I've been busy and distracted - some bad distractions and some wonderful distractions.
The unfortunate side effect no time to write or to water color. And it's going to get even busier for awhile. We plan on heading south soon to see our new grandson Dinkum. See his picture in previous post.

Tonight as we ate dinner on the patio we enjoyed the hummingbirds. There were three or four of them buzzing around. We have several feeders close by. The light was fading fast. I took one photo using auto focus, but it was too dark. My camera can be adjusted to let in more light, but by the time I could find my glasses and the instructions it would have been midnight.

So, I tried one with a flash. That little fellow was certainly surprised!

Our water hyacinth bloomed for the very first time. It is beautiful.

Curlymop came for a very short visit. She was beautiful, too.


ChrisB said…
I was totally distracted from the humming birds by that picture of Curlymop. She is such a pretty little girl I'm sure you'll have fun while she is staying with you :)
Robin said…
Amanda needs to get that picture enlarged and framed! lol, of COURSE, I'm talking about Curly Mop, not the hummingbirds or the flower (although ALL the pics are great).
mjd said…
Hooray, for the good distractions, your pictures are lovely. Robin is right the Curlymop picture belongs in a frame.

My word verification is mf*ckd with a "u"... no kidding. I think will get that one right.
~JJ! said…
Curlymop is gorgeous!
Susie said…
You have such beautiful grandchildren. So glad you're off to meet the newest little :)
Love your water hyacinth. Now I have to go find one for our pond :)
Have a wonderful trip..
Elizabeth Joy said…
Another grandchild to watercolor. I'm sure you will find the time.

And if you need Thai basil, give me a call. There is more then I need over here.
mark said…
I'm amazed by all the hummingbirds you get and the fantastic photos you take of them. The water hyacinth and curlymop are awesome too.
Susan in va said…
Oh, she IS beautiful!

Love the hummingbird pics. Have you ever seen a hummingbird moth? They're freaky!
Heather said…
i always love your pics!
wolfbaby said…
birdie cool

curly mop precious

distractions busy

baby want another

cuddle the wee one a bit extra for me would ya?

enjoy your trip!!
Susie Q said…
Those good distractions are Heaven sent aren't they? And that precious Curlytop is an angel. Truly. Frame worthy for sure!

Hummingbirds are joys! My late FIL loved his feeders and to sit in his chair and watch the little things flit and play and eat.

Enjoy your visit to meet the little one. Hugs to you all.
her indoors said…
pretty humingbirds
beautiful flower
absolutely georgous curlymop
have a great cuddling time with dinkum
From what I've seen here, you have a beautiful trip.

Hope you have a great/safe trip visiting the newest member.
PEA said…
I always enjoy watching the hummingbirds come to our feeders as well...you got a great shot of it with your flash on!! The hyacinth is just gorgeous, a pond is something I've always wanted...maybe one day:-) Curlytop is so adorable, look at those eyes!! xox
Tammy said…
Curlymop is indeed an adorable little cherub! That photo does, indeed, need to be framed...(the hummingbirds are nice, too..) ;)
Karmyn R said…
Ooh - that flower is VERY pretty.

I get to have Curly Mop next week too (for 24 hours anyway)
BarnGoddess said…
Curlymop has got to be the prettiest little girl I have ever seen! she is precious :)

the hummingbird photos are pretty darn good too.

geesh, Ive been distracted and busy too. I need to STOP relax and smell the roses.....
Peter said…
Hi Pamela, thanks for the "neuropathy" word... sounds better than "pathalogical" now if I can just find a fire extinguisher.
Speaking of words... does Dinkum have a place in the American language? here in Oz it means "Ridgey Didge" or "True" and is usually preceeded by "Fair".
Enjoy your trip South.
Kathleen Marie said…
Congratulations on the new Dinkum! Cute! I am told we have hummingbirds around here but I have yet to see one. Love the photos!!
Gattina said…
You are so lucky being able to sit outside and watch little birdies ! This summer we weren't been able to sit outside not even once in the evening !! It always was far too cold. I don't know what happens this year but in Northern Europe we don't have global warming but global freezing !
Kila said…
Curlymop is very adorable! What a doll.
Tammy said…
Back again...how did I miss that post below? What a beautiful baby Dinkum is! Truly!

(And if I would have known several of my blogging friends were in Seattle that same weekend, we could have all somehow met!)

Enjoy your visit with your new precious grandson.
swamp witch said…
What wonderful distractions !
Curly Mop and Dinkums are much more important than blogging.
The hummingbird and water hyacinth are wonderful pics but don't come close to those other two as far as making my heart go pitter-pat.
Donetta said…
She is so beautiful, so are the water lilies, and humming bird.
Nice moment of beauty!
Dinkum is precious! Congratulations, Granny!! Beautiful picture of Curly Mop, too. Those eyes....stunning!!
angel said…
wow- spectacular pictures as always!

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