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One of my favorite bloggers, Kailani of An Island Life, had fun last month with a post entitled Blog My Blog. It requires the cooperation of each person who reads this post today.... and if you like... come back tomorrow and the next day just to get in on the action.

Here are the rules:

I will start with a question/phrase. The First person to comment must answer this question and then pose a new question of his/her own. The next commenter must answer that question, and then ask a new question... and on and on and on. I'm so excited to hear from you all.

My only request is that all questions and answers be rated at least PG (my friends and family read my blog, too.)

Here is the question for the first commenter:

If I could compete on one Game show on Television it would be ................


Amanda said…
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Amanda said…
I would have to say...

Deal or No Deal. Because there is a LOT of money to be made. (wheel of fortune would be more fun, but people don't win as much money.)

If you could travel back in time without changing the future, what would you go back to see?
theotherbear said…
Maybe the dinosaurs. Because if I'm not able to change the future I could feel pretty safe they aren't going to EAT me! And it would be pretty magnificent to see.

My question in exchange is:
If you could go back to an event in your life and change it - with the intent of changing your own future - what would you change?
Willowtree said…
I would have hired a lawyer that time I got busted.

My question:
Do you really believe there are 43 beans in every cup?
Beccy said…
Depends on the type of beans and the size of the cup.

My question:
Why when you say no does a child seem to hear yes?
Little Miss Moi said…
Dear beccy. Because they are masters of manipulation, and everytime they do it, they see our brains clicking over as we think, "Did they just not understand, or are they being contrary?"

My question:
What's your number one best way to relax without spending more than $20?
deslily said…
Take a nap! It doesn't cost a cent! or.. read a book, which very well costs something.

My question is: if you could spend a day with someone famous, who would it be? (could be an actor/ astronaut/ someone from the past etc..but famous!)
Robin said…
Absolutely no doubts--Jesus! 1) I'd like to see how different He looks from all the artistic representations we've seen for centuries and 2) it'd be AWESOME to hear Him tell all the stories I've read forever (and maybe even get Him to explain a few that are kind of sketchy to me).

What is your earliest childhood memory?
Sabrina said…
My first swimming lesson--I was about 3 years old. I wanted my favorite stuffed animal to come into the pool with me. I've loved the water ever since.

What would you do--seriously--if you won the lottery (a big one. 100 million bucks/euros/oz bucks)?
Peter said…
Well that would be nearly enough to let me do all the things my kids and grand-kids think I should do anyway.

Is there really a Santa Claus?
Mrs. Guthrie said…
Absolutely there is a Santa - usually played by me or the hubby. :)

My question: If today was your last day, how would you spend it?
Masago said…
That would depend on whether I knew it was my last day.

My question: What's your favorite TV Show?
BarnGoddess said…
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BarnGoddess said…
I dont not watch much TV but I like The Sopranos.

My question:
If you won a huge lottery, what is the FIRST thing you'd spend a lot of money on?
ChrisB said…
This is a difficult one as there are many things I would do. The first would be really self indulgent and it would be granting my daughters and grandchildren a wish (oh and embee) and I can guarantee that would take a lot of money!

My question:
If you could visit only one place in the world ;where would it be and why?
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I would visit China because it is changing so very fast

Now... if NASA called you and said you were selected for the first free trip to the moon would you go?

Susie said…
I like the song "Fly Me to the Moon" but I don't like to fly, so the answer would be no..
My question is "Who was your favorite teacher and why"
Vicki said…
Favorite teacher was Mrs. Warwick because she taught Lit my Sr year and was going through "the Change" and had a nervous breakdown. I remember her walking to the corner of the class room and talk to herself. She was Catholic and would start a Hail Mary in the middle of the class. She came out of it okay I'm glad to report.

Do you like your feet? Why?
Heather said…
Yes I LOVE my feet - they're the only parts of my body that are small and cute and don't remind me how much I need to lose weight.

My question: What would be your number one priority if you were president or prime minister of your country?
Karmyn R said…
Dang, Heather - the hardest question, yet. My number one priority would have to be Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - the U.S. needs to be a front runner on this.

My question: What is one thing that you regret NOT doing?
wolfbaby said…
I regret not stayin in gymnastics. I should have fought to stay in it instead of being embarressed to do a recital.

My question,
If you could pick a job you could do any job that you loved what would it be?
lisa's chaos said…
I have always wanted to be a midwife or labor and delivery nurse. I think that's one of the happiest times on earth.

My question: If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Bibi said…
Hmmm, I actually could live anywhere, so why am I not living in the South of France?

My question: What's the one thing you regret NOT saying to your mother?
Susan in va said…
Ouch, Bibi! My problem is the things I REGRET saying to my mother! If anything, I regret not saying "I'm sorry for my attitude and I'll try to do better" sooner! I'm still apologizing for my snippy attitude as a teenager. I'm the luckiest daughter in the world.

My question: With everything that's happened in Virginia this week, I've been giving this question some thought:

If you knew today was your last day on earth, what would you want to do the most?
Kila said…
Play with my kids all day, at the park or a zoo, etc. Go out for ice cream. Write letters to my kids.

What was your favorite subject in school and why?
Whippersnapper said…
Oh, that's so easy! Math! And that's why I became a math teacher!!

Here's my question, and it's sung like The Who song:

Who are you? (Who who?)
Hayden said…
I'm a clown, no doubts there. It's an existential thing. Did it awhile for a living, and an artist actually did my portrait as a clown - something I treasure.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
ian said…
Right this moment I'd be sitting on the porch of a lighthouse, the tower rising above me, listening to the surf breaking on the shoreline, with a steaming cup of coffee next to me, my laptop in front of me, and my dog at my feet.

