The Cure

I am feeling better today. Loved all the suggestions for cure or comfort.

Quite a few of you suggested the drown it in booze method. There were several recipe's included that might just well show up during our holiday celebrations whether I'm sick or not. Thanks to Kathleen Marie for not recommending her pumpkin drink.

willowtree ... Rum and bed.

Bibi .. My cure (passed on through generations ... this was dad's other cure!) is a hot toddy, lots of warmth, and early to bed. My fave toddy is boiling water poured over Captain Morgan's spiced rum, lots of honey, and mashed lemons. Hmmm I think I feel a cold coming on ...

Amanda ... Take a shot of everclear, ma. That will cure about anything! ;o)

Beccy .. The only good thing about colds when I was young, dad would give me hot whiskey and lemon and mum didn't say anything about underage drinking. Dad even gave me a bottle of whiskey for medicinal purposes when I went off to university. It didn't last long enough to give me any relief from a cold!!! BTW, I wasn't that young...16 or 17.

nikki ... Karmyn forgot the zippy ties and bungee cords!Vodka and sleep is all I have to offer.

dawn ... My FIL swears by rum and honey--drink the rum, and take the honey to bed. I don't know if it cures anything, but you might feel better. (bwaa ha ha ha pamela)

coffeypot ... When I get a cough or runny nose and fever I find that chemotherapy and radiation works. For the chemo I chug down a shot of Jack Black and then radiate in a very hot tub of water – the only time I take a bath. I’m a shower boy.

Kathleen Marie ... When I first moved to Nebraska at 15 -- and encounter really, really cold weather, all the people around there said a shot of peppermint schnapps would do the trick. I don't like schnapps so there was no way it would do me any good. Others claimed a Hot Toddy or Hot Buttered Rum.I think the latter two work great. At least they sort of knock you out.

Shelby .. yes a hot toddy is in order.

Also got some of the old fashion methods. Susie and Susie Q win the Vicks rub off. Oh my goodness!

LIBSMOM ... A humidifier right away, plenty of strong, hot chicken soup and orange juice for the Vitamin C.

Susie ... My Mom used to rub my chest with Vicks and then put a big glob up each nostril. Boy did that stuff burn!

Karmyn R ... sleep sleep and more sleep.I've been told WD-40 and Duct Tape work too. (heh)
rose ... Mom and Dad would say "you need a Physic." and a Physic to them was a big does of epsom salts. (My grandparents did the salts, too. Mom put her foot down, tho... we only soaked sore feet and small injuries in it. pamela)

bermudabluez ... Vitamin C, Vicks, and tons and tons of sleep...

Kila ... Vicks, vitamins, and extra Zinc and C like you mentioned, and sleep if I'm lucky ;) Hot soup is nice, too. I'm not a fan of cold medications.

ChrisB ... All my remedies have been mentioned, I was a big believer of Vicks,( probably because it smelt nice), Echinacea, hot lemon and rest. What's the old saying 'feed a cold and starve a fever'.

my4kids ... Sorry no good cures here just rest...

dieter ... Nothing really works apart from rest and fluids(water)how ever I do take a higher does of Vit c just incase I am wrong.

Simply Jenn ... I do the zinc and C also.

Golden To Silver Val ... My mom always said "feed a cold and starve a fever" so I go by that and also take plenty of Vitamin C's (at least 3,000 mg. a day if you're sick, 2,000 mg a day during cold season). If I get sick, I take NyQuil and rub Vick's on my forehead, neck and chest, then go to bed and get plenty of rest.

Susie Q ...
Lots of sleep, hot drinks...tea, a toddy, whatever! Orange juice, oranges, grapefruit, Zcam and chicken soup. (Would you believe my late FIL used to swallow Vicks? He claimed that worked but clearly says on the label do NOT take internally!

There are those who prefer the new fandangle meds that have recently hit the cold and flue remedy aisle at the local drug store. I bought them all. My pharmacist thanks you.

Devon ...
a glass of wine, nighttime cold medicine and bed 9 hours of sleep a night. Worked like a charm. Also, lots of soup.

Beckie ...
I heart Z*cam! Love it, love it, love it. It speeds everything up.

Kaytabug ...
I like EmergenC...Chicken soup works well for me. My hubby likes Green tea and honey...but for Me if its some cruddy chest congestion then a tsp of dried Coltsfoot flowers in a mug add boiling water and let steep for 15 minutes,strain, add honey, sip slowly. Same with Mullein one tsp of dried can brew them together in the same cup...Mullein is very bitter so you will defiantly want honey/lemon/sugar to taste! Rest Rest Rest!

