Fall Colors

This is Day 13 in the Two Weeks of Autumn Photo Challenge and the subject is color.

Here it is, October 5 in our valley, and things are still very green.  The fact that it rained last night - a very pleasant patter on the sky window -- could mean that things will be more likely to turn brown than the seasonal yellow, amber, and reds.  I hope I'm wrong.

In the meantime we are still enjoying the pink Anenome and other plants facing east,

and the Zinnias in the vegetable patch,

The variety of blossoming plants on the north side of the house.

Here's some proof that fall colors have arrived:  the American Goldfinch.  They have all lost their bright yellow spring and summer colors.  You may have to click on the image to see it there on the feeder.

And, I noticed there were a few scattered yellow leaves on the ground.  I suspect by next week we will be seeing a lot more of those and our rakes, too!

I'm so proud of myself ...  I finally did some fall decorating!   By the front walk there are some very inexpensive (cheap) solar lights that come with seasonal inserts. I changed them!   Now fall is official.

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Faye said…
The last blooms of the season are just as sweet as fall foliage. How many years have you been working on your yard, Pamela? It looks so well-developed and just chock full of all varieties of plants. No wonder the birds like to hang out with you!
Jan n Jer said…
Your yard still looks like summer! I still have some potted plants still blooming...they kinda like the cooler temps! My cherry tree is turning yellow n leaves falling like crazy! I hope the rest of the trees don't do that. Sometimes when it's real wet n turns cold fast the leaves turn n drop right a way! The rain has cleared out of here and things are starting to dry..so hopefully it will be a colorful,vivid fall!
Gattina said…
Things are still green here in Belgium too and my garden flowers look also still fresh. For me it could last the whole year, I don't like fall when everything is falling, even the time on your watch !
bichonpawz said…
Your yard still looks very beautiful Pamela! I love the blooms! AND the solar lights!!
Intense Guy said…
Your yard (and lawn) look beautiful. It got down to 40 F here last night, so I rather think the green trees around here will be thinking, "It's time to change color now!"

The goldfinch is always a pretty bird - vivid or not. Nice shot!

Those solar light inserts look neat - I've never seen nor heard of them before.
Your yard is beautiful..that grass looks so lush and healthy!! Not at all sparse like mine:(

I like your inserts on your solar lights..last night we came home late and it was dark as we [passed the cemetery the solar lights were twinkling..I thought it was lovely, Far Guy thought it was spooky:)
Wendster said…
I sooooo love your yard!

The inserts are the perfect touch. Love it!

Christy said…
Your flowers just look beautiful.I also love the solar light idea. We are in for a hard frost this week, but we'll see. We still have flowers blooming.
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