April Snow

This is a snow squall over the Blues.  It left a trail of white behind it as it sprinted the edge of the valley.. 

I couldn't help myself.  I grabbed my camera and set it on the dashboard and clicked this photo yesterday while I was driving.  I played it safe... I just clicked and didn't look at the photos until I got home.


ChrisB said…
Seems we are getting similarly unsettled weather! Happy Easter x
Kim said…
That is a fantastic pic.
Gattina said…
Spontaneous pictures are often the best !!
I hope there will be no snow anymore this year ! Otherwise I move to Africa !
karisma said…
Looks lovely! I have only seen snow once and that was when it was dried up a bit and more like ice. The kids are keen to go to the snow this year. Im not too sure, it will require a 7 hour drive inland and I don't really like the cold.
Steve Skinner said…
What a great image!
foam said…
absolutely! i would have done exactly the same thing.
and i have propped the camera up on the dashboard before.
great photo!
Pamela, Happy Easter! Great photo from your dashboard!! :)
Sandy said…
so what does it say about me that my first thought was, "My gosh, your windshield's clean!"

Great pic.
Intense Guy said…
LOL @ Sandy... that thought occurred to me too... :)

Has all the snow melted already?
Hayden said…
really wonderful.
rose said…
Pam I was ckecking out some things today came across this beautiful picture. Aint God Good ?

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