The Last Day of April - 2010

Last week the flowering shrubs and trees were at their zenith. 

Today I captured our neighbors two dogwoods in a moment of brilliant sunshine.  The beams stole my perfect focus, but sure felt nice on my back.

The blooms stubbornly hang on to their colors in spite of the wind and rain.
I’m too lazy to look up the names of these early spring bloomers. 

I wish the whole flower bed was covered with them.
(UPDATE:  Leopard Bane)
I thought this little wonder was called a Jerusalem Lily.  Apparently, when we tore up our lawn four years ago, some bulbs went with dirt across the street to Bill’s small orchard.  They have multiplied in the absence of care, and the little happy white faces smile everywhere under his walnut trees. IMG_1417a
IMG_1414b (UPDATE:  Star of Bethlehem above)

Shhhhh….a baby fern, tended gently by the older fronds.  

I wonder, is there is a lullaby to sing for such an occasion? 

Good-bye April….
Rock a bye-bye….


Donna said…
These are pretty! Happy Last day of April...Time is passing so Fast!
mark said…
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
Sandy said…
The baby fern made me cry. Thank you.
Thanks for the peek at your blooms! They are lovely! Yes a lullaby for April is in order..Hello May! :)
Janis said…
The baby fern is so cute! Looks like April is going out like a was a beautiful sunny 78 degree day here in Hanover Pa. Looks like May is coming in like summer...89 tomorrow n humid...
bermudabluez said…
Gorgeous blooms over there in your neck of the woods!!

I just love the flowers!

The allergies...not so much!
Kila said…
Beautiful photos :) I've been meaning to take some outdoor photos here, such as of the blooming cactus in the front yard.
grammy said…
Sweet little baby fern
bye bye April
how is that possible
will you be ringing doorbells and running away after you leave a May basket in the morning?
It will probably be raining or snowing here
it snowed and hailed today (o:
Gattina said…
That's crazy, you live on another continent (not planet) and you have the same flowers ! The trees must be Japonese cherry trees, because we have them here in our street. The others I know too, but as you I don't know any name besides the classical flowers like Roses and Tulips !
Steve Skinner said…
Love your spring images!
Debs said…
Good Bye April.
Hello May.
Love your photos of Spring.
Intense Guy said…
Happy Month of May!

I love seeing pink and white dogwoods side by side!

You got some really nice pictures! The white flower (see, that's how I name 'em) is really purty!
laurie said…
wasn't it just the most gorgeous month???? it was May! and now it's really may, and it's acting like april.
Peter said…
VERY pretty
lisaschaos said…
You have left me with a happy feeling. :) I love star of bethlehem! And your other flowers are wonderfully refreshing too! Singing lullaby to baby fern .
Jennifer said…
It's so cool that people can actually grow things. I can grow things too. Only they wither....and turn black....and die. Usually on the first day.

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