Thinking Blogger (Part 1)

I am thinking.
I have been thinking for quite a while now about the Meme with which Jenny @ Mama Drama tagged me. The Thinking Blogger Award.

Every morning I was thinking, “I will do that Meme today.” Every day I have not. Therefore, I only have myself to blame for the five additional tags. Everyone knows the rules. I’m thinking about breaking them.

Before I tag new thinkers, I’m going to tell you what I'm thinking about Jenny and the other five tag you're iters. I read them every day.

If a blog was a ball of yarn, I think Jenny of Mama Drama would be a cat.
If a blog was box of chocolates, Jenny would be the one you bit into first.

'Nuff said?

If I could choose another sister, I think it would be Susie at Susie’s Space. I’ve never met a more positive person. PS. She’ll be the OLDER sister.

I dream of calling Kailani so I can identify the sound of her voice. Every day I think I hear the smile in her words and the gentle cadence of her speech when I read An Island Life. It’s uncanny.

Nan recently changed her blog name to Life is Like a Lunchbox. It’s a seven-course affair – so don’t click over there thinking you’re going for a snack.

Anecdotes, Antidotes, and Anodes is the potion served up by Swampwitch. Sometimes when she’s stirring, you think it might be safer if you stand back. However, it is too late… you are under her spell.

Susan In Virginia chronicles the antics of two sons and daughter most delightfully. They are little rascals. The love she has for them is infectious. She titled her blog “Are We There Yet? I'm thinking she is.

Tomorrow I might post the tags that the meme requires. I think this will be the most difficult MEME .


Beccy said…
I'm glad you broke the rules!

It was difficult to choose, there were many more I could have chosen and I'm looking forward to your nominations.
Shelby said…
here's for breaking the rules :)
Pendullum said…
What a great list and I am off to read your recommendations!
Tiggerlane said…
I went and saw something on my D.C. trip that might help - check it out here:

Hope it gives you inspiration!
Vicki said…
Umm... I came to tell you that I tagged you today. =)

I am now going to read the blogs you nominated. This came on a good day, we are slow today and I need something to make me look busy. Otherwise I have to sweep the shop floors. ugh!
BarnGoddess said…
rules were made to be broken....well, some of them ;)
deslily said…
lol.. actually this is a great take on "thinking blogs!"..
Nan said…
Aww, you found the cutest lunchbox to go with me. :^D I love lunchboxes. Did I mention that?

Thanks for the reciprocal mention. :^D
Susie said…
I giggled when I read this..
First: thanks for the sweet words, and second, I think you missed the post (March 28) where I also tagged you for this.
Too funny!!
"Your Older Sister!"
Karmyn R said…
I'm beginning to think I am going to start my own Award. I like the way you've "switched" this.
Melissa said…
Blogger keeps eating my comments. Grr. That's a great list. I've got to start commenting more.
ChrisB said…
I also came to tell you that you are one of my nominees and lo and behold someone got there before me. You have given me a couple of new names to visit.
wolfbaby said…
it wsa so very hard to pick so few wasn't it!! congrats those are good blogs;)
kate said…
you are clever! I think I will have to hop over to Swampwitch and see what kind of spell she provides... I am always up for an adventure!

Susan in va said…
I just ADORE you, Pamela. I really, really do. I was just sharing your comment on my post today with my mother ("I hope she didn't come out cling-free"), and we both got a great big laugh. I look forward to reading what you have to say every time I post.

To be included in your list is truly an honor and it has just made my day.

I LOVE the Little Rascals photo - it would be the PERFECT addition to my blog! I might have to steal it! I can't believe that I didn't think of it before!
mjd said…
I think that you broke the rules and ended up with a wonderfully fun entry. Or maybe you improvised the rules. Anyways, you have honored some worthy folks, and have played the game at the same time.
Robin said…
GREAT way to handle this meme...sneaky, generous, rule-breakin' fun :). I subscribed to a new blog based on your recommendation alone.

I saw this in bloglines and thought "how clever!" but couldn't comment at the time. Off to read your "real" nods.
Hazel said…
So many new good reads... so little time!
Jenny said…
The first comment I've left anywhere in days. You totally made me cry. Thank you.
kailani said…
Your kind words brought tears to my eyes this morning. Your talent with words is amazing. I hope to be just like you one day!
Anonymous said…
if Ivy had a blog - it would be not so nice I'm sure. ivy

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