Blogging Chicks Carnval

The Blogging Chicks Carnival has not been very active in recent months. If Michele gets enough entries you will find the Carnival here. I cut my blogging teeth with the Chicks. I wish more people from the Blog Roll supported the weekly highlight of best posts.

Fun Monday was my second immersion into weekly blogging events. Come back tomorrow to see pictures of "clothing art." Then head over to Willowtree's to find a list of all the participants.


ChrisB said…
I'll take a look at blogging chicks but not sure I have time to get involved with anything else.
Shelby said…
good idea..

happy Sunday today :)
Heidi said…
I love your photo header--it's so fabulous! Found you while browsing a bit, and it was fun to read your blog.
Mert said…
I was just thinking this the other day... I really need to check out Blogging Chicks, that and Carnival of Family life.

The problem that I have with both of these is I go through the trouble of submitting and no one bothers to comment :(

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