9-11 Carnival of The Blogging Chicks

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Be sure to check it out ! You don't have to be a blogging chick to participate. And yes, my entry does prove that I'm an old chick.


pacoandfriends said…
luv the different chicks lol
kailanl said…
I just love your animated banner!
lrlwreath said…
Thank you for visiting my blog. I am sorry blogger is being so difficult, hopefully it will end soon. Blessings.
michele said…
Thanks for the post.
Swampwitch said…
Atmy age, I like the idea of being called a chick...Thanks for the red, white, and blue post.
We are a Nation...we will not forget.
brian said…

I saw your comment on Mallisa's blog. I too have a tribute post to Gilbert. Please stop by to read when you have time.

Thank you for your caring and support.
willowtree said…
Hey Pamela, I haven't seen anything new from you since Thursday, is that right?

I'm only asking because blogger seems to be playing games and you have had trouble viewing my site. (the sidebar is the same as its always been on my computer)

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