Vacation album

Yesterday I thought about our trip in 1997 to New York.

The thoughts prompted me to pull out the photo album and look for a picture of us at the World Trade Center.

But this was the best one. Either the hubby or Amanda took this photo from the Empire State Building looking towards the twin towers. We visited the twin towers that day and I felt dizzy when I looked straight up from the plaza. I also recall all the vendors and their watches, t-shirts and what nots. One of the watch vendors followed for quite some time, not to sell us a watch, but to get a phone number for our lovely Amanda. She told him she lived in Washington, and that was a pretty long-distance call. He responded by saying it was just a short rail trip from New York. He was thinking of the other Washington.


Karmyn R said…
In remembering all this today - both the NY skyline and the world seems a bit emptier.
Swampwitch said…
That is a beautiful photo and the way I hope we all remember the skyline. Thank you for sharing it.
Swampwitch said…
In reference to the title of your "glob" ...
I think I posted this a long time ago but wanted to make sure.
I have two trivets in my house:
"You can touch the dust but please don't write your name in it."

"Please don't bother the dust, it holds the furniture together."

Just a little smile today.
SongBird said…
I have a very similar photo that I took from the Empire State Building. I chose to use a shot of the Manhattan skyline that my brother took for my post. I, too, remember visiting the WTC. It is still hard for me to believe that such huge structures no longer exist.
Kailani said…
I regret never going to the Twin Towers before. I always thought I'd have more time. I guess there's a lesson to be learned there.
Robin said…
We have pictures of my husband and a friend standing in the top of the WTC looking out (like Ferris Bueller--do you remember that?). It was a long, long time ago (pre-kids), but it's wierd to think that

A lovely picture, now a guarded treasure :)
What a beautiful photo....and remembrance of a time gone lost.

I have posted a tribute honoring Sgt. Michael Curtin, a NYPD officer who willingly walked into collapsing buildings five years ago on a rescue mission. His body was recovered from the rubble of Ground Zero March of 2002. So many lives many heroes.


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