Pensieve's Poetic License ~ April Challenge


Reaching for skyline

The snow on the foothills


Perching ‘Neath rain cover

The finch on the feeder


Evading the frost bite

The peach by the green house


Disregarding the forecast

I dress for the weather


Refracting bowed promise

The sun, through the rain shower


Interest in other participants Haiku? The Robin of Spring can be found HERE.


Karmyn R said…
Nice -

That is a different form of Haiku than I used.
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela, lovely little poem.

The dust storm was terrible,
I needed your feather duster inside, oh the dust was bad you could even feel it hitting you like fine rain..
Kila said…
Aww, now that makes it sound beautiful!
Lana G! said…
I like it!

I used a different form of haiku as well. I like the meter on yours.
swampy said…
Beautiful, as always. Love this it Pamiku?
Ha! Pamiku--gotta love that Swampmeister!

Weather on your brain? Me thinks you might be experiencing slightly lower and less Spring-like temperatures than moi. Just think--when I'm sweltering in 100 degree temps and 300% humidity--you'll be shootin' the breeze!

Love these selections, Pamela. They make perfect sense to me!
Sarah said…
very well done. Great tempo throughout - makes me want some fresh peaches!
Brandon Satrom said…
These are very, very nice. Great imagery!
Amber (Imperishable Beauty) said…
Very nice writing! I enjoyed the rhythm.
storyteller said…
Beautifully … these poems
illustrate experiences

I usually do Haiku Friday each week but decided I could do 'double' duty since one was about Spring ;--)
Joyful Burst of Color and
Of Oddities and Change
Hugs and blessings,
wendster said…
I loved it all, but particularly loved the snow reaching for the skyline. Like it had a purpose for it's retreat. It's not just abandoning us, it's going somewhere ethereal.

Very nice!
Joy T. said…
Awww what swampy said "Pamiku". Love that. Although I love your poem too :o)
Walker said…
You are just so brilliant.
mjd said…
Nice job , Pamela. I think that we may be having the same kind of spring. Today, I am waiting for the sun to prevail.
Sandy said…
Beautiful, Pamela.

The rhythm is lovely.
jennifer said…
Very Nice!!

Have a great weekend.

Jenni said…
I *love* the rainbow haiku! Beautiful! I should really join in on this thing. It would be good exercise for my brain.
lisa marie said…
Oh I like that. It all fits perfectly.
kitten said…
Beautiful! I forgot to tell you that the view in the picture above is lovely! Is that from your back yard? Breath taking!
I love reading your Haiku!
dawn said…
You did a great job in capturing spring.
lissa said…
nicely done, I like part four, we could never be prepare as the weather keeps changing

thanks for visiting visiting my blog
crickl's nest said…
Wonderful poem! I love the progression and key words. Very creative!

Thanks for coming by too....and I would LOVE to see that cherry blossom blizzard! (it was 97 here today)

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