The More Things Change

Today I sifted through some memorabilia that we stored in boxes over the years, following the death of parents and grandparents.  I am working on a project and I’m looking for a particular old newspaper clipping.  I failed to find the object of my search because I was sidetracked by headlines from The Portland News: BANDIT BUSY AT NOON.

My husbands grandmother wasn’t concerned about a robbery on that October day in 1930.  Rather, she was the proud Mama of a little girl whose pose on a tricycle graced the spot under the headlines.

Thrift With a Smile.  That is my late Mother-in-law, Joan (When she grew older she insisted that it be pronounced Jo Ann.)  She was a very pretty child who grew up to be a a strikingly pretty woman.   She had a bronzed copy of this photo that sat in her living room for all to see.  I’m not sure what became of her cherished item.  Her daughter (my sister in law) may have claimed it – an unfortunate occurrence, as Alzheimer’s has caused her to discard other family heirlooms.


Here is a closer look at Joan.  If you open a $1 account, you get $.50 and a bronze bust of Colonel Charles Lindberg. 
This is an interesting bulletin:

Gloria Swanson, screen star, today filed suit for divorce against the Marquis Henri de la Falaise de la Coudre. 

She charged the French nobleman with desertion.

Miss Swanson’s complaint charged that the Marquis “wilfully and maliciously abandoned her.”

HowdyFolks 1930 Humor in the lower left hand column:

The Pabst Brewing co. has installed $1,000,000 worth of new equipment in the belief that the dry law will be modified.

Now is the time to corner the pretzel market.

*  *  *  *  *
”Are you Hungary?”
”Yes, Siam.”
”Denn Russia to the table and I’ll Fiji.”
”All right, Sweden my coffee and Denmark my bill.”

Just to the left of Joan is an article about the (University of ) Washington Huskies stealing the “siren” that the Oregon Webfoots used as a noisemaker during football rallies.   Who, besides me, didn’t know that “Webfooters” is the name Oregon Ducks called themselves seventy years ago?

As for the other headlines?  I could pick up a newspaper any day this week and see articles with similar headlines:  HUNT FOR GIRL, SIXTY DIE IN MINE, CRISIS COMING TO CITY, SCHUNDLER GOES “SCOTT FREE”, CHARGE BIG POWER “SLUSH” FUND USED.

Eerie, isn’t it?


12ontheinside said…
I love old newspapers - and how scandalous that divorce would have been back then! Great photo of your mum-in-law :)
foam said…
what a great find!
is that bronze bust still around?

love the little snippets of news too.

i abhor alzheimers ..
Steve Skinner said…
How right you are, the news just never seems to change.
Gattina said…
The headlines haven't changed very much ! Crimes, hold ups, divorces, it could be the today's news or almost, lol !
grammy said…
I liked 'School Board Men Attack Prosecutor'
Very interesting
she was a cutie
I saw a newspaper clipping in my box of old family stuff. "Boy Dies of Lock Jaw"
It was my Grandmothers little brother.
The other Grandma had a little brother die from spilling boiling water on him. Sad.

Since my 'people lived her in this town...I should look up more old newspaper articles
heather said…
And then there's the college prank. That's really funny. That's the one problem with internet--will our children and grandchildren peruse archives and find treasures like this?
Soozcat said…
The more things change...
Intense Guy said…
I hope you find that article you are searching for... but not too soon! :)

What a treasure this paper is! I had to chuckle at the "funnies" - it has the same "quality" my honorary Uncle Henry's quips had (we called them "Henryisms" - you know the type, What time is it when you see the dentist? Tooth-hurty"

Sounds like you had the perfect little while perusing the "old" news.
Janis said…
It's fun to see n read the old newspapers. But your right seems the news stays the same all over the world..
Kila said…
Love reading old newspaper clippings :)
lisaschaos said…
I love exploring old papers, they usually offer some humor too. Your mom-in-law was a quite a cutie!
Karmyn R said…
What cool old stories!!!

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