Is it Christmas?

First, I received a comment from A Blonde Blogger saying that she has nominated me for The Thinking Blogger award. I'm always appreciative of any awards! However, like a kid that wanted someone else's candy, I told her "thank you" and then pouted my lips and said "I'd rather be nominated for the Blogger's choice awards Hottest Mommy Blogger."
Hey, it could happen 30 years ago.

You know what she did. YUP! She nominated me.
Thank you Blonde Blogger!
Alright! Enough snickering in the balcony.

Shortly after that I received an Email from The Arkansas Songbird to let me know that
I was her 1000th commenter.
I get a prize!! It is a book and CD set from the Metropolitan Museum of Art which introduces children to classical music through great works of art. Can you picture me with my 7 grandchildren rockin' to that! She blogs at Quarter Notes . Aptly named as she is a vocal instructor at several schools. I'm just bubbling by now.

Then yesterday ----

There was a box from Plow and Hearth on the doorstep when I got home Wednesday evening from work. It was addressed to me. I haven't placed any Internet orders recently so I was very suspicious.
"Was this a Mothers Day gift from TH or the girls?" I wondered

I was alone and there wasn't anyone there to stop me from opening it. So, I did!

It is a Mini-Blossom Hummingbird feeder made from recycled glass.
Vicki at Catching Light sent it to me just because!!!

She knows how much I enjoy the hummingbirds and all the other birds that visit our backyard.

1 Part Sugar, 4 Parts Water.
I know the recipe very well.

If you walk out on to my patio in the morning and hear something humming -- it could be that little Caliope hummer checking out the fancy new dish.

Or ---maybe I'm warming up to sing along with my new CD and book that should be in the mailbox very soon.

Or---- it could be the Hottest Mama Blogger practicing her acceptance speech. Giggle.


Beccy said…
I got my first blogging parcel yesterday, I was thrilled! That bird feeder is beautiful.
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela, im back. Wow lucky you. your lucky day love your bird feeder
Heather said…
Wow! What a lucky day you've had! Good for you!
BarnGoddess said…
Wow! this is great, how cool for you!

very nice bird feeder :) I bet the birds are going to enjoy it as much as you are.
DesLily said…
wow.. I've never had such a nice day! lol.. love the hummingbird feeder!!
Kellie said…
Oh, that feeder is beautiful! Gotta get me one of those.
Vicki said…
I'm thrilled you got it! Can't wait to see it in action.
Heather said…
busy week. you're money, dude.
Tammy said…
Wow, you hit the jackpot this week! mommy! heehee
Shelby said…
You so deserve all this happiness and more!! Yay for great weeks!!

happy day :)
her indoors said…
hey you have had a great day good for you. question time, when is mothers day we had ours in March in England
Marti said…
Awesome! What a delightful bounty! Love the feeder!

Hope you have a terrific day!
Blogging awards?!

If there's one for "Most Boring" or "Least Intriguing" I meant get nominated for one of those...

But I'm not holding my breath.

Still, congrats. And I love the annotative strikethrough on the "30 years ago."

Nice touch.
Karmyn R said…

Mine looks EXACTLY like that but on a stake. I'm heading to post about it now.
Julie said…
Oh what a great couple of days you have had! I love your bird feeder!

I am so gonna go and vote for you as the Hottest Mommy Blogger. :)

I have a couple of things I am getting ready to send some unsuspecting bluddy's. :) I am getting giddy just thinking about it. But I don't YOUR address. Umm, hint hint.
Wow!! Love the hummingbird feeder. You should be getting the book/CD soon!!
wolfbaby said…
How cool is that!! sounds like you have had a wonderful couple of days;)
WOw!!!..You are one lucky bloggy' lady!..:>>
Masago said…
Congrats x 3!
Kila said…
What fun! Enjoy!
Susie said…
What a beautiful hummingbird feeder!
Do you have them near you year round like we do?
Isn't it fun to get all these surprises!!
kailani said…
What a great week for you! That bird feeder is so pretty. I know you'll get lots of visitors to photograph.
Matt said…
Oh, shit. I just nominated Karmnyr for the same award.

Mert said…
Congratulations! I always thought yuo were one hot momma! ;D

Thanks for the humming bird recipe, I was wondering if yu had to buy the premade stuff... that's why I haven't bought a feeder yet.
Susan in va said…
I saw that feeder at Karmyn's site, too! I love it - wouldn't mind having one myself ;)

I stopped by here on Monday to see your Fun Monday post, but one of the kids needed something and I forgot to come back and comment. I remember my first thought was "WOW!" What a gorgeous lady you are, Pamela! I love the hair - my mom had the same style at one point except shorter. Women looked so much classier then (1967?).
Whippersnapper said…
Well, I'm off to vote for you, of course, you sexy hot mama, you. (People are very ageist. You can be hot at any time in your life, it's all about the attitude!)
judypatooote said…
See their is a Santa Claus...what a great surprise.... and it's beautiful....Isn't it awesome all the special friends one makes thought blogging?....I have been meaning to pick up a humming bird feeder... once last year I saw a humming bird in my yard...I thought it was a large bee....I think I will find one this year.... Congrat's on you winnings... what a nice thought dancing with your grandchildren...
ablondeblogger said…
Go buy a lottery ticket, Pamela! Maybe your good luck will rub off on it!

I told Karmyn just now that I was looking at your blogs at the same time and you all confused me when I saw the same deal about the package arriving, wondering who it was from, and it being a bird feeder.

I LOVE birds, too, and since I can't put my birdfeeder up anymore (I posted about that on Karmyn's site), I'll have to live vicariously through your pictures. :)

There is a really funny cardinal near us, though...there's this one lane, dirt bridge that we cross over and if you're waiting for a car from the other side to cross, the bird will hop onto your side mirror and ride across the bridge with you.

I had read about it in our homeowner's newsletter and didn't believe it, and then bam...there it was on my side mirror! LOL
Biker Betty said…
Okay Pamela, hop on my bike and I'll take you to Vegas!!! What a wonderful day you had. I just entered a contest for a Harley. Think I will win? I won the Ipod last summer and figure it's time for a Harley this summer, LOL.
Whippersnapper said…
Well, I TRIED to vote for you but I couldn't find you... help!
Gattina said…
Apparently luck stroke you too ! I never ever winned something in my life and here lately I've got the 1st price for my hat at the Crazy hat parade of the Cyber Cruise and then also the Thinking Blog besides an Oscar (he, he) for writing. That's a start isn't it ?
ChrisB said…
You will be able to spend many happy hours watching the birds -what a lovely excuse not to 'dust'
angel said…
how fabulous to get so spoiled! congratulations on your nominations- i was also nominated for hottest mommy blogger so i'm going to look for you there as soon as i log in again!

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