Fun Monday #3

Today I'm participating in Memorable Post Selection in the Third edition of what is now dubbed Fun Monday.

The posts chosen are important to me because each was my first impression of someone that I now consider a friend. A year ago, I was hardly aware of the blogging world, so having friends that I've never met in person is a new and intriguing experience.

Babe in The Mud was my introduction to the menagerie over at Another Chance Ranch. The near loss of her prize Percheron is documented in pictures and vivid descriptions. Julie has a wonderful perspective on people and life. Kind, considerate, warm and knowledgeable are adjectives I would use to describe her. I have to warn you, however, never to mistake her prize draft horses for mules.

One day I read some comments on another blog by Willowtree. I began lurking, so to speak, and reading some archives to see if he was as gnarly as his comments portrayed him to be. He was. Yippee, I can have a shower! convinced me that I should get to know this contrary Aussie - and since it was online, I wouldn't even have to hold my nose. The hubby likes to read him, too. PS. Willowtree, aka Peter, has a marshmallow filling.

Rosemary of Rosemary's Pentecostal Songs is someone from the greatest generation and has posted sparingly since I became a reader. I was hooked and reeled in when she wrote Mother and I Go To Town. She grew up in a different time and place. I hope she finds it in herself to bring more history to life for her family. . . . and for me.

I'm an animal lover, so when introduced to Marnie I empathized with her dog story. She was going through some difficult and expensive times with that pooch. She told of the misery he had endured and the ensuing treatment Simply Because I Love Him. Since then I have learned to love her humor, intelligence, and shared insanity. She writes about many things, even though her dog still strives to be the star of her show.

During the Superbowl this afternoon, I thought about a post that Robin had written at the beginning of the football season. It's A Whole New Ball Game allowed me into the head of a mother who had mixed feelings about her son turning out for the brutal sport. Today I wondered how many mothers of Bears and Colts had spent hours alternately grimacing and cheering. Robin keeps me laughing, crying, looking inside of myself for better, and looking at others with less criticism. Robins son will Quarterback the Titans someday.

Making choices was most difficult for me. To pick a memorable post out of all the blogs I read was like finding the best rock on an agate beach. Memorable posts drew me to every blog I read. In addition, the bloggers just keep churning them out.

I had to throw them in a hat, close my eyes, and draw.

Pop on over to Anecdotes, Antitodes, and Anodes to read the list of all participants in Fun Monday #3.


I had a look at all your suggested posts and enjoyed the whole journey tremendously. Thanks for your efforts to bring them to our attention.
Beccy said…
I have a feeling I'm going to be sitting here for a long time! Thanks for introducing me to new reads, yourself included!
I came this way from Karmyn and was very intrigued as I too come from a blogging family!
swampwitch said…
PamelaJamela. First, thanks for participating today. As usual, your words always weave such a beautiful tapestry. Thanks for reminding me or stories I had forgotten about and introducing mem to new ones. I will have to come back to read all of them.
Matt said…
I love animals too.
James Cooper said…
Unfortunately, I can't manage to retrace my steps onto the blogosphere. Then again, I've been at it in one form or another for years, since the early days of blogger and livejournal. Only within the past year or two did I start discovering really great blogs though, and even more great blogs through those blogs.

Blogging is an excellent phenomenom and I'm glad to see it taking off as much as it has. I've met a lot of excellent people, in a virtual sort of sense, and read a lot of great stories through this medium.
BarnGoddess said…
Ive read many inspiring posts since I started blogging almost as year ago. A few of those excellent posts right HERE :)

I read "The Lovely Bones" yesterday. Good book.
ChrisB said…
I see one of my daughters has beaten me to a comment (beccy). This is great to find another blogging family (came via Karmyn). Enjoyed the links and I will be back.
ChrisB said…
PS meant to say 'The Dust will Wait' love it blogging is much more fun than house work.
James Burnett said…
Pamela, thanks for bringing this all together. You've given me several more interesting people to read when I'm nodding off at work now;p
marnie said…
Aww Pamela, I had forgotten about that one.

I am happy to report that giving my dog his injections got so much easier.. on both of us. I don't have to have a glass of wine to steady my hands any more...


He still chews his paws a bit, but not nearly as bad as he did before. Dry skin and flakes? Gone! Quivering itchy dog? Gone too! A couple of hot spots did crop up a few months after starting treatment, but they are slowly going away.

I'm glad I invested the time and money. It was so worth it... even though my dog is now worth more money than my car. Sad but true.
Susie said…
Great way to check out some bloggers I don't know. Thanks for the links..
East of Oregon said…
What an awesome post of posts and blogs!! Thanks for sharing :)
LittleJen said…
very nicely put together. Have a great week mate.

P.s. That is freshly putdown tanbark (mulch) that the kids are standing on.
Tammy said…
Just about all of these links are blogs I have never heard of, and I'm almost afraid to visit them for fear I will now be hooked to these, as well!
I know what you mean...a year ago, I didn't even know about the blogging world. And now I'm blessed to know so many incredible people!
ablondeblogger said…
I wish I had time to read them all, but I barely have time to visit the blogs I already know.
:( Sorry!
Mert said…
Man, i have read so many Fun Monday Posts, and don't know where to start! Maybe I'll start here :O)
Enjoyed your blog, as ususal, and have to agree about the friends we meet via blogging. Sometimes I get frustrated because I cannot spend the time I would like to spend just visiting and also meeting new bloggers. Each one has a story that is fun to read about. I have this lady named Pamela that visits my blog and leaves some very hilarious comments.
wolfbaby said…
It's always hard to pic fav post by blogs you read on a regular basis!!! you did an excellant job;)

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