Boxers, briefs, bikini, or commando, and why?

kailani said…
OMG! Why did I get this question? Can I just pretend I wasn't here and come back later?

Oh ok . . . it really depends on what I'm wearing. It's usually bikini or thongs . . . TMI?
kailani said…
See, I even forgot to leave a question . . . darn Ian. LOL!

What do you do when someone gives you a gift that you already have?
Shelby said…
If given a gift I already have - I think I should be (and would be) grateful someone cared to give me a gift and be grateful for that person in my life at that moment and be grateful I have two things. It's not really about the gift - it's the giver. I'm blessed.

My question - What is the VERY first thing you are aware of in the morning as you awake?
tlawwife said…
The alarm ringing.

What is your favorite meal that your mom makes?
Beccy said…
I'm going to cheat, I love when I visit her and she gets take away fish and chips.

I also love her roast dinners, quiche and sheppards pie.

Why did my sons jumper just poke him in the eye?
Silent One ~D~ said…
Well... this is assuming I know what a jumper is... which I don't. Nor do I know how old your son is... so I will say... Because he wasn't careful... and he wasn't wearing protective eye wear.

Question: Where is your favourite place to vacation? and Why?
her indoors said…
favourite place to go on vacation would have to be the Greek Island Kos, why because it is warm, friendly and so laid back and the food is great.

Question: if you could change one thing about you what would it be?
Matt said…
"My only request is that all questions and answers be rated at least PG (my friends and family read my blog, too.)"

That was for me, wasn't it, Pam?
Pamela said…
Matt. come back and answer the previous question !!!!!!

now Matt, to your question
That was for me, wasn't it Pam?

The comment wasn't for you Matt, it was part of the original MEME when I picked it up. But I will admit your pretty little face crossed my mind.

Here's my question: do you prefer dogs or cats? why?
Susie Q said…
That is a terrible one for me to answer! I have had both and no have a dog and 2 cats. I adore them all...both cats and dogs have qualities that I cherish and find so endearing.
Do I *have* to choose one??
Oh gosh....I would probably say a dog...wait...a cat...nooo....wait I have an easier question????? : )

Now...let's see...of all the famous sit com men or women (depending on who gets this question)througout TV history...which one do you most relate to?
Samantha Stevens ( wiggling nose )

If you had to choose one song to be the soundtrack of your life, what would that song be?
ablondeblogger said…
Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw. It was my uncle's favorite song as he was battling cancer, and a live band played it at his funeral.

I try now to live every day as if it were my last in honor of him.

Okay, my question: What's the most embarrasing thing you've ever done in your life?

By the way, Pamela, you've been nominated! Details on my blog.
The most embarrassing thing I've ever done is to not notice that my bathing suit shifted and that I was (clears throat) exposed when walking to the diving board at the local pool when I was in 7th grade. I was hanging out there for all to see when I stood on the diving board and finally noticed the issue. I dove and swam nearly the entire pool length underwater to escape my shame. The shocker is that nobody noticed -- despite my naturally endowed status. I have never been so embarrassed. Never.

My question: What are you most proud of?
Gattina said…
Answer to your comment :

Grey bread is the opposite to white bread or how should I call it, lol ! It really looks grey and it's filled with pieces of nuts. It tastes very good !
Gattina said…
I don't want to interrupt the chain so my answer is

I am most proud of how I learned some html and be able to change my background ! I only started computer one year ago and blogging in July last year.

My question : Do you love cats ?
Walker said…
Queen For A Day.

I need a new washer.

Oops..Mark Wayne tells me that hasn't been on television since 1950. Time sure flies.
Walker said…
Oops... again. Of course, I didn't read the instructions properly.

So, do I love cats? Yes.

My question to the next person:
What do you think are two of the most significant events in the history of humanity?
Nan said…

My answers are #1 The birth/life/death/resurrection of Jesus and #2 The Reformation.

But that's one of those questions that I just don't think could only have two answers... and the answers would SO vary from person to person. Still, I guess if I have to narrow it down, I would put my money on those two events.

My question: If you had to pick just one subject that is the most important subject (other than reading) to teach a child, which would you choose and why?
Nan said…
Oh, and Pam, can I steal this idea? What a fun one!
Ooh goodness that's hard. Well, I'd have to say a basic knowledge of the environment and man's effects on it.

My question is:
What would you do if you woke up and George Clooney was in your bed?
swampy said…
If I woke up and found George Clooney in my bed, I would first ask him what he did with theHansMan and then put some clothes on and brush my teeth.

My question is: If you could be another person for 48 hours, who would it be? Why?
ablondeblogger said…
Oh that's a tough one! I think it would have to be a celebrity. I'd love to spend 48-hours in their world to see what it's like, and spending their money would be fun, too!

So, let's see.....I'll pick Victoria Beckham. Might as well get to have David Beckham at my side while I'm at it, lol!

Pamela, I stopped by again to let you know that you've been nominated AGAIN. Hehe....but this time it's for what you wanted! :)

It'll take a bit for the approval to go through.

Okay, next question:

What would be your dream job and why?
jenn said…
Buying old homes and renovating them to sell.
Because I love seeing things restored to their full potential and I could have my own schedule.
jenn said…
sorry, I forgot my question. :)

What is your addiction?

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