The Interview

If you've been reading blogs recently you will notice that the Interview Meme is making the rounds again.

I've never played. So I was happy to respond to the five questions presented to me by Angela, someone who I've actually met outside the blogosphere. You can read about her at Create 4 Family, where she answered her own **five questions last week. **Asked by my daughter Karmyn.

I was ready:

(1)When you wake up on a cold snowy day, what is your first thought?

“I’m so glad that this bed is so snuggly and warm. I think I’ll stay here for awhile.”
…and I do.

(2)Where did you and your husband meet?
In the middle. We‘ve been meeting in the middle for almost 33 years. Sometimes he has to cross over to make up some of the space that I’m not capable of traversing. We have those days in relationships. I hope I’ve done the same thing for him a few times, too.
No matter what – he’s the one I want there, waiting for me.

(3)If you could have any pet it would be?
…one of those dogs that stars in movies. I would be the dog’s agent. It would still sleep on my bed, let me scratch behind its ears, and play fetch in the yard. The only difference would be when we went for a walk; I could swing by the bank and drop off the latest movie royalties that arrive in the mail. Oh… and we could hire someone to vacuum the hair that accumulates under the bed and computer desk.

(4)Are regrets really 'regrets' or 'learning experiences'?
I have regrets. I have learning experiences. I have regrets that should have been learning experiences. I have learning experiences that I regret.
Oh Dear! Angela, I guess you already regret having asked me this question.

(5)Did you place any friendly bets on the superbowl?
No. But I didn’t place any unfriendly ones either.

Thanks for the questions Angela! I hope my answers didn't disappoint you.

Anyone wishing to participate must follow the directions below.

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


LadyStyx said…
Loved your answers.
DesLily said…
I guess the "wake up on a cold snowy day" wouldn't be asked if the person lived in florida huh? :o) I love to drink hot tea or coffee and watch it snow! then I get sick thinking of shoveling..
Anonymous said…
I like the questions and I like your answers!
Desert Songbird said…
You slay me, Pamela. I love your skewed way of looking at things.
Mama Voss said…
Great answers... you rock. Thanks for playing!
Anonymous said…
I thought maybe Me2 was going to answer those questions.
Anonymous said…
Great answers to the questions. Yes I've seen this on a few blogs but it will be replaced with something else one day.
Gattina said…
Considering your answer about pets, I think I should manage Arthur ! he could become a star ! Thanks for the excellent idea ! I will contact Hollywood right away !
I always thought not to do this interview because there were at least 10 questions, but for only 5 I could answer you !! I jump in the water !
ChrisB said…
I loved your answers and they had me chuckling. I'm tempted to be interviewed by you but I can wriggle out of this because tomorrow I'm off to Dublin.

I see you are hosting FM I have advertised this in my side bar. I'm hoping to participate but it might be difficult as I'll be away from home.(I'll see when you post the topic).
karisma said…
LOL, Nice answers! Now where are your backup pictures?
Unknown said…
you are an awesome eluder! ;0)
Anonymous said…
You always have an answer for everything; and they are always great answers, wildly entertaining.

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