Fun Monday #36 An October View

This post will remain at the top of my blog through next Monday.

I'm the lucky host for the next Fun Monday's subject: AN OCTOBER VIEW.
So...welcome one and all!!

The very first Fun Monday granted us all a view from every front porch. It was winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Not everyone has a front porch. Therefore, the rules will be more flexible for this photograph. (Of course Swampwitch has long ago tied them in pretzel knots with her interpretations.)

Here they are:
I want to see what you see on any given morning this week; from somewhere very near where you live. Front porch, back porch, down the street, around the corner. Just makes sure it's your neighborhood. Post a photo that will send me to the travel agent to book a weekend at your local Bed & Breakfast.
Post your October View on Monday, October 8 .
Write a little or write a lot.
Link to this post with the participants list
Have fun.
ps, HOST Fun Monday on October 15 by dropping me an E-mail - and I'll pass the Torch WE HAVE A VOLUNTEER

* * * * * *
If you are participating and I failed to add you to the list - leave a comment (or Email me at ). If you are on the list in error, do the same.

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Late Bloomers:

Donetta - A Life Uncommon


willowtree said…
You've opened it it a bit, brilliant idea! I'm definitely in.
theotherbear said…
Sounds like a fun one - I'd love to play, count me in.
Willowtree said…
There's nothing wrong with you comment box. IE the problem doesn't lie at you end.
Dunns in Alaska said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
my4kids said…
I was hoping it would be this one. Can I post all those places? Front yard(sorta), back yard, down the street(I'll get that on my way out someday), and maybe around the corner. Actually I have some pics and vids to share that I haven't posted yet. Maybe I'll use those! Do I really need to convince you to come to our local B&B here though? I think I did that already!
her indoors said…
ok need to get me some batteries then off with the camera, but you wont be wanting to visit here!
mjd said…
Count me in.
Pamela said…
Teri/4 kid
You can make it a travelogue if you want (:
Kaytabug said…
I love this theme! Just wanted to let you know that the White Robin is on your list Twice! unless MFD is MJD's alter ego!!!
BarnGoddess said…
I am looking forward to seeing the photos!

you know I am a photo fanatic...
Debs said…
I can't wait. :D
Heather said…
Sure - add my name to the list. (Although Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada, so I might be too busy stuffing my face with turkey and all the fixin's)
karisma said…
Count me in please..... Im so glad to be home, what a great idea for Fun Monday.
Amanda said…
Silent One ~D~ said…
Sure I will participate!

It is snowing here tonight... :)
Silent One ~D~ said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kila said…
There are some nice colors around here to share :) You can sign me up, but be warned that it'll be late on Monday when I get it done.
Blue Momma said…
Please add me to the list!
Alix said…
Great idea I am in, I just hope my camera skills are up too it!
Jenni said…
Sign me up, please!
SwampAngel65 said…
Boy, I'm slow to join in this week! This sounds good and I've been looking out my windows for the best view. Do I have time to do some landscaping? Cut the grass and weed eat? Oh gosh, I should put out the Halloween decorations! :) I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures!
SwampAngel65 said…
Boy, I'm slow to join in this week! This sounds good and I've been looking out my windows for the best view. Do I have time to do some landscaping? Cut the grass and weed eat? Oh gosh, I should put out the Halloween decorations! :) I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures!
SwampAngel65 said…
I didn't do that on purpose (the double post).
M@ said…


Surely you must have an old post on your blog for one of these types of publications. A lot of people love that shit. :)
thefoodsnob said…
I'm going to try, I haven't been very good with Fun Monday lately!

BS said…
I will try and find something interesting to show - count me in.
SkunkWitch said…
OK, Darlin' I'm in for Fun Monday...essence of skunk and all.

Part Two of my story has now been successfully added between Parts 1 and 3 with an explanation of what happened.
In the meantime:
Who's on First?
Skunk Witch said…
Can I have all those pretty colors on my name like you have on yours in the list?
I promised to try to abide by the Fun Monday rules. Maybe.
JennieBoo said…
I'd like to paticipate. Hook me up.

