Fun Monday #36 My October View

As the host of today's Fun Monday I got to choose the topic. I said: I want to see what you see on any given morning this week; from somewhere very near where you live. Front porch, back porch, down the street, around the corner. Just makes sure it's your neighborhood. Post a photo that will send me to the travel agent to book a weekend at your local Bed & Breakfast.
As the host, I don't need to convince myself to come stay at a local B & B. That is why I'm going to just show you what I saw on any given day this week.

I pointed South, East, West, and North. I even pointed it Up- towards the sky. So. the hubby got up on the roof and pointed it down towards the ground (in the back yard.)

The Autumn colors and leaf falls are sure to come soon. We need some cold frosty nights to bring on the golds, reds, and oranges.

P.S. I'm praying for snow for November.
* * * * * *

Thank you to all who made this Fun Monday such a delightful hosting duty. I can't wait to do it again.

Check out the post below for ALL THE WONDERFUL BLOGGERS participating in today show and tell.

Next week, Janet - The Planet of Janet ,a new face in the Fun Monday blogfest will be hosting. She won't have her Fun Monday post up until tomorrow - so go check her out on Tuesday and give her your support.


bermudabluez said…
Oh Pamela! These pictures are beautiful!! Hope your husband was careful up there on the roof. Mine was up in a VERY tall tree this weekend. Makes me nervous! I really want to book a trip to Washington. It is a place I have always wanted to visit. You are a wonderful Fun Monday Hostess!
Tammy said…
What gorgeous views from all angles!
"Fun Monday" is kind of new to me...I'll have to join in one of these weeks!
Willowtree said…
Please send booking details including tariff, menu and availability to my email address.

Thank you
my4kids said…
The pictures are gorgeous Pamela! I have my post up although I mention the bears a few times and I don't know if that might scare people to come here to stay!
susan said…
All your photos are nice, but that windmill is just stunning.

You have such a lovely yard, I like all the details I can see when I click on it.

Thanks for hosting!!
karisma said…
Lovely! Just Lovely! So many nice places to chose from. I cant make up my mind who to visit first!

Thanks for a great Fun Monday, Im having fun visiting everyone this week, such wonderful views.
Hootin'Anni said…

This was a lot of 'fun' for the week!!

Mine's posted.
Click Here and scroll down
her indoors said…
i want to come and stay there, wonderful photos, beautiful colours in the garden, thank you for hosting fun monday, off to go visit everyone now
mjd said…
Thank you for hosting this Fun Monday. I have been enjoying this autumn (and spring) journey throughout the world. The views from your home as always are lovely.
Kerith Collins said…
I love your mom would go nuts over it..I also like the different view you have!!!
PAT said…
Beautiful photos, Pamela!

I'm going to look at all the wonderful neighborhoods, now.

Amy W said…
You can have the snow...I don't want it...

Lovely pictures!
Jenny said…
Beautiful! I want to come vacation there with a good book.
Blue Momma said…
What lovely photos! Could you please send some of that snow down my way?

And that blue fir in the photo, too, if you don't mind!
Anonymous said…
janet said…
beautiful! as you said, mine will be up tomorrow, but ... uh... it will pale in comparison.

thank you for hosting!
swampy said…
Thanks for being the 'hostess with the mostess!
First of all, I know how long it takes to make every little letter in our names a different are just too funny
Second of all, this is an 'engraved' invitation for you to come have coffee at my place someday.
Fourth of all, Have a great week.
nikki said…
I love the fluffy white cloud pictures. Great idea for Fun Monday.
Sayre said…
Your pictures are lovely - if this weren't an internet world you could use them for postcards. People would come in droves!
Myanderings said…
Thanks so much for this week. My husband and I used to drive cross-country for a living and one of the things I miss is seeing all the different regions of this country during the different seasons. You have given all of that back to me - plus additional countries! What a terrific gift.
Robinell said…
Such beautiful pictures. Loved 'em. And you are welcome to come by any old time you want. The door is always open. How brave our man is to the above ground shot for you. Give him a big kiss.

Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest.
Lisa said…
Well, you've made ME want to find a B&B, where are you again?
Pamela, your pictures are exquisit!! Mine are up but as other fellow commenters have said, mine pale in comparison!!
Thank you again for hosting!!
Kaytabug said…
Oh Pamela!! Your yard is BEAUTIFUL! All of your photos are just gorgeous!How very brave of your hubby for getting on the roof to take a photo!
Thanks for hosting this chose wonderfully!
Karina said…
Great pictures Pamela, I love the "up the tree" and the "from the roof" views! ;-)

Thanks for hosting this week, it was a FUN Fun Monday!
Lost A Sock said…
Fantastic fall pictures!! I love the clouds. :o)
Is that a Spruce tree? It's gorgeous. And, I'm so with you. Clouds are just pure beauty. I love your neck of the woods.
Heather said…
Wow, Pam! Gorgeous pics. Now, I didn't see many of the Fun Mondays, and you can't tell anyone I said this, but out of those I saw, these are the best pics.
Serina Hope said…
These are lovely.
SwampAngel65 said…
Oh, wow. Can we trade views??? I am so jealous. You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place! But you DO need a big brick BBQ pit ;)
Beccy said…
All your views are lovely Pamela.
Melissa said…
hello-I found your blog through Junebug whom I've just recently met in blogland. I just wanted to come by and say hello!
Simply Jenn said…
Pamela- Those views are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Christine said…
Those are all gorgeous views Pamela. I especially liked the windmill and up the tree shot.

Thanks for hosting this Fun Monday!
dawn said…
Those are gorgeous photos. I like all the different views. You have a warmer climate as the leaves still haven't turned as much there as here. Very nice deck, and I love the windmilll photo. Thanks for hosting Fun Monday.
beautiful views, pamela! i particularly like the first three!

thanks for being our host this week! great job!
Karmyn R said…
That one picture is a little misleading - makes it look like you live on an empty street!
ChrisB said…
I love all the views in particular the view looking down onto the garden. You are a great host.
you're praying for november snow, are you crazy? ahh! also, great windmill picture!
Pamela said…
bermudabluez: East side & West side of Washington are two entirely different countries. Also, I didn't take pictures of the ugly stuff. (:

Tammy: You are a great picture poster - so keep track. More often than not our posts include pix.

WT: Ha! the only thing I know for sure is that getting a Visa takes about 6 months now. I need to renew mine. I bet yours is good to

my4kids: If I was bare it would scare people around here, too.

Susan: That old windmill is 4 houses down on the opposite side of the street next to one of the original old homestead houses. There are three open fields there -- the rest of the street is all houses now.

Karisma: We should have a progressive party.... I'll fix the salsa and chips at my house.

Hootin'Anni: It has some wonderful attributes. I will not show you the ugly photographs. And there would be some.

Katy/Indoors: Come on over. It's going to be winter soon (I hope) so bring your Yaktrax.

mjd: my pleasure. Isn't it fun?

Kerith: Yes I have to admit my hubby keeps our backyard very comfy and colorful. I do grunt work.

Pat: Hard deciding which photo's to use isn't it?

Amy: I love snow. Watchiing it fall is like having a massage.

Jenny: I can guarantee you would enjoy reading your book on the deck, in the hammock, under the umbrella, listening to the waterfall.

Blue Momma: One Snow Dance coming up. ha ha The birds love the Blue Spruce. It gives them hiding places for when that hungry falcon comes a hunting.

JJ: You should check out the other Views. Our world is a fabulous organism.

Janet: Beauty isn't measured ... it's absorbed.

Swampy: I accept the invitation. No sugar... just a little cream in my coffee or tea. I love colors.

Nikki: Rarely do we get a cloudy day where the sun doesn't shine through at least once.

