Things on My Mind Today

The earlier the morning and the more tired is my body, the more coffee smells like skunk.  I still drink it.

Whenever I feel sleepy, a nap is inconvenient.  Of course, as soon as I can lie down, my eyes are like a big-eyed bird.  My husband can generally close his eyes and fall asleep anywhere. Except on weekend afternoons when I challenge his napping activity in front of the football game.    I say, “ crawl into bed and make it worth your while.”  So, he begrudgingly trudges back to the bedroom where he tosses and turns until he gives up and comes back to snore in front of the television.

Why is it that a particular dish I need to use is always in the dishwasher… dirty.   And yet, if I have a dirty dish to put in it, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes waiting to be unloaded.  How can it be both ways?

Q: What do you get when you combine my chapped split finger tips with the cold dry weather’s static electricity?
A:  Some shocking sign language.
(fyi:  I finally put the tea kettle a steamin’ to discourage the zap factor)

There is no room in the refrigerator.  But, there is nothing for dinner.

The weather warmed enough for the cracked patio slab to be removed and replaced.  (Watching the workers was a diversion for my two-year old and four-year old grandsons.)  It looks lovely.  What we didn’t plan on was the wear and tear on the frozen back yard.  So, now we have another project come spring.  $igh.

Hope everyone enjoyed the first week of 2010.


Connie said…
Do we live in the same house, sugar?!?! Sounds like around here. ;-)

Dry fingers? I have to wrap bandages around my thumbs at night in the winter because of the "side" cuticles. I now wear rubber gloves to do dishes. I think we're probably in the same "zone" since we're in the desert of southwestern Idaho so I do understand.

Shelby said…
What Connie said. I hear you. Loud and clear. Problem is.. my husband knows not of what I speak.

I'm thinking of moving out - all the way upstairs (my son left to move in w/his buddies.. he's 20) I'm thinking of taking over his room. I already stole his closet.

Think I'll just put a twin bed up there and just put girly stuff and if my husband wants to sleep with me or something along those lines.. he'll have to ask me out on a date first. And he has to pay.

Yep, that's what I'm thinkin'.
karisma said…
STOP IT! Its contagious! LOL...I am currently throwing everything out! And I mean everything! I can't stand it anymore..I figure if there is less stuff there will be less far its not working...I have made far more mess...sigh...oh well maybe I'll do some more knitting instead.
Gattina said…
Hahaha ! I know another one who loves to snore in front of the TV ! and one of my cats snores with him ! what a concert !
DesLily said…
how true is that about the food and refrigerator!! omg! When they were young my sons would look in the refrigerator the minute I finished putting 200.00 worth of groceries away and say "there's nothing to eat".. duh.
storyteller said…
I sooooo need to clean out my refrigerator (and unload the dishwasher) ... soon! (at least the dishes inside are clean and the ones on the sink are rinsed)

I got carried away while sharing 'tamale-making' at Sacred Ruminations yesterday afternoon and evening ... so this morning I'm trying to catch up on blog visits before the day actually begins ... just a couple of blessings of this retired life ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
Peter said…
Never tried "skunk" coffee but it sure doesn't sound very appetizing.
Jenni said…
I'm still $obbing over my computer woes. I slept in late wishing I'd wake up to find it was all a very bad dream or that my computer was miraculously healed in the night. Instead, I just lost a few more hours of daylight. Now I'm procrastinating on dh's laptop instead of getting dressed and taking it to the doctor.
Janis said…
Ditto Ditto must be universal. Especially the snoring hubby thing! Heres a tip for the dry cracked gram would spread vaseline all over her hands and wear cotton gloves all nite and she had the softest most beautiful hands. My Hubby n I both do this when our hands n feet get that way and it works like a charm.
Shelby cracked me up..but what a marvelous idea..a date..LOL!!
I was going to say use vaseline and white gloves it is an old lady treatment! Some of that wonderful Burts Bees Cuticle Butter will work wonders on those cracks on your fingertips too.
I got real tired of there being nothing for I made a ten day works for me...and now Far Guy knows what to cook:)
Steve Skinner said…
I love your story about the lawn, that's how all my home improvement projects seem to go. You fix one thing and in the process you break two others -- it just never ends!
Cher said…
My hubby can sleep with his eyes open! It's very disturbing to be having a conversation and all I get are snores.
Kila said…
Ooh, I bet the grandsons loved watching that!

What would you do without a project on the horizon? ;)
Texasholly said…
My fridge is always full of nothing to eat. You would think by some random lottery I would end up with some edible combination by chance at some point.
C said…
The dishwasher and sleep section of your blog really resonates with me. I swear I cannot sleep in bed but dose off on the couch all the time. The dishes pile up faster than anything and when I've washed them - there they are waiting in the dishwasher. Handwashing was the thing I did the first 4 years I lived in this apartment. Now I just use the dishwasher. Insert shocking word followed by "it" here.
The Church Lady said…
Too funny! Your scenarios are very familar in my household too, especially the refrigerator being full, but still nothing to eat. Sometimes I go grocery shopping and I don't have a thing to fix for dinner. Geez.

p.s. I agree with you about Paula Abdul. Is she a diz bang or what?
Desert Songbird said…
There is no room in the refrigerator. But, there is nothing for dinner.

This made me smile, because this is often the case in my house. The fridge and the freezer can be full, but, to make for dinner???? Um, yeah.
Merle said…
Dear Pamela ~~ Glad you got your patio fixed and hope the back yard won't be too expensive to repair.

I am glad you built a fire in your fireplace and rally enjoyed it. Nice to be cosy and warm.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes etc.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.
lisaschaos said…
You pose some interesting observations. Feels like my dish situation is the same and the fridge, oh yeah, always! I have to run a humidifier around here for the shock factor and the dry skin and sinuses.
Intense Guy said…
Someone will win a Nobel science prize when they figure out the answers to your questions.

I need to put my dirty dishes into the washer but there are some clean ones in it - so I think I'll just re-wash 'em all anyway while I take a nap sometime this week - its not gonna hurt 'em any. :)
grammy said…
I don't know how I missed commenting on this post (o:
I agree with all of it
I think I always call it Murphy's Law
who is Murphy anyway and why does he get to make a
When I mop the floor a whole container of 'something'
will get spilled on it
when I have a clean house no one knocks on the door
but if it looks like an explosion hit...there they are knocking
If I don't wear makeup to the store...I see 5 people I know
If I 'fix myself ones around...and etc.
bermudabluez said…
Sounds REALLY familiar! And I LOVE Shelby's comment!!! hahahahaa!
Karmyn R said…
I've always thought coffee smelled a bit like skunk.
Hayden said…
ok........... then the amazing cracking fingers and cuticles gone mad aren't just me? Man, I do miss SF on stuff like this! Last week I remembered the granny vaseline tip and did it for my feet... but haven't found any cotton gloves yet, so fingers are still dying.

Then I lay in bed thinking about petroleum products absorbed through the skin and wondering what damage it causes. Oh well, gran lived to 90. I should be so lucky.

Man, this weather is brutal!
Robinella said…
It's the little things.
PEA said…
In my next life I want to come back as a man who can fall asleep whenever he wants! lol I'm like you, dead tired and yet when I go lie down...wide eyed. I don't get the cracked finger tips but I remember my mom having eczema and how her fingers would crack especially in the Winter time, poor her. I'm still in the process of decluttering from room to room so that's how my first week of 2010 has been going! lol xoxo
Kaytabug said…
I too am like a big-eyed bird when I try to nap. I also have the same dishwasher and fridge problems as you.
dawn said…
Wow, that's a lot of pondering. We have some of the same problems in our house...makes one wonder.

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