The Last of the First of The Month

This is the last month for Janis’s First of The Month
hosted @ Murrieta 365.  I've been faithful to my commitment to post this whole year.  I haven’t been faithful to post much else. 

What have we been posting all year?

Capture one thing repeatedly on the first of each month. It can be a landscape, a person, an animal, a project; whatever your focus is, is fine. It can even be a record of where you are each First of the Month.

My theme has been my three grandchildren, Zbub, Mizelle, and Dinkum.   I called it:

Watch them grow!
This fall grandpa piled some dirt back in the corner where the grands are allowed to dig and play without disrupting the landscaping in our yard.  There is also a small sandbox (which they pour all around the area, too!)  Unbelievable late November sunshine and temperatures sent them out to play in their long sleeved shirts.   I grabbed my camera and followed them out to their favorite spot.

I think that grandpa had some plans for this dirt - to fill in some low spots on the flower bed.  He just had a lot more help than he anticipated.

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Halloween IMG_5906ab
IMG_5649 IMG_4997a
IMG_4429a5 IMG_4356a62 IMG_4252a522
IMG_4773a622 IMG_3980622 IMG_3706522


bichonpawz said…
This was a great idea Pamela! They grow so fast!!
I hope you continue to watch them grow here on your blog! It has been a fun series..:)
Intense Guy said…
I'm with Far Side.

And that collection of photos would make a sweet calendar for their mom and grandma. :)
Jan n Jer said…
Boy that year flew bye!!! The kids have grown so fast. Cute shot of n dirt just go together!
Jan said…
Love these shots. So much for Grandpa's plans. I'm so glad you joined the meme, this year. Hope you'll continue next year, too.
Steve Skinner said…
What a great record of the kids growth!
Teresa said…
I love how you've done this meme. You have a great series here. :-)
Karmyn R said…
It always amazes me how much they change from year to year.
Faye said…
I have really enjoyed "watching these three little ankle biters grow" each month. This meme has been sucha lot of fun. And aren't you glad to have this year long collection of photos? You must come up with some clever way to display them.
Kila said…
I love watching your little ones grow up!
mark said…
Fun! Neat idea to share monthly snapshots of them to see how much they changed.

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