Enquiring Grandchildren Want To Know

Late afternoon:

Grandma: Curlymop, would you like some juice.

Curlymop: I want some.

Grandma goes to the kitchen and returns with juice for Curlymop and a glass of cold water for Grandma.

Grandma takes two swallows: Burp. Excuse me!

Curlymop: Gwamma, you boooped.

Grandma: Yes, excuse me Curlymop.

Grandma takes a couple more swigs: Burp. Burp. (Eyes open wide in surprise!) EXCUSE ME!

Curlymop: Gwamma, you booped again.

Curlymop runs across the room and pulls grandma’s cup down and peers intently into the clear liquid.

Curlymop: What? It’s only water?

6:00 a.m.

Grandpa has little fingers prying open his eyelids.

Buttercup: Grandpa.

Grandpa: Whaaa…whaaa…whaaaa. Oh Hi Buttercup.

Buttercup: Grandpa. Grandma is still asleep. Mommy is all *jumbled up. I have to crawl into bed with you. (*note: jumbled up with her pregnant pillow, we assume)

Grandpa: Okay then.

Buttercups crawl up on the bed to sit next to Grandpa. She begins chattering (which wakes grandma.)

Buttercup: Grandpa??

Grandpa: Yes Buttercup.

Buttercup: Your breath smells really bad.

Grandpa: Mmmmmmm.

Buttercup: Let me smell it again.

Grandpa: Okay.

Buttercup: (Leans in and takes a very deep nose sniff.)

Grandpa: (Waits in suspense.)

Buttercup: Pugh! Yup, it really stinks.

Moral of two stories: Grandparents can’t get away with anything.


Simply Jenn said…
Okay, I thought I left a comment, but I don't see it. I'm sorry if this is number 2 or 3. Your grandkids are adorable. Love the stories- and the equal opportunity anecdotes.
lisa marie said…
Too cute! I had my grandson today and I burped (is it a grandma thing?) and said excuse me, even though he's still a baby, and he giggled. :)
Peter said…
NTSYB, there is no escaping the honesty of grandkids is there?
kailani said…
They are sometimes too honest!
ChrisB said…
LOL I love the things that children say~ So cute and 'truthful' :)
Beccy said…
Brilliant, Curlymop and Buttercup have you both well sussed out!
~JJ! said…
That's because grandparents are perfect in their eyes....but you have shown curlymop some normalcy....that's cool!
heather said…
There's no getting by them! They know what's really in that glass.
Dragonjuice. Makes you burp every time.
Kaycie said…
So funny! I remember when my kids were that way. Now the big kids are just sarcastic. (Sigh.)
DesLily said…
If you are of the age to remember WAY BACK WHEN... it's this sort of reason the Art Linkletter Show "Kids say the Darnest things" was a hit LOL
swampy said…
I can just hear those little voices. **Boooop**
I'm off this week to be with one of our grandkiddos. Can't wait. (The one with the red tongue)
Love the award you helped to create at ChrisB's.
Sandy said…
Yesterday, I was suffering from "burperosis", as my grandson informed me.

Love these stories. Love little kids. Love you and ChrisB for the awesome award.
susaninva said…
Hee hee - sounds like you have two budding detectives in your midst!

To Grandpa - just so you know, Funny Girl has informed me that my morning breath is stinky, too.
nikki said…
Or uncles! Aaron informed my brother that he was "very hairy and how did he get that way." Dang good thing the kid is cute eh?
BarnGoddess said…

kids say the darnest things...but they are honest :)
Yep, your post reminded me of when my Grandkids told me I stink. Of course I HAD been working all day as was quite sweaty. I just smiled and rubbed their noses in my armpits.
Desert Songbird said…
Grandkids love you no matter how many times you burp or how bad your breath smells. Isn't it great?
Mert said…
But wait, your supposed to be able to get away with anything! Everyone knows that grandparents are made of sunshine and that their morning breath smells like a rainbow. I mean, sheesh! ;)
coffeypot said…
Love those grandkids. When J-Man was a little over a year old he would come over to me when I was napping on the couch and snoring. He would say, "Paw Paw noise." and slap my on the cheek. I would wait for him to walk off and I would "snore" again. He would stop and walk back to me and slap my cheek again. We would do that four or five times and then I would grab him and growl into his neck. I miss that little man. He’s twelve, now, and has different endearments for me to love.
Susie said…
Love your grandkids stories :)
They both sound adorable..
Debbie said…
And nor can parents. Tee hee. Funny storiea. Gotta love kids' honesty. :)
Amanda said…
Awesome. Just awesome.
Curly Mop told her daddy he had stinky breath last night. And he did.
Neither can aunts. :)

Very cute stories -- thanks for sharing.
Kelly - PTT said…
Oh that is so funny! Kind of like insisting everyone smell the rotten milk.

Kids are a hoot, aren't they?
dawn said…
Very cute. I will have to remember that moral when I am a grandparent. Kids can be brutally honest.

Toblerone is shaped like triangles lined up with the bottoms attached and comes in a long triangle box. It is chocolate, with bits of nougat mixed in. I am surprised you don't have it down there. It is very popular here (and expensive).
Kaytabug said…
LOL! Oh my goodness I had so many many good chuckles. I am still giggling!
Well, I'm just wondering what they witnessed that you DIDN'T tell us about! :) We used to say "booped" for another bodily expelliation...ha!

Thanks for sharing the smiles (glad you woke up to "hear" the second one!).

Kathleen Marie said…
That is so cute! Now I know what I have to look forward too...Help! ha!
SwampAngel65 said…
Kids can be so funny...espcially when they're not trying to "be" funny!

It's nice you have this blog to share with them when they get older!
theotherbear said…
Hahaha - that's just classic :)
MarmiteToasty said…
Precious just precious....

Susie Q said…
How I love children. Their innocent honesty is amazing! : ) Out of the mouths of little ones...*burp* Oh, excuse me. That last Ginger Ale did me in.

Have a sweet weekend dear Pamela!


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