~JJ!... NyQil. Shots and shots of NyQuil.Or shots of something even stronger. (This reminds me of an elderly woman I knew who was a teetotaler - and how she loved her Nyquil. Is there such a thing as a Nyiquilholic? pamela)

Glenda...I'm telling you...airborne every 3 hours

BarnGoddess...Zicam!! it really works. Don't get the nose spray tho, it burns like heck.

Then there were those who had a combination of helpful suggestions. The part about getting the hubby to give me some TLC has been duly noted.

her indoors .. i take paracetemol, lem sip, and lots of liquid, go to bed with a good book and big box tissue

Debs ... Get plenty of rest.Vick rub on the chest.Chicken soup. Then, get your hubby to serve you breakfast in bed. Then he must rub your back, shoulders, and/or feet.

Shelby ... yes - get your husband to serve you breakfast in bed - - absolutely the best idea.

Walker ... Lots of sympathy from the husband three times a day while he is doing the cooking.

Joy T. ... If my husband was answering this he'd be telling you to "Get out the garlic cloves and start chowing down." Me? I take massive amounts of Vitamin C. I also use a product called Cold F/X (a herbal remedy) and a product called Oscillococcinum. Ya. Say that 3x really fast. Which is the only way I go unless I am absolutely dying. Then I just drink liquor and sweat it out :o)

Jenni ... When my kids are sick, I pump them full of vitamin C, kyolic garlic, echinacea, and elderberry concentrate. Chicken soup is comforting and helps get them more fluids, but I'm not so sure it's a cure. I always use Hyacinth's chicken broth from Pioneer Woman Cooks for my chicken soup now.If anyone's feeling *really* bad, though, in addition to all of the above, they get the store brand NyQuil.

Kelly - PTT ... I think I've recently discovered that my "crud" is actually allergies. I started taking Claritin and I'm good as new!

Melissa ... recommended grapefruit as a natural anti-histamine and it worked wonders. (I am sure this would cure me. If I knew I would have to eat grapefruit I would never get sick again. pamela)

These two figure it just takes time.

Gwen... Sounds like that bug will have to run it's course

karisma ... Well, let me know whatever works please. I have had my cough for four weeks now. (Someone told me that they took castor oil - and then they didn't dare cough. pamela)

A few accusations. I swear I didn't do it . . .

Jodi said...
Sorry to hear you have the crud. You DID buy something from the traveling Fishmobile, DIDN'T YOU?!?!?

BarnGoddess ... you gave me your crud!!!!!!!!!

And... even a token advertiser.

Patriot ... I think a free giveaway will cure the crud. ;o)

:-T ( pamela

Thanks to all of you for your cheery words, healing recipes, and good advice.


Susie said…
You have enough cures here to write a self help for the cold book!
Glad you're feeling better :)
Tammy said…
I'm a little behind sorry you have the creeping crud and glad you're feeling just a little better!

Wow, that's a lot of advice! I do agree airborne works wonders, but usually when you're just on the verge of being sick, or around others that are sick...not so much when you're, well, sick. We do find it really lessons the colds, though.
Oh, and humidifiers. And lots and lots of rest.
There...I just couldn't be left out here, even if you are on the mend! :)
Peter said…
The Vicks chest rub sounds like the go, I'm just flexing my fingers now to get them limbered up.
Willowtree said…
I'm glad you're feeling better.
Beccy said…
Glad you're feeling better.

BTW I wrote that before I saw that WT wrote the same!
her indoors said…
did you try any of them though?! glad you are on the mend
Gattina said…
OMG !if you are not getting better with all these good advices and jump around like a young frog today, then something hasn't worked, lol !

BTW today I take the Cyber Cruise to a friend's appartment from 1462 in Italy, if you are interested ... Maybe that is good for your health !
Melissa said…
I'm glad you're feeling better, Pamela. :) The crud seems to have crept through the internet to me.
C said…
All these comments on alcohol are driving me to drink.
On The Edge said…
I am a big believer of Zicam. I swab the inside of my nose many times a day when I'm fighting off a cold and it really does the trick.
M@ said…
I've decided to eschew the overdose on cough syrup method. From now on, just booze. Just booze.
kailani said…
So what finally worked for you? I'm totally congested and I can't seem to get rid of it. Glad to hear you're feeling better!
my4kids said…
Happy to hear you are feeling better today!
Beckie said…
Barngoddess - take Zicam and go for the burn!
dawn said…
Glad you are feeling better. Seems I got something now and will have to start heeding my own advice. I hate when that happens.
Susie Q said…
I am so glad you are feeling should put a book together with all of these cure alls!

I do hope your cure all was not my FIL's swallowing Vicks balls!!! *shiver*

Debbie said…
I'm sorry to read you were sick, but I'm glad to read your feeling better.

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