Why I Love Where I Live (Fun Monday #4)

Our town fathers were visionary. They planted trees and designed streets to showcase original architecture. Current civic leaders are committed to revitalizing the old and carrying on the tradition of creating beauty and substance. (click on the photo for a better view)

There are 18 public parks (and facilities).
That is a lot for a town of under 35,000 people.

This year all of our snow fell in Colorado or New York.
The trees are naked, but not ashamed.

There were trees on every corner.
Wind, age, and disease take their toll.
Most property owners replace those lost.


On a rainy day I see their reflection.

They have spread their branches
over many changing seasons.

An old evergreen provides color in stark
contrast to the gnarled ancient deciduous.
But, their glory will come with summer.

Pretend that is a moat around
a castle. It rained much last night.

A house and tree from
my non existent passenger's view.

One of the six elementary schools.
The structure on the far right was built in 1898.
A few years ago the school district restored
the original and built the replica to its left
to accommodate the growing population.

The high school has a beautiful creek
that meanders through a 48 acre open campus.
(sorry I forgot to take a picture)

There are three institutions of higher learning. The
clock tower at the 4-year liberal arts college keeps
track of the times only a few blocks from downtown.

These ducks are graduates of the
"Use The Cross-Walk" course.

I obliged them.

Stone churches with stained glass windows.
Lots of churches.

Downtown is friendly and inviting.
In 2001 the city was a recipient of
The Great American Main Street award.
Coffee shops and wine tasting
are popular.

In 2002 Sunset Magazine named it as one of
The Best in The West.

In 2006 Money Magazine named my town
one of the countries "Best Places To Retire."

A Main Street merchant knows exactly
what all that publicity is worth.

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BarnGoddess said…
gorgeous photos!

I can see why you LOVE where you live.

we have a lot to thank the visionaries that lived before us.

That school is awesome! I cant say Ive ever attended school in such a magnificant structure.....
Robin said…
If I had just read this in plain text with the pictures, I would have known it was yours, Pamela. I like that. Your combination of prose and photography are so inviting and idyllic--thanks for a wonderful visit. It's easy to see why you love living here :).
Beccy said…
You have some very grand looking buildings. I'd have loved to gone to a school in a building like that!
deslily said…
wow.. you could be a tour guide! lol. great pictures!

I could never do this post because I don't like where I am .. but it's nice to know others are "right where they want to be!!"
Matt said…
That's beautiful. I don't know why I like DC so much. It's really not that pretty.
Jenny said…
Beautiful, as always.

Your town totally is hot...er...poop.
Heather said…
Lovely! I can see why you love it. So much history!
swampwitch said…
Loved the tour ! The elementary school is just beautiful. I taught in a lot of schools but never one that looked like that. I'm glad those visionaries had great vision. What a beautiful place. The ending was great...Hot Poop !
Nice post! Does the sun ever shine there?? If not, then that is why you need Hot Poop to keep warm! :-)
Amy W said…
I would love to retire there, now!
Vicki said…
I love trees. They have History. Someone's hands planted them. (most of them) people were witness to them growing....
Susie said…
Great tour of your town. It really looks like a special place to live and raise a family..
Your pictures really show the town to its best advantage..
Heather said…
Ignore me. I figured out the schedule.
ChrisB said…
Wonderful pictorial view it looks a lovely place to live so much history and beautiful buildings. Thank you for sharing.
min said…
Lovely. Like the setting from a book--not from this century. I'm in love with your view of your town.
Masago said…
Some nice places. Thanks for the tour.
mjd said…
Hello, I am visiting your place. I love your pictures of the trees and historic buildings. But maybe the best is the Hot Poop. Thanks for the guided tour of your town.
Kathleen Marie said…
Wow, what a great place to live. It is beautiful even in the rain...Thank you for a nice tour!


Oh, and you are tagged! ☺
Kathleen Marie said…
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Whippersnapper said…
Beautiful! You know, I was born on Vancouver Island: Why, why, why did my parents choose to leave the west coast to come to Winterpeg??
James Burnett said…
Those trees - even naked - are majestic! And your town looks awesome. Can't wait till I can get out of Miami and back to a normal-looking place like that in your photos.
local girl said…
What a wonderful tour of your great city! The photos made me feel like I was there. That elementary school is huge!
C said…
Amazing trees.
Claudia said…
I love that even with development, they've kept the feel of the town. That says a lot!
Sally Lomax said…
Great photos!

I visited WAshington once. Loved it!!

Jeanette said…
HI Pamela lovely photo's of were you live the trees are gorgeous.
judypatooote said…
Thank you for the tour....I love bare trees, how there branches curl and twist....your town looks like a lovely town to live in.....
Pam said…
I was intrigued by the notion that someone would invest the time and effort to make an addition to a 100 yr old structure look precisely the same...so I clicked it to big it and was absolutely stunned. Based on the photo, I would never have guessed the building on the left was new. That to me is "priceless". Wish more people thought that way about older buildings. We can be to cavalier about old things. And most modern architecture has no personality. Just a big old brick building or steel structure. Details...it's all in the details.
enid said…
enid loves the trees!
coffeypot said…
Pamela, I'm sorry you couldn't hear the song for Marni. I you want to email me your email, I will forward the orginal for you. Mine is johnjudyc@comcast.net. I you prefer not to, I understant.
Susan in va said…
What a beautiful place, Pamela! "Hot Poop" made me LOL!!!
Julie said…
Love love love the photos! If I ever come up there will you be my tour guide?
Pass The Torch said…
What an awesome city! I don't blame you for loving it there. That people in power have made the choice to restore those old building - that's really awesome. We're such a throw-away society. I've seen beautiful buildings lost to "progress".
SongBird said…
What a lovely place!
Matt said…
Happy Valentine's Day, Internet Mom. :)
momto3cubs said…
Beautiful. Especially the trees.
mark said…
You've got a beautiful city, Pamela! very nice, and thanks for sharing.
wolfbaby said…
What a beatiful place to live!!! Thank you for sharing;)
Anonymous said…
hot poop. of all things why?

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