Octobers Dance

Today was one of those fall days that blow away any doubt that the season has changed.

Maybe it was just a normal autumn bluster or maybe it was the promised last hurrah of the Pacific typhoon Ling Ling.

The tenacity of the multi-hued dogwood surprised me. It refused to release its garment to the windy blasts that flailed at my coat and turned my umbrella inside out. Wooosh!

On the street and sidewalk, vortexes of colors flew in swirling masses then exploded in a kaleidoscope reminiscent of a pyrotechnic show. Afterwards, the leaves floated, tangoed, and frolicked on their way back to the ground.

A number played hide and seek around the corners of buildings and beneath parked cars. Doorways enticed them, as did the shoes of people scurrying in and out. The scattered walk brought to mind a recent petal-strewn aisle of an outdoor wedding.

An artist could take envious note of how the occasional raindrops painted the sidewalk with silhouettes of locust, maple and sycamore.

Fingers of wind vibrated the power lines like an electric guitar. However, as it carried on through the eaves and awnings I heard the plaintive drone of a bagpipe. My favorite tune is the acoustic rustling of the leaves and the creaking rhythm of the lofty giant’s limbs.

A staccato hailstorm played the final chaotic movement in natures wind symphony.

Later, as I walked to my car, a few gold tinged clouds opened to reveal a setting sun. In spite of the storm, the reflected light proved that a colorful array still hugged the branches.

Awwww--- perhaps tomorrow October’s Dance will make an encore.


Willowtree said…
WTH?? Did you swallow a thesaurus or something?

btw, what's another word for thesaurus?
DesLily said…
all i can say is wow! ..and your book comes out when?
Jodi said…
Beautifully written... although I must admit that I had to get my dictionary out for quite a few of the words!! tee hee ;-)
nikki said…
I loved reading this. Awesome job.
On The Edge said…
Beautifully written...such a wonderful use of words describing an annual event that often goes by with a second thought.
~JJ! said…
You're lucky...It's summer here..In NYC 70+ degrees today! Gah!
Beckie said…
That was enjoyable!

What is amazing is we had a perfectly pleasant weather day here - so close, but yet so far.
Sandy said…
Beautifully written. It was a pleasure to read actual words.
Susie said…
You have a way with words my friend and I mean that in the nicest sense!
This was delightful to read and envision!!
BarnGoddess said…
beautifully written!

I am so happy to read about someone appreciating Fall as much as I love the season.

I envy your ability to put it into words.


encore indeed, please.
Mert said…
Pure poetry, very beautiful!
Sabrina said…
what a beautiful post! i was certainly feeling it!!! and longing for something fall-ish! (it was 90 degrees here yesterday but cooler weather on the way!!!) loved it!!!
ChrisB said…
You've painted a picture in words.
Karmyn R said…
It was really windy here last night too.
ian said…
HEY! I know this is on your Thursday post and it's Friday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

theotherbear said…
Belated happy birthday wishes :)
Willowtree said…
Happy Birthday Sis!!!! xoxoxoxo
Robinella said…
Wait, are you really WTs sister? Or is that Sis thing an affectionate term? I'm bewildered, confused, the last to know, if so.

(snap out of it)

Loved your tribute to the falling leaves. I did go blank a few times because I am lacking sleep. And Happy Birthday.
Devon said…
Wow Pamela! You are pure poetry today! I Love this time of year and you did a brilliant job of describing it all!
Pamela said…
wt: uh... another word for thesaurus? synonyonynonynonynodontknow

Deslily: when it does it will be to skinny to use as a booster seat for my grandkids

Jodi - ME2
Niki- Thanks
Edge- love autumn..love it
JJ- go buy some sun block. that will change the weather
Beckie- that is tooo weird
Sandy - thank you
Susie - it is usually short-lived
BarnGoddess - every season has the ability to amaze me
Mert - it was like seeing poetry
Sabrina - I've wondered about fall in Texas
ChrisB - I'd like to paint it in watercolor, too
Karmyn - you guys still eating that chili????
Ian: Thanks. I finally figured out Karmyn spilled those beans
O-Bear: I wasn't having one this year... no I really WAS NOT
WT: xoxoxox to you, too
Robinella: I'm his big sis because I designated myself. He needed one to cuff his ears once in awhile.
Robin said…

HUGS!!! :)
susan said…
What a great day to reveal how beautifully you can write! Happy Birthday!!
Desert Songbird said…
Beautifully said.

