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Saturday, October 01, 2011

First of the Month, Watch Them Grow

IT CANNOT BE OCTOBER!  Where did this year go?

I've been playing the First of the Month. @ Murrieta 365. for 10 months now, plus an extra month of December that I  linked in for good measure.

The goal is to capture one thing repeatedly on the first of each month. It can be a landscape, a person, an animal, a project; whatever your focus is, is fine. It can even be a record of where you are each First of the Month.

My theme is my three grandchildren, Zbub, Mizelle, and Dinkum. It is called:

Watch them grow!

They've really had fun in the hammock this summer.  Oh yes!  Each has taken a turn of falling out and bumping something-'er-ruther.
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Faye said...

The Hammock in the Wall Gang! I'm sure they think of all kinds of fun possibilities involving a hammock. Hard for granny to get her turn?

BTW, I've saved your directions for creating a mosaic of past photos--really neat to "review the grands."

Jan n Jer said...

Ten months already...wow..how the times flies...they are growing like weeds!

Kim, USA said...

Days and months flies so quick as the kids grow so fast too, like weeds ^_^ Happy Saturday!

1st of the Month

Teresa said...

They look so adorable in that hammock!

Intense Guy said...

They look so cute. I hope they don't catch any colds and sniffles this something-'er-ruther.

Wendster said...

What cuties! I wonder if they will try this photo op again when they are adults?

You might need a bigger hammock.