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Today is Day 10 of Summit Musings Two Weeks In Autumn Photo Challenge.  We are in currently in Oregon City.  We had a wonderful weekend planned which included attending "Oklahoma" and then a birthday bash for 8 year old Buttercup.  Before we even left the house we had a call from our youngest daughter informing us that she was at the emergency room with her fiance, and her daughter was at the home of a neighbor and friend.   "J" was admitted to the hospital, tested in every way imaginable, then was wheeled into surgery Saturday to remove his gallbladder. We are praying for a swift recovery and that in three weeks he will be ready for that wedding planned!  We are all breathing easier today. (Except J.  His post surgery comfort is slow coming.)

As a result, I'm pulling a photo I took last week while on a bug hunt with my grandson Z-bub.  I believe this preying mantis knew I was taking the photo. 

He sat up and turned his head.  Perhaps I looked like dinner.

(ps.  Oklahoma was fantastic!  The singers. Wow!   We had a great birthday celebration, too.  We were all just worried about J, and occasionally  had some guilt feelings that we were going on without him.  Our daughter Amanda was able to get away from the hospital for some birthday pizza and cake.  The cake was home-made by our daughter Karmyn with cherry cream filling.  Sinful.    Our granddaughter stayed with us so that her mommy could go to the hospital during the day.)


grammy said…
Glad he is doing well. My hubby had the whole gallbladder ordeal 5 years ago (how can that be possible) He almost died with a blood infection. Scary times.
I want to go to a play. I am going to look for one right after this. Really!
Love the Preying Mantis....and the falls and the growing grands (o:
Faye said…
I remember this guy, perched on his as. . .ters! Glad to get the patient update. Gallbladder surgery recovery is challenging, I've heard. Hope he continues to progress so he can get to the church on time!

"cherry cream filling", oh my.
Jan n Jer said…
Thanks for the update n email to my daughter in answer to my question Pamela. Glad to hear J is recovering from his surgergy.. I think he will be recovered in time for the wedding. Which BTW...congrats to you daughter! Sounds like you all had a great celebtation! Nice photo of the praying mantis...they just fascinate me!
Intense Guy said…
Goodness. I hope J has a very speedy recovery - three weeks until his big day isn't much.

I love Rodgers and Hammerstein as much as I love Giblert and Sullivan.

Are you singing, "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'"? :)
"J' will recover rapidly..I hope! Usually it is a relief to get rid of your gallbladder. The cake sounds divine..and I bet the party was great too..eight..they grow so fast! :)
Wendster said…
Love that picture of our mantis friend. The Discovery Center has a bug invasion right now and they call those things mantiDs. I was all "whaaaaaat??!??! huh uh!!!"

Either way it's an EXCELLENT photo and I am glad everyone is recovering/happy/prepping for a wedding. How nice!


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