Sweets Nostalgia

Was it really that long ago?

The last time I tasted HOREHOUND CANDY DROPS was when Lyndon B. Johnson was the U.S. President.

I didn't like Lyndon Johnson because I saw him pull his Beagles up by the ears and make them cry.

I liked Horehounds.

Another occasional candy treat that my daddy brought home on payday was CHICKEN BONES. Can you believe those odd confection names?

Now I am a Hershey's girl. A rich, dark chocolate bar with nuts is about as good as it gets.

Nevertheless, this little taste of yesterday ended a less than satisfactory day on a sweet nostalgic note.


Karmyn said…
I don't know - they kind of look like those little moose turds that were in the bottom of your hot chocolate mug.
ChrisB said…
Interesting looking candies. We tried hershey's choc last year when we were in NY but I must confess it was not to our taste so different from English choc.
Biker Betty said…
Very odd names indeed, lol. The previous comment had me ROTF. Thanks for visiting my blog. I had better duck, it could be that lady astronaut, lol. I had heard about her. That's a sad story.
local girl said…
Do they still make those candies? I've never even heard of them.

I also didn't know about Johnson treating his dog like that. Says a lot about a person.
Willowtree said…
You're kidding me! Are you're saying dogs charge for it too? Man I always thought they just gave it away.

I've never forgiven LBJ for that either, the bastard. Now if it had been his previous boss the pooches would have been safe, JFK couldn't lift anything because of his bad back.

Actually LBJ's approval took a huge dive as a result of that whole dog faux pas.

I'm with Karmyn, those candies look like mini moose turds to me. We used to have Horehound beer over here.
Irene said…
I'm a Hershey's girl, too. No wonder I liked you from the beginning. ;p
Robin said…
Posts like this (and comments like wt's) remind me that I'm "junior" to your "senior"...;). Thanks for the history lesson.

Nothin' like a childhood treat to boost you inside and out :). Glad you knew just what the doctor would order after a less than satisfactory day. Make today satisfactory--START with the horehound!
Shauna said…
LOL to Karmyn! ! ! I was thinking that when I saw them. . . LOL
deslily said…
I have to say I've never heard of either candy! (and I'm OLD!) What kind of candy was "chicken bones?"
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela I have never heard of this candy But looks like sheep droppings lol
Susan in va said…
I've actually had one of these before! Jeanette made me spit coffee out of my nose with her sheep droppings analogy.

I agree with you, Pamela. Nothin' like a rich, dark chocolate bar with some nuts.
Jenny said…
Hey, I remember chicken bones! I loved those.

I actually thought they were realchicken bones when I was a kid. Haven't seen them in almost 25 years.

Susie said…
I hadn't thought of either of those two candies in years! I remember when LBJ did the beagle thing. It created quite the furor at the time..
Sorry you had a less than good day yesterday. Hope today is great!
Matt said…

Those white Jawbreakers are really mothballs.
Stephanie said…
Pamela, are you and my mother related? You have the same prediliction for confections.

I found some for her through the Vermont Country Store.

Oooh, and love me some dark chocolate. My sister, too. She kept all the dark chocolates to herself out of the Hershey's sampler by telling her boys those were "mommies candies." They eventually caught on and are more into the dark chocolate than the milk chocolate, just like the rest of our family.

Oh, and LBJ, yeah, my granddaddy liked him because of his "can't chew gum and fart" quote. But I'm with ya on the ear-pulling thing!! Yuck!!
Sorry, my dear! You have gotten your presidents all mixed up!
You say that Lyndon Johnson was president?? You mean Jimi (Peanut) Carter!
Lyndon Johnson was way before your time!!
James Cooper said…
Pulling beagle ears! LBJ was a bastard! (spoken as one who had a beagle pal for 13 years and one who now covets Willowtree's round hound [somehow that just sounds wrong]).

Never heard of Horehounds, am I missing out?
Vicki said…
My Mom likes Boston Baked Beans. I try to buy them for her when I find them.

MY grandpa ate candy like you have there. It was good.

Vermont Country STore has it. They are online.

FYI I am sucker for Reeces Cups. I eat the outside first and then save the inside for later. Tiny bites to make it last a long time. OOhhh I love them!
Heather said…
chicken bones? i think i'll pass.
Sally Lomax said…
We don't have hershey's here in England - but it sounds great!! i love nostalgia!

BarnGoddess said…
horehounds rock! my grandfather used to eat these when we were hunting...along w/ blackjacks, remember those?
coffeypot said…
I have never heard of horehounds as a candy, but I was called that back in the day? Do you recon it was because I was soooo sweet?
James Burnett said…
Horehounds and Chicken bones. That would make a great book title.

