodi said…
You are so funny!! Thanks for the Friday laugh.

Have a great weekend!
JoeinVegas said…
Never did say if you ate it. But since Applebees is around perhaps you tried that place out.
swampy said…
You know that the song 'dedicated' to you on my post today is because of your comment you left at Melissa's regarding everyone going to Typepad...thought I would explain.
melissa said…
The only thing I continually screw up is chicken - and it's always too salty. I should be banned from salt shakers.

I am an excellent baker, though.
Shauna said…
Hi Stranger! ! !

Taken some time out while waiting for my boys to get in from their night out. . .

The mistake sounds horrible! ! UG!

Think the funniest one I ever did was shortly after Birddog and I got married. . .I was always trying new recipes. . .I tried on called "Ancient Old Meat". . .everything in it sounded scrumptuous (sp?) - but trust me - - it wasn't - - - it was literally like eating ancient old meat! ! !
LittleJen said…
I have plenty of disasters in the Kitchen, lol
I once cooked a cake that didnt break even when throwing it.. yes i know .. OMG

Have a great week

p.s. want to come over for

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