"Autumn Walk"

I've posted many pictures of the creek path and its wildlife -  as it is one of my favorite places to walk.   How I enjoy the birds!

Yesterday at dusk I strolled up the path that was almost abandoned.  Hardly any walkers or bikers.  Hardly any birds.

And then I heard the chatter of the Kingfisher.  Try as I could, my attempts to capture its dive into the water did not satisfy.  I think it took pity on me and flew above me into a tree and posed in silhouette.

Day 12 of Two Weeks in Autumn Photo Challenge is over at Faye's.


Living Life said…
I can see how the creek path is one of your favorite places to walk. It is beautiful. How lucky to capture the King fisher!
Faye said…
Your first photo was one of those "catch your breath" shots, Pamela. Loved it. I think the kingfisher was just toying with you last evening. Around here I try and try to photograph the cardinals with little lucky while the robins practically come to the front door and ask for a drink!
Jan n Jer said…
I can see why you love to walk along this path...such a beautiful setting...I am sure you feel a sense of peace there! Great silhouette of the Kingfisher...I love to watch them dive for a fresh catch.
Intense Guy said…
Sometimes, the quiet walk makes not seeing or hearing the birds ... an okay thing. The total commune with the inner self...

Theo way those Kingfishers fly, the weaves and jerks, makes them a really difficult moving target (for the camera lens).

I'm glad he showed you his good side. :)
Wendster said…
Great silhouette. You are good.

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