Swampy posts past perfect

Sometimes I read a post that deserves more than one of my silly comments.
I write a note to myself that says, "This is a perfect post."

Swampwitch over at Anecdotes, Antidotes, and Anodes beguiled me with her narrative about meeting and having breakfast with One From The Greatest Generation. Bill

You will miss out if you don't go read it. Right Now.

Oh yeah... this was/is definitely a Perfect Post.The Original Perfect Post Awards – Jan 08

I invite you to read other nominations for the January Perfect Post Awards at www.petroville.com and www.suburbanturmoil.blogspot.com.


Willowtree said…
Sometimes I too read a post that deserves more than one of my silly comments, too bad.
swampy said…
Thank You ! I must admit, that was one of the most fulfilling posts I've ever created. (Junior's "Good night Friend was the other.)
I received more personal e-mails from these two posts than any.
I plan to do a follow-up on it.
Bill's 80th birthday is February 25and I hope to 'solicit' birthday messages that I can mail to him.
I certainly appreciate this award, but more than that, I appreciate this gentlemen who was a part of giving us the lives we have today.
Thank You, Pamela !
Sandy said…
Terrific job, Pamela. You are so right. I read that post, reread it, made my husband read it. It just never occurred to me to award it...duh!

Beckie said…
I read Swampy's post - it was a good one!
lisa marie said…
Yes, that is a great post! :) I enjoyed reading and the photos. :)
ChrisB said…
I remember thinking what a brilliant post when I read it.
Thank you Pam for putting me onto the story of "Bill". What a great post by the Swamp Lady. Bill sounds like the kind of fellow who could keep you mesmerized for hours on end. I personally like to talk to some of the older generation and listen to their exploits.
mjd said…
You are right that is quite a post that Swampy wrote. Thank you, for pointing it out. I missed this particular post.
tlawwife said…
Very good choice.
Kila said…
It was indeed a Perfect Post. I loved that one.
kitten said…
Great choice!
You are the 1st person to ever tel me I'm hard to know. Most say I'm an opened book. Just strange. LOL!
BarnGoddess said…
swampy can tell it like it is. great post! Pamela you are 100% right on.
coloursofdawn said…
I read Swampy's post; very amazing. What a great idea to award it. I would agree with you on the award. She did an awesome job.
sirdar said…
Swampy's post was a great one for sure.

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