Can You Type?

I saw this at Lil Mouse and had to try it.

95 words

Touch Typing

Let me know how you do ! !


Willowtree said…
itype meuch fzdaaster thatn that!
lisa marie said…
42 correct words, 3 wrong - I told you I was a bad typer, typist, whatever. :)
coloursofdawn said…
Wow, that is amazing. I am only typing at 44 words per minute and I thought I was going fast. I type as slow as I read;-).
Karmyn R said…
I just barely missed your score - 91 wpm.

I think keyboard typing is faster than old typewriter typing. When I worked at B - my friend Jen gave me a speed test and I got 75 wpm - but that was with a scientific sentence.
sirdar said…
I could only get 43WPM. I would like to try this with my 'natural' keyboard I have at work...or even my Mac keyboard as this one I have is a sort of pseudo 'natural' keyboard and I have issues with it. However, I doubt I would get that much faster that what I am doing now.

You type pretty fast!!
I guess I better try... perhaps tomorrow after my typing fingers get a good rest. lol
Joy T. said…
You win. I suck. But I'm close so watch out! Now I have to go get a towel and wipe the tea off my screen from reading WT's comment!
katy said…
made 48 WPM and it was fun thanks
mjd said…
He, he, I do not type. I tried this, and my top speed was 23 words a minute.
Fianna said…
The highest I was able to get was 64 wpm, although I am lying down in bed with the laptop propped up on my legs. I am shocked at 95, that is absolutely amazing.
my4kids said…
95 wmp is great!
I took the test and scored 66 but it is almost midnight and I assume if it was earlier in the day I would have done a bit better.

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