Thank you for hosting as well....
Skunk Witch said…
I **heart** you !
I am back to carefully read E.V.E.R.Y. word of your instructions for Fun Monday.
Not that I'm going to follow them, just to read them. **smile**
What's this "Naked Man on Black Velvet...Looking for Naked Woman business?" Whatever it is, I like it.
Pamela said…

I put that Blackvelvet Wallpaper Naked Woman remark over at Melissa/Waking up... because she had someone google her looking for black velvet wallpaper with naked women

and I forgot to take it off my sign on. OH DEAR. I wonder how many people got comments.

Well, I'm in trouble!!!
Karina said…
OOOH, I almost forgot to sign up! I'm in, I'm in!!!!

By the way, I have a follow up post today that includes a short thank you to you for your comment on my Fun Monday post last week. Just thought I'd let you know you're mentioned. ;-)
Myanderings said…
Sorry for the late notice, but please count me in. Thanks.

Vicki said…
rock on sister! I'm in!
Christine said…
This is really going to be a FUN Monday! I'm so in!

Thanks for hosting Pamela!
Debbie said…
I'm in for this one, please. :)
Kathleen Marie said…
This sounds like a great idea! Count me in!
PAT said…
Hello Pamela...this looks like it is right down my alley. Please add me to the list and I'll see what I can come up with.

Junebug said…
Please count me in too! I am not sure what to do. Do I post my picture on my blog? I'm not sure how to link.
Hootin'Anni said…
Oh yes!!! I'll be participating!!! Count me in. Gonna go work on an idea right now. See you Monday, the 8th.
min said…
I got the naked man comment. I was holding it to click on late at night. You mean it's you? I was so surprised to see that I'm not on the Fun Monday List. My name is usually on it, whether I sign up or not! Might as well join in.
Reader said…
This comment has been removed by the reader due to lack of creativity.
Susie Q said…
This sounds like a wonderful idea! I would love to participate if it is not too late! I am always running behind...

Have a sweet weekend dear Pamela!
M@ said…

I finally responded to one of your "Fun Mondays" on my site...
Dallas said…
Please sign me up. Dallas @
Hey, Pamela. Do you mind removing my real first name? I was trying to remain AFF without ever using real names. Thank you!
pamela, my name is actually "alison" and it's "alisonwonderland" at "We're All Mad Here" - just fyi!

i wish i'd taken my photo(s) earlier this week. we've been getting rain for a couple of days now ... we'll see what i can come up with!
Pamela said…
I may get these all right eventually !!
Thanks so much for helping me keep the anonymity.
Dallas said…
I just wanted to note that you've got my website spelled incorrectly. It's with 2 L's(sallad is dallas backwards). Thanks for hosting.
Amy W said…
I'm slow, sorry, totally signing up late...add me to the list please!
Peter said…
Hi Pamela,can i play,can i,can i,can i?
having just arrived home after two weeks away I am greeted by the beautiful Jacaranda trees in flower, how could I not share them?
A highlight of the trip was the meeting with WT, if you think he is a funny guy in the blog... you should meet him in the flesh (so to speak) I have coined a new word for his sense of humor "sarcaustic"
dawn said…
I thought I signed up, but realized I had only voted, so consider this my sign up. It will be there in the morning.
Shauna said…
Pamela - I ready to book my stay right now! Wish I had seen this sooner - but I'm lucky to be commenting right now. . .

Donetta said…

I'm up over at my place. The country is so pretty where your at. I am glad your "Knight" climbed to the roof for you. Nice shot
Donetta said…
It the lack of a cold snap you know. This garden just wont go dormant :).
I got a kick out of it "Late Bloomer"
Tiggerlane said…
By my count - you have set the official Fun Monday Participant record! WOOOHOOO!!!

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