Sayre: Our little valley does have people coming in droves. Last year one of the big magazines named it the best place to retire.

Myanderings: I'm jealous of your experience in driving cross country. My heart could handle that - but I'm not sure my butt could.
Pamela said…
Robinella: Like I said... a progressive party. ps. I need to lose some of the mostest

Lisa: We've got a few around - I'll send you some links. BermudaBluz sent me five links to B&B's in her home town.

libsmom: I don't see anything pale comparing at all. Silly ......

Katabug: Thanks - we really enjoy gardening. Our girls never acted interested - but now they all like to dig and plant, too.

Karina: Up the tree you see my "Owl box" which was inhabited by
House Sparrows until the Starlings chased them out.

Lost a Sock: cute title, lost a sock. There must be a sock drawer in the 5th dimension.

Football Fanatic: Yes Blue Spruce..and white clouds. Perfect combo.

Heather: You need to go check out some more. I'm packing my bags and pretending I have tickets to all those gorgeous places.

Beckie: You need to visit

Serina: Thank you. Thank you Canon Power Shot.

Swamp Angel: We could switch houses for vacations. But, again - not during hurricane weather.
Pamela said…
beccy: I missed seeing Ireland today

Melissa: welcome!!

Simply Jenn: thank you, too!

Christine: The birds love that white birch tree, too.

Dawn: We are quite suprised that everything is still so green. It was in the 70's yesterday

Alisonwonderland: I enjoyed being the host. I was afraid to do it - then discovered it was just a kick!!

Karmyn: It was nearly empty when we moved in here. But those three fields have remained open. That shot is misleading.

ChrisB: You want to come sit on the roof with me? ha ha.

Lil Mouse: We've had snow fall as early as Halloween. But, we have had very little snow in the past 5 years. I'm ready for a snowstorm.
Anonymous said…
Pamela your place is just gorgeous. I'm still so jealous of your backyard!
lisa's chaos said…
I love all of your photos! And your area! Why didn't you get up on that roof? :) I would love to se your Pine Sisken, I've yet to see one although they are "supposed" to be here. And you're welcome to come visit here and sit on the porch and watch birds with me anytime. We won't need binoculars. :) The birds let me sit about 5 feet from them and they come every day.

I too am hoping for snow by Novemeber and most of our leaves are on the ground now. :) We sometimes get a dusting for Halloween. :)
Tiggerlane said…
Such beautiful photos! And I saw that Northern Cali got snow - so it won't be long for you!

BTW - I fought, and fought, and downloaded new programs, and PAID for Quicktime Pro, and struggled tooth and nail - and FINALLY at 5PM today - got my Fun Monday post done! Good thing it was a light day at work - I have never worked so hard on one dang thing in my life!!!

Sorry to be a belated Fun Monday girl - but now you will hear my goofy accent.
Pamela said…
Melissa: work your fingers to the bone and what do you get ? Bony fingers. Oh yea.. .and a nice back yard.

Lisa: I'm usually only home on weekends so the birds don't get so comfortable with me. BUT... they are starting to get bold about drinking out of the waterfall in the pond.

Tiggerlane: You're not such a beginner anymore. Doing all that makes you quite the techno-crat!!!
theotherbear said…
I loved your photos - you live in a gorgeous neighbourhood. I don't think I will book into a B&B near you, I will just come and stay at your house :)
Junebug said…
Beautiful pictures. I got back from the dentist and was able to post some more interesting pictures on my blog. There is one picture in particular that you might like to see....thanks for helping me with the link thing. Bluemomma had to actually send me the code to post it correctly. I must have an old blogger account without all the possible choices of fonts and compose. I need to do something about that very soon. :)))
Kila said…
Nice photos. It looks pretty green there!

If I see any snow, I'll send it your way.

