Parade of Flowers and Thoughts

Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made and forgot to put a soul into.
Henry Ward Beecher

I don't think God forgot it - I think he meant for flowers to be an extension of yours and mine. Flowers restore my weary soul.

I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some.
Herbert Rappaport

Tulip bulbs can be buried in autumn and forgotten through the winter. Yet they listen for natures voice to speak the true Easter Message: come out of the grave, look to heaven, and bloom with joy.

Nobody sees a flower — really — it is so small it takes time — we haven't time — and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.
Georgia O'Keeffe

The Flowering Quince requires one to stop and look closely to see
the intricate and delicate blossoms. It grows surrounded by thorns - but
the end result is a rare fruit, like a true friendship.

A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.
(Chinese Proverb)
I love our Vibernum. It blooms longer if our spring weather stays cool and the sun lingers behind the promise of rain. The fragrance is soft and seductive. If I could weave it into a blanket, each of you would be wrapped in an intoxicating spell.

A Cat is a Lion in a jungle of small bushes.
Indian Proverb
The Contessa loves to prowl the flower beds with us.
Here, she is sampling the ornamental grasses; however the picture depicts a Lioness in mid roar. Or maybe she is just laughing her socks off. Like owner, like cat!


Susie said…
Love all the flowery thoughts!
I laughed at that look on Contessa's face!
Too cute..
Happy Easter!
Karmyn R said…
Oh Tessy - too funny.

I caught Skunky outside eating the newly sprouted grass in the front. Maybe I need to grow some catgrass.

Lovely flowers - the neighbors rhodies are blooming. spring is here.
Hayden said…
ah, yes! I see what you mean - we do seem to have a common spirit, LOL!

love your blog -
Tammy said…
Great quotes...both the others' and yours! I really liked how you did this!
A blessed Easter to you!
Little Miss Moi said…
Dear pamela. Those flowers are beautiful. i hope you have a wonderful easter!
Gattina said…
I don't have lions in my bushes, but tigers ! and one of them brought me yesterday a mouse as easter egg ! How lovely ! Thanks for correcting my cow into a deer ! It's always something when you try to translate word for word ! Like it's raining cats and dogs ! that sound completely incomprehensible in another language !
Lee said…
G'day, Pamela...thanks for popping into my blog. :)

I've had a pretty great Easter Sunday. I had guests for lunch...a lunch that lasted for about 6.5 hours...and then I had the audacity to ring my landlords...I joined them and a couple of their friends for drinks, but left, after much procrastination...they wanted me to stay for a barbecue dinner...but I has been a great day. I'm now "safely" tucked up at my own home/cabin...Happy Easter! :)
Beccy said…
Your flowers are beautiful Pamela. If you're ever in the Emerald Isle I have a garden in major need of some tender loving care, with afternoon tea thrown in!
deslily said…
great flower shots!.. love the kitty eating grass.. there are 8 cats in this house but none are let outside into the wild wild yard!
Susan in va said…
Beautiful flowers.

Beautiful thoughts.

Have a wonderful Easter, Pamela!
C said…
Flowers are so pretty but they don't last very long. If they are extensions of us it must be the part of us that only fleetingly sees the beauty in things. That's why they have such short lives.
BarnGoddess said…
Happy Easter!

my cat tries to get outside but Im afraid to let her, we have some massive coyotes here. Besides we just got her what if she got lost? Maybe I worry too much...

The flower pictures are wonderful!
Claudia said…
Viva la Contessa! I love flowers....just love 'em. thanks for sharing the pics, quotes and thoughts!
swampbunny said…
Love, love, love the flowers and the thoughts. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and have a wonderful week.
kate said…
Happy spring to you and Happy Easter!
Robin said…
Pamela, my, you were waxing poetic! Your lovely words (and pictures) indicate you had beautiful inspiration. I can imagine one day people will be quoting YOUR flowery quotes :).

I'm rather certain if I had opportunity to stroll through your garden, perhaps linked arm and arm, we wouldn't have to say a word but we would still hear voices speak.

But not because we were crazy ;).
judypatooote said…
Oh Pamela I love your flowers.... I'm waiting for mine to bloom...if they do, for they might have gotten frost could mother nature send 80 degree one week and 25 the next? I love how you added quotes....nice post....
Katherine said…
Great pictures and quotes! I was so disappointed when my poor tulips took a beating this Saturday due to snow. It also killed off my hyacinths--I love their smell. Yours are beautiful.
Kila said…
Beautiful photos!

Everyone should have fresh flowers to enjoy each day.
Mercy's Maid said…

What are those yellow/red flowers? I've never seen anything like that.
Mandochick said…
Contessa is lovely dahling!!!.. what a cute little kitty in a garden of beautiful flowers!!!
kailani said…
Contessa is such a beautiful creature. She fits in perfect in the outdoor jungle.
swampwitch said…
This comes with a special Thank You...go check out the new mug shot at my place. Giggle Giggle.
theotherbear said…
Just love the last picture, of the kitty cat. How cute :)
What a fantastic share. I love flowers and can never get enough of them. A perfect post/share for spring. ;)


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