The All American Doll

K was born on September 17, 1999.

She had rosy checks, fat little fingers, and the biggest smile you could fit on a cherubs face. You might have mistaken her for the blue-eyed strawberry blonde doll in the All American Girl series.

This kid was always little miss bright and happy.

There was one problem in K’s life, however. Her mother had a substance abuse problem.

It happened one morning when K was just past three. She woke up to a very quiet house, and she tip toed out of her bedroom and called out, “mommy, mommy, where are you?”

There was no answer.

K walked in to another room where she discovered her mother once more in a stupor. This time she could not wake her. There was a reason. Her mother had died during the night.


There was a young woman named Vee Smith and her older husband Bud who had prayed for a child. They had experienced 14 years of hope and heartbreaking miscarriages. Bud was bitter, and Vee's spirit was splintered. She’d grown up in rural Oklahoma in a large family, a modest home, with doting grandparents down the lane. There was so much love in her heart that at times she felt it would burst.

The spring of 2004 arrived along with an unsolicited call to Bud and Vee. There was a little girl in need of a home. No, she wasn’t a newborn, but the caller was hoping that they would consider an older child.

K came to visit with them for the first time that May and was so frightened that she spent the weekend throwing up. Nevertheless, the Smiths wanted her to come visit them again, and told her so.

The next visit went a little smoother. K was able to meet some of the Smith's friends at a barbecue, and play with some children. She thought it might be fun to come back.

And so the early summer months went by until one day the Smiths asked K to please stay forever. K decided that was exactly what she wanted to do.

The hubby and I watched Bud fall head over heels in love with his daughter. They tell each other silly jokes that nobody else understands and laugh. Bud built her a play structure that all the neighbor kids come to share.

Vee has all the normal emotions of any mother of a seven-year-old girl. When she doesn’t want to strangle her for something, she’s snuggling and reading books, baking cookies, or sewing matching dresses for K and her All American Doll.

There have been plenty of challenges. There should be and there will continue to be. They’ll work them out because they are a family.

To Bud, Vee and Little K Smith, Happy 2nd Anniversary.

(The All American Doll)

And to little K - Happy Birthday, we love you, too!


Karmyn R said…
Wow, has it only been 2 years? With so much love, it seems like many more! Awesome post! What a confirmation of life, love, and hope!!
Bonnie B said…
My heart just sings
Sunrunner said…
That is such a great story!!! Inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing.
C said…
That is so sweet! What a lucky girl to have found a loving family!!!
Laura said…
Lump in my throat as big as a golf ball here.

I love happy endings.

Thank you for sharing such a good one.
Swampwitch said…
I'm not sure what happened to my comment, but I'll try again.
"Happy Birthday to An All American Doll"

Also, I was successful in posting your blog on my story yesterday. and it works. :)
Susan in va said…
Happy 7th Birthday to a beautiful girl!
SongBird said…
Thank you for sharing such a lovely and touching story.
willowtree said…
What an uplifting story. Thanks.

Finally a story with a happy ending! (I don't mean you, I'm talking about the news on TV).
M J said…
Lovely story. So touching.
kailani said…
Your story gave me chills! What a happy ending for K.
Karmyn R said…
That would be a cool picture to paint - the water and sand - plus, you wouldn't really have to worry about the face - just kind of blur it.

maybe add in a kite? hee hee
Pass The Torch said…
So now I'm in tears. That was really beautiful.

Happy Birthday K!

Debs said…
Well another lump in the throat here too :) Thank you for sharing a very loving and touching story. Happy birthday to a great and lucky girl :)

Best to the family :)
Julie said…
Hope you had a Happy Birthday K!! Sorry I am late with it.

I agree with Karmyn, it would be a great photo to paint. I don't know about the kite though. What about putting Happy Birthday in the sand?

Great story!!
CyberCelt said…
Here for C&C Monday. You have visited me in the past and I am returning the courtesy.

What a great post.
Swampwitch said…
Where are you?

You're a winner!! Check out my
"And the winners are" post.
mar said…
What a wonderful story, I love happy ends! visiting from the Pink Diary, have a wonderful day!
Robin said…
Pamela, you told this story wonderfully! My heart was warmed for parent and child. Amazing beauty in spite of a tragic beginning.

Still thinking about Jen, hope all well as can be expected. {{hugs}}
Silly Hily said…
Wow, just wow.
Yup, big lump in the throat. Trying not to cry at work. That was beautiful. How great it is when two people who need someone else so badly are able to come together and feel complete.
I hope K had a fabulous birthday.
Looney Mom said…
Oh wow. That was beautiful.

I came over from Kailani's blog (Pink Diary) and wanted to extended some hugs to you.

BTW, nice to meet you. ;)
Karen said…
Such a touching story, Pamela ... and what a triumph of love
Anonymous said…
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