Thanks for hosting :)
Beautiful pictures! It looks a bit more like autumn at your place than it does mine!!
kailani said…
What beautiful photos as usual. My favorite is the deserted country road.
Susan said…
Oh please thank your husband extra for that great shot of your deck and garden! And what a great way to show the whole picture - you even have nice clouds.
Robocop said…
A fenced in backyeard would make alot of people, and pets in our house very happy.
Amanda said…
Thanks for hosting a FUN Fun Monday Mom!! The pictures are beautiful. Can I have your camera?
I really like the windmill picture.
Peter said…
Those are beautiful pictures Pamela, it seems most of us live in nice places... providing you take the trouble to look around and focus on what is good.
Gattina said…
What a nice sightseeing ! That changes a bit of my day, here it's foggy and cold and I think I don't put my nose outside today !
BTW I changed "paintings of me to by ! lol !
Alix said…
What a beautiful place to live. Thank you for hosting, it was my first Fun Monday and I really enjoyed it.
Walker said…
Hey Pamela, that view of your pond from above is just what we needed. We've followed the development of the pond and the overview is great. Thanks much!
Walker said…
Hey Pamela, that view of your pond from above is just what we needed. We've followed the development of the pond and the overview is great. Thanks much!
Kathleen Marie said…
I signed up for this and then I forgot! I posted about my trip to California instead. So sorry I missed it! I do love your photos and the fact that your hubby climbed on the roof was so super sweet! You live in a gorgeous area. Our colors are about over... We had a short but beautiful autumn. There are still some golds around though.

Hugs to you!
Lovely. Makes me realize just how much I'd prefer to be anywhere but here.
Kate said…
its charming! How fun that you run a B&B! I have always thought that would be so much fun. Getting to meet new folks all the time... I suppose it has its good and bad points!

I love the theme too! I love my views as well!
Pamela said…
OtherBear: alright. You cook
Junebug: You should have photo'd the dentist!!
Kila: Green and brown
Songbird: Today I see alot more color, too
Kailani: thats actually a pretty busy street. Like my daughter said -a deceptive photo
Susan: I'll do that.
Robocop: I would never live w/o a fence.
Masago: Thanks for always visiting.
Amanda: If I win the lotto
Peter: Thats it exactly!
Gattina: Virtual travel. You get to do the real thing, tho - and I'm jealous.
Alix: Glad you had fun
Walker: you remember the big rocky hole.
Kathleen Marie: tsk tsk.missed you.
Poet: we all have those days
Kate: no. Not me. Misread something. I could never get up and fix anyone breakfast.
M@ said…
snow would be nice.
Susie Q said…
Leave it to me to be forgetful it is dark and not very good for picture taking. I am such a dope...
Well, mt view is not up but at least I can peek into everyone else's!

I LOVE yours...just so pretty and restful.

Thank you for doing this...I will have to check more into Fun Mondays!

Susan in va said…
Your pictures are far more descriptive than mere words could ever be...

Whippersnapper said…
OK, I know I've done this before, but once again I'm left comment-less by the fact that you have had SIXTY-EIGHT comments!! Holy cow, my record is 18. I'm not jealous, I'm in awe.

PS: LOVE the colour effect of your last post! That's fabulous.
Carla said…
Lovely photos. I'd certainly visit.
Little Miss Moi said…
Dear pamela. Your pictures are lovely! The autumn colours have already hit kyiv and it's supposed to snow this weekend - brrr! I hope you get your snow in November.
wolfbaby said…
wow.. beatiful, sorry i wasn't able to do that this week.. things have been so crazy busy..
Robin said…
WOW!!! Girlie-Q!!!

Fabulous pictures! But I imagine, after 70+ comments you've already heard that a time or two.

I had planned on getting my FM post up early, but due to technical difficulties, it didn't happen on time. I did post something the other day, and at the moment, don't remember if you commented to that or not.

BTW, I did giggle about your comment about wondering what "Firsts" I didn't write about--you were def. on the right track ;).

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