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Southern Doll is the genteel host of todays fun. Pamela is under the weather today and so her dear hubby is guest posting. He has chosen as his topic "What have you done in your life that was worth doing?"
Here is an unusual story that came to mind:
* * * * * * *

Life as firefighter and paramedic for twenty-six years gave me plenty of opportunities to feel proud of being a public servant. Sometimes, it comes in strange forms. One that comes to mind was a typical (if there is such a thing) house fire. One that Hollywood might make. I was the Captain in charge and on arrival I observed the front of the house on fire and coming through the roof of the one story older home. The first in engine company was to come directly to the fire after stopping at the fire hydrant, the ambulance crew would hook up the supply line, and the fire crews were to advance on the fire. One of the first tasks for the crew was to enter from the unburned side (the back door), search for occupants and knock down the seat of the fire.

The ambulance crew donned masks and gear to start their assigned task of ventilating the building. The second engine and ambulance crew arrived in short about the same time the fire crew entered the back door. The fire crew was ordered to backup the fire crew inside and assist with search and rescue and extinguishing the fire.

Within a couple of minutes the Paramedic Lieutenant on the second engine company came running to the command post with an unconscious dog, not breathing. The seat of the fire had been knocked down and the ambulance crew was available to provide rescue breathing for the owners pet (they were not at home at the time.) The order was given and the Paramedics, with oxygen and intubation tubes at ready, started to work on the patient. There were plenty of spectators watching the event and by their concerned faces, they were rooting (or praying) for the fallen animal.

Paramedics are called to do the unexpected and their training paid off. The dog began breathing on its own. By now the backup ambulance with additional paramedics arrived. With enough crews on site to finish fire and overhaul procedures, two paramedics were ordered to take the rescued patient to the veterinarian…stat…pronto. With lights and siren alerting the public of the emergency, they departed.

The owners were located, notified of the fire and arrived at the command post. One of the first questions asked was “is our dog OK?” I explain what happened and that he was at the vet’s and being attended to.

I can honestly say that for all the emergency personnel that attended this fire, the actions and decisions made are just part of who we are and how we think. Just part of the job. But for others, they saw it very differently. It made me proud to be a firefighter when a member of the news media came to me and said “Captain, that is one of the most compassionate acts I have ever seen.”

The owners stayed with their pet overnight at the vets but, sadly it did not survive.

I have a coffee cup with the following: A Firefighter is: brave, energetic, dedicated, courageous, strong, and heroic.

I’m proud to have had a career as a firefighter. Next time you see one, tell ‘m thanks for all they do.

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This has just brought a tear to my eyes.

Anyone who risks their own lives to save those of others is, in my estimation, a hero. And you are very right to be proud of the work you have done.

My hat goes off to you Sir.

That these guys should go that extra mile to try and save a dog is both heartwarming and gives me hope that humanity still has a chance.

Love too Pamela and I hope she's feeling better soon.
Hootin' Anni said…
I'm absolutely dumbfounded. I can't think of anything to type in your comment..........

Except!!! Thanks for what you've done and what you're all about!!!!

My Fun Monday is posted, I sure hope you can drop by and give it a read. Have a super-duper day.
ChrisB said…
I do hope Pamela is OK. It's great that you are guest writing for her please give her a get well hug.

Firefighters have such a difficult job and we all need to give thanks for their bravery and devotion to duty in some incredibly dangerous situations. Such a shame this dog didn't survive after all the efforts~but I'm sure the family were greatful!
kitten said…
That is so wonderful! My hats off to you!!!
Sayre said…
Beautiful post. Between children and acts of compassion - I don't think the people doing Fun Monday have much to worry about once they hit their last hour.

If this were one of my memories, it definitely would be one I would take out when the time came.
Junebug said…
Thanks for a great post. I will stop in at our Fire department and give them thanks soon. I need to do that. Thanks.
Heather said…
Thanks Mr. Pamela! Nice post.
ellen b said…
I always been in awe of and appreciated firefighters and other public servants who selflessly put themselves "on the line" You should be proud. Thanks...
Heather said…
So glad to hear your story. Hope Pamela is feeling better soon!
~grey said…

Thanks to you and your brothers for a hard but worthwhile job!

I had no idea that Pamela had such an amazing hubby! Hope she is feeling better.... :)

Waves hello from Canada!
Beckie said…
Fantastic story - thanks for guest blogging and sharing this. Are you going to start your own blog soon?

