A Blossoming Sonnet ?

The orchard wakes beneath the golden sun
And, apple blossoms open pink and white
Though efflorescence rests when day is done
Transparent they reflect in the moonlight

As soft pastel on petals slowly fades
The fivesome leaves will stretch out green and curl
Bright green above and silver under shades
While pollinators dive in for the pearl

The wind machine sits idle by the rows
To thwart a frosty mood if grows acute
So pleased at how the warm spring Zephyr blows
A tempting scent of autumn’s promised fruit

And much to soon is gone the beauty graced
but pleasing us,  this season it embraced 

by Pamela

 Robin of Pensieve has invited one and all to join in Pensieve's Poetic License.  (Yes, she had her license suspended there for awhile.  Glad she renewed it!)

Hope to read you there!!


Sandy said…
I am in awe...good job, Pam.
Peter said…
Well Writ Pamela.
Donna said…
What a neat Blog! Love the newspaper clipping post! I just remembered I have some old ones...might make an interesting post! Thanks for the memory!!Hahaa
Happy day to you!
Janis said…
Nice Poem and pretty picture of spring!
Donna said…
Thanks for popping back over for a visit! Adding you to my blogroll so I don't miss a thing!
Have a great day!
grammy said…
very nice
what a talent
love the spring picture it leaves with me
of course your picture is nice too

I left a comment on the rock post that never showed up...oh maybe it was censored (o:
Robin ~ PENSIEVE said…

1) You're the second person to tell my they couldn't post a comment :(. That's news every blogger hates to hear.

2) I re-opened the Linky and added your link :). I know it's kinda late, but I'll comment it on my post, too (stupid tech stuff).

3) If I had an orchard (or a few fruit trees), I'd be waxing poetic about 'em, too :). You've romanticized apples for goodness sakes and painted a wonderful word picture.

4) Send a sample when they're here :).

5) Peter likes you better than me. Fine.

6) THANKS for playing along!

tfgpoetry said…
This is super! Love it! :) Thanks for stopping by my place! :)
I love the picture and I LOVE the name of your blog!!
Donna said…
Pamela, thanks for visiting my blog. Your sonnet awakened my imagination to see, hear, and smell the orchard. In joy...
Intense Guy said…
Beautifully put. :)

I wonder if Shakespeare dusted?
Susie Q said…
Beautiful, just beautiful Pamela. And the photo? The perfect image to accompany this verse...

You are so talented dear friend.


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