Wild times

I can remember my mom singing a song that went something like "Where there's wild men, there must be wild women; So, where did Robinson Crusoe go, with Friday on Saturday Night."

Why I thought of that when I saw this little quiz - I can't say.

We're looking for a host for the next Fun Monday. Please --- someone step up to the plate! Thanks.

UPDATE: Gattina of Writer's Cramps will be our Fun Monday Host for February 16



A Spot of T said…
I have to say I did pretty good but not as well as I thought I would do on those animal tracks. What kind of country girl am I!
karisma said…
okay I really sucked at it.
Cathy M said…
I really surprised myself. I got seven out of eight right. Not bad for a city girl.
Betty said…
Hi Pamela,

I hope you are having a good week.

I am sorry that I completely forgot that you were hosting Fun Monday this week. Today is the first time I've posted in almost a week.

I hope there were a lot of people playing yesterday.
Tammy said…
I surprised myself, too...only got one wrong! :D That was fun!

I LOVE your new profile pic, Pamela...too sweet for words. :)
BlondeBlogger said…
Wow! I am not even going to say what my score was, lol. That was fun though!
12ontheinside said…
I sucked at that. But no fair, where were all the kangaroo and koala and platypus tracks.
Gattina said…
I admire myself ! most of the animals I only know from the zoo and have never seen their traces, but I got 500 on 800 ! Hehehe !
If you don't find another victim, I can host Fun Monday next week. Please let me know.
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela.. I got 5 out of 8 not bad for an aussie..
lisaschaos said…
Well that was fun! I got 6 out of the 8, if they had shown me the raccoon sooner maybe I would have done better because once I saw it I laughed at myself for thinking the possum and skunk were raccoon.
Lil Mouse said…
i guess i probably only got the deer one correct.
Amanda said…
I got 500/800. Coulda been worse, I suppose!
Karmyn R said…
I got 1/2 of them right. dang
sirdar said…
I got 500 out of 800. Better than I thought I would get.
wendster said…
Dang I suck at recognizing animal tracks!!!
Each time I was like: Bear?
Dang ... bear isn't on the list ... ummmm .... raccoon?
LOM said…
I got about half right, and they were guesses, living in a town I don't see many animal prints, haha
dawn said…
I did pretty poorly, but then we don't have raccoons, bears, or bobcats around here. I am sure I would have done better identifying the skat of animals. Even without bears here, I know that it belongs to a bear if there are bells in it ;-) .

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