I bought affresh at a local hardware store on Thursday. It is a Washer Cleaner that "Removes odor causing residue in all washing machines."
If you own a front loader you may recognize that smell caused by bacteria growing in the airtight drum.  I've used another product in the past which worked well. Unfortunately, the store no longer carries that brand.

I followed the directions on this new package, but on Friday morning it still assaulted my nose.  I called the number on the back of the package. It connected me to Whirlpool.

"Hey, " I told the representative that answered. "The affresh I purchased did not remove the odor from my front load washer."

"Did you order it from us?" she asked.

"No, but it is your product."

“Because you ordered it from someone else,” she emphasized with a very unfriendly tone, “you will have to take your complaint to them." .

"Uh..." I stammered,  "…you mean Whirlpool doesn't back their product?"

I could hear her huffed breath when she replied, "It just means you didn't buy it from us so you have to take your complaint to the company you ordered it from."

I didn't tell her that she should have eliminated the redundant preposition. The timing wasn’t the best for a grammar lesson.  But, I did tell her that I was a "consumer" who called the contact number on the product to make a "consumer complaint."

"Well. Okay. I guess I can take the complaint. Goodbye."

* * *

I suppose I should return the product to the store so they’ll know that it doesn’t remove “a stink.”  And, maybe I should let Whirlpool know that their toll free number causes one.


Merle said…
Dear Pamela ~~ isn't it amazing how EVERYONE tries to put the blame on someone else. No one wants to take
responsibility for anything these days.
Glad you got a laugh from the news
reader and her gaffe. Take care, my
friend. Love, Merle.
Peter said…
I suppose I should return the product to the store so they’ll know that it doesn’t remove “a stink.” And, maybe I should let Whirlpool know that their toll free number causes one.

You certainly should!!!!!!!
Sandy said…
...and if all else fails, Pamela, maybe you could start a facebook group against inept consumer complaint numbers.

Thanks for the head's up. Also, I never knew that about front loading machines. Thanks for that, too.
Moi said…
Wow. That woman was Rude. And inept. I'd write Whirlpool.
grammy said…
toll free numbers often do!!
good luck with that
Shelby said…
I'd write whirlpool toooo. give updates please :)
Coffeypot said…
Call back, ask to speak to a manager and raise hell.
Exactly..call back and talk to someone else..the person that you talked to was an imbecile..if you get her again then ask for her supervisor..:)
Diane said…
Frustrating!! I have a Maytag stove that doesn't work right and can't get anyone to figure out how to fix it either.
The Church Lady said…
Oh my gosh! That was definitely worth sharing! I think I would pursue it.

BTW, I have a front loader washing machine and I didn't know there was a product like this out there. My machine often leaves a mildew smell. I usually leave the door open to air out.
Nan said…
Oh my word. That is ridiculous! That is outlandish in fact. I would have asked for her manager!
lisaschaos said…
That is not what I would expect from a large company like that! Bad business in my opinion - hope you get the stink out. :)
Anonymous said…
Whirlpool likes this kind of worker, I think..perhaps they even breed them? Perhaps they are all family memebers...they do NOT stand behind their product(s) anymore..I have family that work for them, thank goodness they do not have to answer the phone..
LadyStyx said…
...and while you're at it, register a complaint with the BBB.
laurie said…
that's appalling!

call back. ask for a supervisor. make your own stink.

dawn said…
It's not just front end washers. The best trick to avoid it is keeping the door open. My mom has a little measuring cup she puts in hers so it looks closed but isn't. We usually just leave ours open. I have had mine only 2 years and don't have a problem but perhaps it isn't old enough. The top load I had did have a problem but it was 17 years old and had been closed too much in the last year.

I think you should send the product back to Whirlpool with a letter about your experience upon calling the number (you can underline it on the product)and they can figure out if you got it somewhere else or from a store. You may even get some free laundry soap or coupons out of it.
Wendster said…
yes yes yes follow up! Be Davida Horrowitz. That's how you get the free products, for sure.
And what would she have done if you HADN'T said you got the product somewhere else?
Does the product work DIFFERENTLY if you buy it in Texas? In the closet? If you keep it in your purse for a year? For Pete's sake. Purchase place is irrelevant to the performance of the product. IRRELEVANT I say.

Here. Let me write that letter.

They'll be sending you free product and that woman's photo with a set of darts to throw at her mouthy little mouth.

Seriously ... the woman isn't COMPLETELY to blame. Who told her to not accept complaints from people who didn't purchase the product at their store? Yup. They'd better send their photo and extra darts.


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