My Friend, The Petrologist ~~ !

My friend Kim loves rocks. She also loves to share her love for rocks.  Even now that she has moved far away to Colorado Springs, Colorado, she continues to entertain us with her discoveries.

Last weekend she went for a hike and saw this brazen boulder along the path . She photographed it and promptly E-mailed it to me.

What do you think?  Proof positive that Rock Eaters really exist?   Or,  just the butt of one of Mother Nature's playful jokes? 


Lowa said…
Hey you know if the Ramblin' Irishman is ok??
bermudabluez said…
I'm going with the butt of Mother Nature's playful jokes!
Merle said…
Dear Pamela ~~ Someone enjoys collecting rocks - we all have very different ideas about what appeals to us. Strange looking rock. I don't
remember all the jokes either. Just
type them for my blog.
Take care Pamela. Love, Merle.
foam said…
definitely a rock eater... :)
and i was just wondering about the irishman myself just yesterday..
Janis said… it! Mother nature has a good sense of humor!
Gattina said…
Somebody's butt was transformed into stone, that's for sure, lol !

You know what happened to me, I saw Maxine in a restaurant in Waterloo and took a picture ! I couldn't believe it, the lady really looked like Maxine ! Fortunately Maxine is not known in Belgium. The photo is on my blog today if you want to have a look on her !
willowtree said…
Was that taken in the middle east? It looks like a fossilised camel toe.
kailani said…
I wonder if someone posed for this creation? It's funny how we can see everyday objects in Mother Nature's backyard.
lisaschaos said…
Butt, ok now I see it! How funny that your inbox gets filled with photos of rocks. ;0)
Debs said…
I was thinking Butt until WT mentioned Camel Toe...and well I just won't go there. ;)

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