My Blogging Environment - Fun Monday

This is my little corner of the family room.
I have a computer, a printer, cupboard space that is
filled with the hubby's computer books and
everything else I needed to hide to clean up.

My Hummingbird calendar is at my left
with my bird book and bird diary.
My book of days (a daily devotional)
and the submarine clock which I
always forget to wind. I have a heart shaped
shell that hangs above my workspace and
I don't even remember why.

Just to my left is a bookcase that also holds
grandchildren's come to visit toys.
The hubby's aquarium.
I painted some little fishy's and they hang
right above the live ones.

My art table is hiding behind the
love seat. The three pastels are of
my three beautiful daughters, done
by someone long before I took
up a brush.

The rest are family photographs.

Keep going clockwise left and you
will see our fireplace, coffee table,
couch and other miscellaneous
wall hangings. Look carefully
and see the hubby's retirement
hatchet and badges.

Keep Circling (Alamand Left) and
you can exit out the patio door.
The Snow is gone, but it hailed
tonight just to keep us on our toes.

The Big TV where I DID NOT watch the Oscars
tonight. My New Years Resolution
was to give Hollywood the cold
shoulder this year.
On it is a picture of my dog (I miss my dog).
Two of my paintings hang behind it and
there is room for a few more.

Simon Says turn left.
Kitchen entrance! The calendar that I made
for my extended family for Christmas is visible
on the pantry edge. If I visit relatives
and that calendar isn't hanging in sight
there is B.I.G. trouble.

We have now turned in a complete circle
and find the Contessa playing with her
favorite mouse.
The only mouse she has actually caught.

The hubby knows where every wire connects.
Looking at this you would never
believe we have a WIRELESS NETWORK.

The hubby works on his computer back in the
bedroom converted into
a den. Plus, he can room hop with his
lap top. (That rhymes!)

He teaches Excel, Word, Access, and

I was having a bad hair day.

Rush on over to Willowtree (A Dingo Got My Barbie) for his post and the list of all
the other bloggers sharing today.


Whippersnapper said…
Oh, I LOVE looking at other people's houses! Actually, that's how I first got interested in blogs, believe it or not!

Your house is beautiful! LOVE the hardwood floors...!!
mark said…
Very Nice, Pamela. I'm not sure why I'm a braggart - you're the one with at TV the size of a wall.
Little Miss Moi said…
Dear pamela. I just want to curl up on those couches and snuggle by the fire! You have a lovely home.
Willowtree said…
Now that's one nice setup!!!! Our other place has a computer workstation in the family room, I like it there, you can putz around while you're computing.

Looks like a really pleasant space (the whole thing, not just he workstation, actually that looks very commercial, just like I used to work at), love the TV and the live fishies and the cat.

I think you should have a contest to see who has the most icons on their screen.
Willowtree said…
PS. It's interesting how different you workstation looks in context than it does in your masthead.
Beccy said…
That's one cosy room Pamela.
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela
I think your home is lovely and looks so cosy,and a very nice and tidy computer station.
ChrisB said…
Pamela what a lovely tour, you have a beautiful home and its so nice to be able to imaging fellow bloggers tapping away at their various workstations.
Robin said…
A panarama! GREAT idea! I was in a camera STINKS...and I lacked any imagination with this post :(. It's fun visiting others to see how they interpreted the assignment :).

Love the Contessa and her mouse (our Callie just likes to come sit on my mouse hand when I'm blogging (aka ignoring her). I never knew your ears were that big know, they have a surgery for that ;).

I think you win WT's contest for most icons on a screen (you beat me, anyway).

RE: the Oscars...didn't watch; instead, we watched one of the nominated films--"The Departed". I saw Scorsese won for best direction (I guess that was the category). just WORE ME OUT. The "f" word every other word (maybe more), more killin' and cussin' and breakin' bones than I care to see in a lifetime. Which begs the question..........Why didn't we cut it off? :/.
deslily said…
beautiful home!