Feel better Pamela - hopefully it will warm up soon.
Jo Beaufoix said…
That was so sad and yet so wonderful. I am in awe of firefighters and ambulance personnel and all those who take charge in an emergency and try to help us. I can't imagine it's always an easy job. Thank God there are people like you who find the strength and courage to do it. Great post.
Lil Mouse said…
hope pamela is feeling better. i've had a few cases of feeling bad myself lately so i have a lot of sympathy.

i can't believe that these big tough dudes would work on a dog to save its life. that is beyond the call of duty and makes me feel a little better about the state of humanity these days. i've seen ads on tv for alert systems that will notify emergency personnel now if there is an animal inside and i must say that i'm kind of intrigued by the idea. my folks have had inside pets over the years and i cant imagine losing them to a fire. how horrifying.
Beccy said…
I'm sure you have many more equally heroic tales to tell. Well done, great job:-)

Pamela, I hope you're feeling better soon.
BarnGoddess said…
WOW! great post! thanks for being so brave. I believe people like you make the world a much better place.

give my best to pamela
storyteller said…
What a guy!!! Filling in when your wife’s under the weather is admirable, but this post is wonderful! One of my best friends is married to a retired Firefighter/Paramedic so I hear stories like this all the time … but I’d like to say ‘thanks’ for all you and your colleagues do each day.
Hugs and blessings,
Susie said…
I'm sorry that Pamela is feeling under the weather. I did enjoy this post very much and can fully appreciate the bravery of firefighters and paramedics.
My nephew works in this field and I've learned just what a dedicated and heroic job they have.
Thanks for sharing!
Jan said…
Great post. Hope Pamela is better soon.
Karmyn R said…
Hey Dad -

I've never heard that story before. Awesome. Melts my heart.
this is a wonderful story. thank you so much for sharing it.
C said…
What a great story and a great career.
Rose said…
This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.
Hope Pamela is better soon.
IamwhoIam said…
Thanks for sharing a little insight in to you life.
Kila said…
Two great writers in one household!

Pamela, feel better soon. There's something for you at my place.

To her hubby, thanks for your service! I hope the doggy felt loved before passing.
Alison said…
what a wonderful story...I have tears in my eyes..thank you so much for sharing it.
lisa marie said…
This has to be the best guest post I have read! Amen! I hope Pamela feels better soon and thanks for playing with us while she mends. :)
Tammy said…
Wonderful story!
Our home school group just went to visit the fire station last week and I think everyone came from there with renewed respect for firefighters everywhere.
Thank you for your many years of self-sacrificing service.

(Hope Pamela is feeling better soon!)
Hayden said…
Wow! My hat is off to you, sir!

I volunteer with citizens emergency preparedness team and am proud to be trained by our firefighters. I can't do what they do, but I can clear away the little stuff and help them focus on the main issues!
Amanda said…
AH, DAD! You have me in tears!!

Believe it or not, every time I meet someone who serves their community in that regard, I hold my head up high and proudly proclaim, "My Daddy was a firefighter!" I was always so proud of you. Still am.

Love you Pops. Give Mom a hug for me and tell her to feel better.
karisma said…
Bravo! Firefighters are true heroes indeed! Living in a small community with yearly bushfires we truly appreciate what our firefighters do here! Most are volunteers too! A few years back one of our local dads lost his life trying to save a little boy from a house fire! He went in three times but sadly both he and the little boy did not survive. He left a wife and three boys of his own, it was such a sad time for all of us! We never forget what our firies do for us! God bless you all!
coffeypot said…
Thanks for all you did - and will do.
lisa marie said…
Hope your feeling better. XO
Rose59 said…
The fact that you are doing this to help your wife speaks volumes to me about what a wonderful person you must be. I appreciate the fact that you are a firefighter of course you are also an O.K. kind of Guy Rose 59
wendster said…
What?! I didn't comment on this when I read it earlier this week? I must be losing my mind.
I'm so sorry to hear you have been under the weather. I will send butter duck over immediately with some chicken soup.
Pamela's hubby, I enjoyed reading about what it's like to be a firefighter. Thanks for your story and thanks for your years and years of service! Firefighters ROCK!!!
p.s. Pamela: I appreciated so much that you came by and caught up on ALL of my posts! That meant so much to me. You rock. I hope you are feeling better.
swampy said…
THANK YOU ! We have friends who live on Staten Island...3 are firefighters, 1 is a policman, and 1 is a retired firefighter/policeman.
I am so glad there are people like you. I couldn't do it.
Did I say, "THANK YOU?"
dawn said…
What a wonderful story and thank you for what you have done as a firefighter. I hope Pamela is feeling better. I did a guest post for Sirdar once when he was in hospital getting his appendix out. I started blogging 10 months later. We'll be watching for an announcement here.

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