Big Birds

My finch feeders are attracting larger birds.  The other day the three turkeys were visiting again. 

On the left you can see two of them making their way to the base of the feeder pole.  The third one is sitting atop the fence taxing his turkey brain to figure out a way to shake out more sunflower seeds.

Meanwhile, back on the patio, our little black and white kitty cat was slammed up against the sliding door.  I think she was doing an impression of one of those plush Garfield's that people suction to their car windows.

This morning I happened to glance out and see a  Cooper Hawk sitting on the crook of the feeder pole. By the time I readied my camera it had jumped down and was stalking a small bird hiding in the foliage.  When he heard me clicking away on the patio he jumped back up on the fence and soon flew away ---still hungry.

This morning  on a walk, I watched a red-tailed hawk fly into the trees gripping a field mouse or a vole.  I didn't get that one photographed either.  But, here is one from the other day surveying his vast kingdom.  
Gorgeous bird of prey! 

My New Years resolves are to spend more time bird watching this year. . . 

and to find more time to do watercolor.

I did some of both today.


Desert Songbird said…
I think if I saw birds that big in my backyard, I'd jump out of my skin! Hope you "shoot" many, many more.
grammy said…
that makes me really want to put out some bird feeders.
I still have my neighbor fox
he licks his chops every now and then, so maybe he would appreciate a bird feeder... to much.
Our cat watches the fox out the window... but doesn't fuss at it like a she does a bird or heaven forbid... another cat.
storyteller said…
Bird feeders here attract mostly sparrows and an occasionally crow but never wild turkeys. I do see and wider variety of birds and even hawks soaring when I visit the nearby estuaries, but (in addition to sparrows & crows, my normal 'bird' sightings are of seagulls, pigeons and parrots (seriously), though hummingbirds do love my citrus trees and fortunately Ms Kitty is too slow to catch them these days.
Hugs and blessings,
Jenni said…
I see a red tailed hawk every few miles when I'm out driving. They often like to rest on fence posts, but I'm always amazed at how they can sit atop a tree on what seems to be too thin of a branch to support them. Yesterday Danny and the boys were down in the field shooting clay pigeons and they spotted three bald eagles. He called up to the house, but we couldn't see them from here.
Sayre said…
I was driving to work the other day and realized that there was a red-tailed hawk on every lamp post for a string of six. It was so odd looking. Made me wonder if there was good eating to be had nearby.
Swampy said…
I've had a lot of birds at my feeders, but NEVER wild turkeys !
Love your plan to do more bird watching...
Janis said…
Bird watching is very relaxing and exciting at the same time...I am looking forward to filling my bird feeder here in our winter home in Ga. there are so many different birds here compared to what we see in Pa. Although I have to win the prize Pamela..I have never witnessed a wild turkey at our feeder.
Hayden said…
wow... yes, turkey's are a bit bigger than finches! what a wonderful surprise.
12ontheinside said…
Geez you have great birds your way! I'm afraid any that venture into my yard are scared off by the cat.
Shelby said…
the birds !! :)

wow.. lots of them.. but they are so fascinating. congrats on some terrific new year resolutions. I especially like resolutions that involve doing stuff that's enjoyable.

makes 'em easier to do.

DesLily said…
lol I love the description of the cat being like the garfied with suction cups! LOL pictured that in my mind immediately! lol..

feed the birds really well and save that turkey for next thanksgiving!!
Just about every time I take a few minutes to watch the feathered friends at our feeder, I think of you; especially those times I grab my camera. I'm looking forward to warmer days when I don't have to shoot through glass.

Hugs to you in this New Year....may it be one where you truly "enjoy the journey" ;).

Intense Guy said…
You hit the jackpot of really interesting birds and at a feeder at that!

LOL @ kittykat...
Peter said…
You have birds on your mind a lot... are you sure you're not a lesbian?
lisaschaos said…
Looks like you are putting out prime seed to be attracting these big guys!
Robinella said…
I'll be trying to do more of those this year as well.
Karmyn R said…
I don't know about the hawk...beautiful but deadly!
Great photos of your birds! We have Wild Turkeys here too..yours seem frendlier! Watercolor..huh? Show us some..sounds like fun! :)

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