Fun Monday #15,

Julie of Another Chance Ranch is hosting today's Fun Monday and challenging us all to post "Your best spy camera photo and story about the photo." You can pop over there to join the fun.

Peek with me through one of the knotholes in our fence. This is our neighbors German Shepherd and she does NOT LIKE ME. What's more, she does NOT LIKE THE HUBBY.

And you know what else?.

She does NOT LIKE THE NEIGHBORS that live behind her or on the other side either. In addition, she scares Bill across the street. I hope you appreciate my bold stealth in sneaking my camera up to the hole for this quick spy shot.

I enchant most dogs. It must have something to do with their noses. I'm always getting sniffed and licked and that old jump on the leg problem that I've mentioned in a previous post.

But not her. Nope. She growls when I work in the flowerbed or change my bird feeders. If we are on our patio in conversation, she puts her unwanted opinion in by barking very loudly. Our other neighbors have barbecue pool parties that keep her yipping until she is hoarse, and yet she barks on. Unless the owners are home, whereas they take her in the house.

She belonged to their daughter in another town and the dog did NOT LIKE HER BOYFRIEND. So, they took the dog in to spare her from the animal shelter. They owned two labs at the time and those dogs loved me. I fed them biscuits through the knotholes in the fence.

Personally, I suspect that someone brutalized the dog prior to her adoption. Probably someone on the other side of a fence. . . . . . .

The neighbors are very kind to her and she seems content with their affection.

I'm content with the fence.


ChrisB said…
Now spying on your neighbours hmm I wonder what else you've seen that you're not telling us!!!
Nan said…
Pamela, TAG! You're it (if you want to play that is.) :^D
Willowtree said…
That's a lose / lose situation. The dog's not happy and the poor bastards living nearby aren't happy. Very sad.
Robin said…
I'm smiling, just thinkin' of you maneuvering to snap this picture! The angle IS very "spyish".

Poor puppy...poor everyone around said pup :/.
angel said…
now thats a cool picture- and very aptly describes your theme too!
her indoors said…
love dogs, great photo of it too, it sounds like a very sad dog, dont envy you having to listen to it barking
Gattina said…
How did you take this picture, lol ! it looks like if you took it between your own legs ! Usually a dog barks when he is afraid and probably he is when the owners are not in. I too have a dog here who barks even the whole day when nobody is in, but that's a little thing and the woof woofs are soprano !
Beccy said…
I think I'd like more than just a fence between me and a barking, unfriendly dog.
Karmyn R said…
nasty dog nasty.
Vicki said…
You are so brave!

Nice comment on the magic wand, I hurried over to Julie's to see and wouldn't ya know! Your a hoot
Tiggerlane said…
FABULOUS photo! And you are one brave woman.
James Burnett said…
That's too bad if the dog was mistreated before, but I feel your pain. Nothing more annoying than a scary, barking dog that won't stop.

My neighbors to my right and left each have barking dogs. Fortunately their not scary - one miniature Schnauzer and one miniature Pinscher - but they bark nonstop when they're outside. That yipping is not a pleasant sound.
BarnGoddess said…
hateful dog! at least the owners know she is aggressive and keep her fenced and contained.

Id hate to be that dogs neighbor.

great photo shot by the way....very dangerous. YIKES!
Susan in va said…
Yikes! He's scary!

I'm like you - dogs like me for some reason. We must have a special "scent." However, I don't like dogs, so clearly they are poor mind-readers.

I wouldn't even to pretend to like this one!
Julie said…
Nice spy shot! That is great! You and Vicki crack me up, you through the knot hole and her through the crack in the door.

You were quite brave to get that close. That is just too nice of you to do for us bluddys. :)

Sorry to add this in this comment, but the new Jammin' painting is amazing! I love it! Great Job!
ablondeblogger said…
Awww, I LOVE German Shepherds. They're our family's favorite dog.

We used to have one that was this way with everyone but us. Amanda could ride on his back, pull his tail, etc., and he wouldn't blink an eye.

But if anyone else came around, he was fiercly protective of us and so loyal.

I really miss him. :(
nikki said…
just start feeding him steak through the fence holes. he ought to like you after that.

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