A Collapsible Umbrella?

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  An umbrella or parasol (also called a brolly, rainshade, sunshade, gamp or bumbershoot) is a canopy designed to protect against rain or   sunlight.. The term parasol usually refers to an item designed to protect from the sun; umbrella refers to a device more suited to protect from rain.

But not wind.  That weather phenomenon has been blowing for days now, and this is what has happened to our patio umbrella.  At least it wasn't open, or it may have flown across town by now.  I hope it will still function properly.

We have at least three regular sized umbrellas that find places to hide in our cars or closets.  They are rarely where we remember putting them. One is black, one is brown, and one is red.  And -  because of their ability to conceal themselves in plain sight - rarely used. 

Gattina wants to know if you're all wet, ..or do you let your smile be your umbrella?  Join the Fun Monday participants  at Writers Cramps.


willowtree said…
Hey, at least there's no snow!
Gattina said…
I never thought that there are so many funny stories around umbrellas, when I had this idea, lol !
Janis said…
We don't even put our patio umbrella up anymore for that very reason. I hate having to use an umbrella, but it's a must have during the rainy season. One day I will break down n buy a really nice n pretty one. This is one thing that is very low on my priority list. Thanks for sharing
joangee said…
There are some brollies designed for windy conditions, but they are expensive.
I prefer the small collapsible ones.
If it's blowing a hooley (gale) then brollies are useless. Especially in Cornwall when the wind drives the rain horizontally and almost bowls you off your feet.
grammy said…
Like your cloud picture from yesterday.
poor umbrella.
We had crazy wind this weekend
at the egg hunt on Saturday baskets were blown from the childrens hands.
I do have a few good umbrella stories
I will have to go look at everyones
Sayre said…
This is why I like my covered back porch - no umbrellas to tip over! I hope yours survived the tumping.
Intense Guy said…
Why does something so basic and smiple have so many different names? :)

...I think my umbrella is bright red but perhaps its really camouflaged since I can never find it too.
Jan said…
Strong wind is hard on large and small umbrellas. Hope you guys are OK.
min said…
My patio umbrella carried away the table. Don't know which neighbor ended up with it
Swampy said…
That reminds me of our table umbrella that fits nicely in the middle of the table...HansMan loves to leave it open even if we aren't sitting at the table.
Hence, when the winds roll off the Monument, the umbrella gets whipped around pretty violently.
Then, there was the day we came home and the umbrella AND the table were gone. It's amazing how far a round table will roll in the wind when a parachute is attached to it.
PEA said…
Last summer while I was having my yard sale, a mini tornado came through and carried my patio umbrella wayyyy up and flew over the house across the street and into their swimming pool in their backyard! lol Now, whenever it's too windy, I take it down!! As for a normal umbrella, that's something I never use, I don't mind getting wet:-) xoxo
The Church Lady said…
I remember one time the wind took our patio umbrella and glass patio table with it. Needless to say the table shattered into a million pieces!
MarmiteToasty said…
:) Our garden brolly broken under the weight of the snow we had back in January, its down the bottom of the garden on the pile of stuff destined for the dump :)

bermudabluez said…
We had a similar experience with our patio umbrella! The wind seems to just catch it every time! I try to buy jackets with hoods so I don't have to carry an umbrella!!
Kila said…
It's been quite windy in Wisconsin this spring, too.

I haven't needed an umbrella since moving to FL :)

I tend to run through rain without an umbrella.
lisaschaos said…
We have had our patio umbrella break a table before. :( So I'm extra careful with them now, lol. I don't have rain umbrellas, because in my experience I could never find them when I had them.

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