Todays Headlines

Burning Chili Sparks Terror Alert

A pot of burning chili sparked fears of a biological terror attack in central London.
Firefighters wearing protective breathing apparatus were called to D’Arblay Street, Soho, after reports of noxious smoke filling the air. A Thai restaurant had been preparing Nam Prik Pao, a red hot Thai dip which uses extra hot chillies which are deliberately burnt.

That usually happens after we eat it at our house.

Philippine Officials Find ‘Spider’ Mail

Manila, Philippines – The package from Hong Kong looked innocent enough, marked “personal clothing.” But, when customs officials opened it, they were stunned to see about 300 live scorpions and spiders.

I wonder if there was a card that read: Dear Harry, Here's a few items left behind when you walked out on me for that other woman.

W. VA Man Flees Police on Lawnmower

Martinsburg,. W.VA. – Michael Ginevan of Bunker Hill was driving a riding lawnmower on on Runnymeade Road about a mile from his home when a Berkeley County sheriff’s deputy attempted to pull him over. Ginevan, 39, allegedly sped away and Deputy J.H. Jenkins stopped his cruiser and gave chase on foot. Givevan refused to take a field sobriety test.

Blue Grass Cocktail. Shake down and pour into chilled cop car.

Lawmaker shows nude photo to students

Norwalk, Ohio – A state legislator surprised a high school class when the computer he was using projected a photo of a nude woman during a lecture on how a bill becomes a law.

State Rep. Matthew Barrett was giving a civics lesson Tuesday when he inserted a data memory stick into the school computer and the projected image of a topless woman appeared instead of the graphics presentation he had downloaded.

And they learn, as in this case, about the Veto

Nevada woman gives birth on Freeway

Carla Dupree say God is trying to tell her that five kids is enough. That’s after No.5 was born at a freeway off ramp. Her mother-in-law was driving her from Sparks to a Reno hospital on Saturday.

At least she got to use the car pool lane the rest of the way to the hospital.



mark said…
I'm still laughing about that lawmaker. I saw the CNN story about it this afternoon and my thought was he started his presentation with, "And this is how a bill becomes a law. First, we get topless..." Laughing continues.
Beccy said…
Brilliant Pamela, just brilliant!
her indoors said…
ha ha - it usually happens after we eat too LOL
Debs said…
Love these! :D

I must show Robocop the Phillippine one. His parents came from there. :D
Susie said…
Your comments are the best part of these headlines. The only one I've seen is the one about the Nevada woman.
susan said…
These are just too funny. What is it they say...truth is stranger than fiction? :)
kailani said…
What I want to know is how did she package all those scorpions without getting bit!
Bibi said…
These are hysterical. I would like to have shipped someone a bag of scorpions once ... a long time ago.

Was going to particiapte in the Monday thing but I have a feeling I'll forget to post!
BarnGoddess said…
haha, I am still laughing about the chili thing!!!

I made a bigpot of chili tuesday evening with an added touch of defense.

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