.. I love the "cat and mouse" picture lol
swampwitch said…
Love the cat (Achoo) even though I'm allergic. Great views of your blogging environment. Just love seeing inside of people's home. Just like them leaving their drapes open at night with the lights on.
Hot chocolate with pepper sprinkled on top...??? I sprinkle mine with Bailey's. Come on over. Would love to have you sit a spell with me.
I want your floors. And your cat.

But not your hair. I already have it.
BarnGoddess said…
you have a beautiful and appealing home! it looks like a wonderful place to live :)

your cat is pretty. That tail!

Thank you for the tour of your house, I appreciate it. I enjoy seeing other's homes. Seeing the pics of yours is a specials treat.
Not only is your home warm and inviting.... it is pretty too! And the kitty reminds me of a cat I had growing up (I miss her!). How fun to get a glimpse at where you live... it is a HOME not a house -- the very best kind.
Matt said…
I did NOT watch the Oscars either last night. Who cares?!
Melissa said…
Very lovely! Your fishtank is so bluuuue!
Mary said…
I love the full circle approach. And the wire thing baffles me too. Wireless? Yeah right.
Susie said…
Loved your tour! Your home is beautiful. Does your cat bother your aquarium?? Vincent loves to watch the fish in our pond, but so far hasn't "gone fishing"
Your work area looks so neat and tidy!!
min said…
Like WT, I always pictured you sitting in a field, blogging to the snow-capped mountains which adorn the horizon...taking time now and again to dab a little cerulean blue on your latest masterpiece...But your indoor space is nice too!
Amy W said…
I too like looking at other people houses...good thing my husband is a realtor!

Glad to hear someone else didn't watch the Oscars as well...I'm with you.
Karmyn said…
Nice weird fishy head you've got going there.
James Burnett said…
That was a fun tour. What sort of cat is Contessa?
kailani said…
I would be too embarrassed to show what my work space looks like! Love the new hairdo! LOL!
C said…
that's really bad hair
Kila said…
Great job, thanks for sharing. Ah, a fireplace...

You made me laugh with the bad hair day photo!
Vicki said…
I could take a nap in that chair. Honestly I could.

I think I'm in need of some teaching on Excel from... umm.. lets say a fireman.

I can travel.

Your hair is just lovely. That picture made me giggle.

Your a poet and didn't know it. But your feet show it cause they are long fellows.
Kathleen Marie said…
You home is so nice and cozy. Love the floors, the leather sofas, the fireplace (every home should have one imho ☺).

I feel I could just drop by and have a lovely chat! The world may be getting smaller but so many of my bloggers friends live so far away...
Mert said…
You have a lovely blogging environment! I really love your mouse catcher;)
Mert said…
Dern, i forgot to say that your pastels are gorgeous! But obviously you had such beautiful subjects to work with. :D
Masago said…
Nice. Thanks for sharing.
wolfbaby said…
your home is beatiful!!! im a clutter mess and don't think i could take pics to share *blush* well between that and the kids.. *sigh* they get into everything!!! there is always a mess. One day my house will be clean and clutter free;) that was fun the way you posted that!!!! your kitty is cute;)
Joy said…
I love your wood stove.. its so pretty and wonderful and I have always wanted to have one. Its great. *envies* I love your house its so beautiful and it looks so warm. Its one of those homes that make you feel welcome and comfy.

Your desk looks so fun to be at... I am sure you get your inspriation from that little nook in your house. Thanks for sharing.
Pass The Torch said…
What a fun tour! Your desk looks WAY better organized than mine. But the cat "ornament" is pretty similar. Mine sits atop the manuscript I'm editing.

Real helpful.
Claudia said…
That's a nice place you've got there Pamela. It would be great to have a litte computer nook!!
Silent One ~D~ said…
Love the look of your house!

Love the fire place too!

You look wonderful in Yellow... such a beautiful color on you. But I think you need to get a new hairdresser... :)
Tiggerlane said…
Finally getting around to visiting your place - and so glad I did. I think I could curl up on your couch and feel right at home - even could doze off and know I was safe.

LOVE the bad hair! LOL!

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