Faye at Summit Musings chose "Your Favorite Early Autumn Photo" as the subject for Day 14 - the last day of her Autumn Photo Challenge.

I thought about this subject for several days and came to the conclusion that I don't have one - a favorite photo. I have many.

In choosing one for today, I took Faye's term "early Autumn Photo" back to the early 1980's. Back to the days of film and processing and no instant gratification.

The photograph for which I hunted was one of me and all three of my daughters taken at the park on a day in Autumn.  Disappointing that it was not found.   I did find this one taken the same day. I think Karmyn may have been the one just outside of the frame throwing leaves on her younger sisters who were 5 and 2.

 Jennifer and Amanda. 


Faye said…
I'm so glad you have these precious photos, Pamela. Even though you had to work a lot harder to get it! For sure, it's a keeper!

Thanks for joining in with the autumn photo challenge--so much fun. Maybe we'll do another down the road. Now dang it what will we blog about?!
Intense Guy said…
I can easily see why this photograph is a favorite (and I know how hard it is to pick and choose sometimes!) That gap-tooth smile is so cute!

I'm glad the photo has stood up to time - and not lost its color - and is now saved in digital form.
Jan n Jer said…
This is so cute and the memories it brings back! Playing in a big pile of leaves is the best form of entertainment for the kids in the Fall! Heck!!! I even like it!
Kathleen said…
What a great photo! Fun! Those moments are treasures to be sure.

We are having a beautiful Autumn here.

Have a great day!

grammy said…
Love the picture
I hate it when I can't find a picture
well lets face it
there are lots of things I can't find.
Great old Fall photo..love the falling leaves. They were very cute youngins:)
I've just been looking at all your lovely pictures. I love fall, it's one of the best parts of moving up to WA.

I love seeing fun photos of both your girls and your grandbabies. They look like they would be great playmates...if the photos weren't taken so many years apart! :)
Living Life said…
I don't know what kid doesn't love playing and jumping in a pile of leaves! What great memories you captured here!
bichonpawz said…
What a cute pic! This does remind me of an incident that occurred many years ago when my daughter was about 3. She was out playing in the leaves with her father and somehow got a teeny, tiny little piece of leaf stuck in her eye! It was a terrible time for us and one I will never forget! She didn't play in the leaves much after that....although it really was kind of a freak accident!
Wendster said…
THAT is a wonderful photo.

Looks like a very precious memory.

That's an awesome photo! They look like they're having so much fun. Makes me want to go throw some leaves around today.

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