But you have me curious. There's a confectioner about a half mile from my house who specializes in "old" or rare, hard-to-find candies or at least new versions that are based on the originals. I'm gonna stop by after work and see if he has either of these.
Beccy said…
We bought loads of Hersheys chocolate when we were in Florida four years ago, it was only when we bought it home that we discovered how different it was to our chocolate and how it was most definitely to our liking.

My husband forgot this when we were in New York last year and bought a huge bar. He opened it tried a peice, nearly vomited and very kindly brought the rest home to share with his work colleagues!

Come to Europe and try tasty chocolate you might even change your mind about Hersheys!
AJ said…
Horehound candy is the best...its not something I have to have all the time, but an occasional bag bought at Cracker Barrel is always nice. LOL!! But chicken bones?...what are those?? I have never heard of that!
Claudia said…
i'll stick with dark chocolate, thank you...
Whippersnapper said…
I think they used to eat horehound candy in the Little House on the Prairie books. I always wondered what they tasted like.(And now I'm gonna have to go hunting around town to find out!)
East of Oregon said…
I don't think I'm familiar with those at all - - I'll have to try some. Reckon they've got 'em in Alabama?
judypatooote said…
I just had some horehound candy not to long ago...it accually was for colds....and found with the cough drops...... back when I was little.. another candy that I just found was called Sen Sen and it's a confection sucrerie, in other words it is liquorice and my grandma use to use it for a breath mint....which it is not a mint at all....isn't it fun to find things from the olden day.....and to the younger bloggers, someday you will have memories of an old time candy.....it could even be a snickers bar.....lol I think that Buns maple bars are one of my favorite candy.....and they have also come back, but there much smaller than they use to be.....
Pamela said…
judypatoote: oh yeah. I remember Sen-Sen's I used them as breath mind in high school

East: I googled them - so if you don't find them an AL, you can buy them on line. but they aren't a gret tasty thing... they are mostly a memory

Whipper: Wow, I forot about Little House

Claudia: I picture you in Godiva

AJ: chicken bones have apparently morphed into Chicko sticks

beccy: That's sad. You have to know which Hershey's to buy. some of it is weak.

James: you write it If I'm in it, makes me young and skinny and hot

Coffeypot: It had to be - it couldn't have been your dog ears.

BarnG: I don't think I had blackjacks but I chewed blackjack gum

Sally: hallloooo again!! Nice to see you

Heather: Peanut butter, caramel and coconut? think again

vicki: Yup, I remember them and I love P-nut butter cups too
Pamela said…
James C: Really not missing much - just a piece of the past with a very odd flavor

Very Nice: Jimmy is memorable for his mad rabbit adventure - but I really do remember LBJ

stephanie: I could prove LBJ wrong -
Your mom must be cool. hahaha haa

Matt: I've never tasted mothballs, but I'm sure you can enlighten me

Susie: so you remember the dog ear pull incident, too Peta would have have a heyday with him

Jenny: I wondered that same thing when I was little

Susan: Or a Peanut buster Parfait. Hot Fudge -- but none of that waxy stuff

Jeanette: Spit spit spit... well enough of those horehounds today

Deslily: You were protected

Shauna -- I need to find you one of those cups

robin: I never thought I would be Senior to anyone. It happens slowly and then spins out of countrol

Irene: Back at you

WT: I really thought he was a horrid guy when I saw that. I was still in elementary school - but it scarred me for life.

Local Girl: You're the globe trotter -- next time you're in Vermont check them out at the Vermont Candy Store

Biker Betty: My daughter wants to be you

chris B: I want to come there just to taste the chocolate
momto3cubs said…
Ah, now I know why my life has felt incomplete. I've never experienced those candies. I'll have to search for them!
Bovey Belle said…
It's a wild herb in this country (Britain) - in fact, I got seeds of it last year and have quite a few young plants in the cold frame. They still sell the (cough?) sweets made from horehound in Health Food Shops over here. I have a feeling they taste . . . good for you rather than enjoyable!
wolfbaby said…
It always amazes me how something you ate when you were a kid can bring back memories like it was yesterday:) Those sound interesting... hmmm I used to love slim jims and hawaian punch LOL they still have those around in plenty... still an odd combination LOL
Kathleen Marie said…
Isn't it funny the tastes and smells we remember. My grandma always brought those orange sugary gummy candies. I don't even know what they are called but I love them to this day and Wurthers...yum!

I am with you 110% on the dark chocolate with nuts! Heavenly!
Walker said…
I tasted horehound candy once as a little girl and have never been able to bring myself to try it since. But, of course, one never sees it anymore. For a good reason. It's awful!
Anonymous said…
In class one day, our teacher gave us horehounds and jaw breakers. I thought they tasted good! x] It was for our story Where the Red Fern Grows. It was a sad story. Still, it was pretty good.

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