BTW, I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here. Also, I'm such a dunce for not knowing whose momma you are!

Happy Belated Birthday!
Gattina said…
It's so well described that I feel depressed, lol ! I hate this weather and automn in general.

BTW did you count your cousins ? are they enough to create a new village ?
I posted about the preparation for our painting exposition which opens today ! I will be dead this evening !
Joy T. said…
I heard it was your birthday and came running to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
ChrisB said…
I came back to wish you a Happy Birthday
Beccy said…
Happy, Happy Birthday, a bit late I know maybe you could strecth the celebrations!
lisa's chaos said…
Happy late birthday!! Hope you had a lot of fun!
Debs said…
Beautifully written. :)

You are the best story writer.
Shelby said…
loved reading about your day...
I am waiting for the encore! Lovely words and lovely post.
Melissa said…
This is beautiful. I wish I could write this well.

And happy birthday! I can't believe I have to rely on Karmyn for this information. ;)
Heather said…
ach! happy birthday! sounds like the trees had a lovely celebration for you!
marnie said…
I wish I could see my world through your eyes. I have grey. I have rain. I have a plane stuck in a building across the river. I have wet dog smell.
Mert said…
Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter. :D
Kila said…
Excellent writing! Enjoyed it :)

And I see that others wrote Happy Birthday, so I'll add a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" also! I hope it was special, and the year ahead is a happy, healthy one.
Peter said…
Hi Pamela, hope your birthday was as good as this post, one small niggle.... where was the camera?
Junebug said…
Leaves falling like rain....you have painted a beautiful picture.

I was going to say "synonym" for Willowtree, but you already said it.
Donetta said…
Well Written! I was there seeing it all from your eyes. What pleasure.
Bonnie B said…
Now that was some beautiful writing.
Pamela said…
Devon: I have a moment now and then
Robon: no more green bananas
Susan: I hope I don't have to wait until my next b-day to write again
Desert Songbird: Yes. I made good babies... indeed!!
Gattina: Over 40 first cousins. I coudn't count any higher. How sad that fall depresses you.
Joy: Running? Ha ha.. I'm not that old
Chrisb: I was hoping for cookies (:
Beccy: Everything on me is stretched. Why not a b-day celelbration, too?
Lisa: I had chocolate cake.
Debs: Why thank you. I wish I could write for a living as well as for pleasure
Shelby: If every day was so beautiful I would probably lose my gratitude
Inland Empire Girl: Oh... I'll be writing again - love to have you go back and see some earlier 'stuff'
Melissa: Your writing is fun to read...I can see the events with your vivid descriptions
Heather: I think you are right
Marnie: I love wet dog -
Mert: I did - and I loved your Email too
Kila: I'll drink to that (To Health!)
Peter: The flash card was at home in the computer. Duh! (O:
Pamela said…
and then it rained like rain and filled our pond to overflowing

I'm glad you flowed with it.

Bonnie B
Coming from you I am honored
Kelly - PTT said…
Beautiful, Pamela! I can picture the whole dance!

And Willowtree cracks me up.

By the way, I'm really sorry I missed your birthday -- hope it was great!
CyberCelt said…
At least the trees in your neighborhood are doing as they should. In Texas, the leaves start to drop, start to bud again, dry up with drought, burst open with rain and then they do it again. More like a job than a dance. Here from BCs.

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