July Perfect Post

Original Perfect Post Awards – July 2007

The Perfect Post Award is not a prize. It is a monthly opportunity to honor someone whose post made you laugh, cry, believe in magic, or think for a long, long time.

Stories driven by the simple events in the every day lives of my blogging friends draw me. The charming tale I chose to highlight today is no exception.

Susie Q !! Please accept my nomination for a July Perfect Post: M'lady's Tea Party.

I invite all of you to hop over to ~Rabbit Run Cottage~ and read the delightful narration and view the accompanying photographs. What could be more fun than a little girl's tea with dogs, cats, hats, and ker-splats? Although brief, it will lift your spirits and brighten your day.

Visit Lindsay and MommaK where the entire list of this months nominees are posted.


Bibi said…
This was really a cute "perfect post" Pamela!

Also loved you Minnie hat below! ;-)
willowtree said…
The Perfect Post is one of the few that I don't modify before adding it to my sidebar.
Gattina said…
Geez, tomorrow for Thursday 13 I counted all the awards existing in blogworld but this one I hadn't found yet, lol !!
Heather said…
Congrats, Susie Q!
Tammy said…
I do remember reading that post...so very fun!
What an honor for her to have this nomination from you! :)
Tiggerlane said…
Totally have to tell you this - on CNN Headline News, they had a story of a little girl who was having lung troubles, asthma, etc., and they found a FRUIT STICKER in there!

So, you're not the only one inhaling your fruit!
Kila said…
That was a cute post, though I do prefer playing with dinosaurs and GI Joe sets than having a Tea Party.
PEA said…
Excellent choice...I remember reading that post on Sue's blog and just loved it!!! That is one award I had never heard of, will have to check it out:-) xox
Shelby said…
great - I'll go over and read... can't wait :)
ChrisB said…
That was a perfect tea party :)
Susie Q said…
Oh Pamela. I am just now able to really catch up and I am bowled over!
You do honor me so...I actually have tears in my eyes now.

Thank you dear heart. Thank you.


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