More Than You Wanted to Know Tag

I was tagged by both Julie and Amanda. Therefore I think it is only fair that my skinny alter-ego, Me2, be allowed to respond along with me. Some of you may have already met. She can be uncouth.

So, here we go.

Four Jobs I have had in my life.

1) ME. When I was just a kid I picked strawberries.
ME2. I ate them

2) ME. As a teenager (when teens were allowed to work) I was the window trim girl on a paint crew.
ME2. I flirted with the men.

3) ME. In my 20's and 30's I worked up the ladder in a brokerage firm to become a registered broker, but worked on a team.
ME2. Tried to get some rich old geezer to name me on his Last Will and Testament.

4) ME. In my 40's I worked in the investment division of a bank Trust Department.
ME2. Farted in the elevator when the auditor rode up.

Four Movies I could watch over and over.

1) ME. It's a Wonderful Life
ME2. E V E R Y Christmas. I survive by drinking egg nog.

2) Me. Princess Bride
ME2. I only acquiese so I can chant 'Humperdinck' until she fast forwards to the part where the dinck gets it by my darling Inigo.

3) ME. While You Were Sleeping
ME2. Peter, Jack, and Lucie? Really, how can one movie be so phallic?

4) ME. Chocolat
ME2. Rah Rah Roux!

Four Places I have lived.

1) ME. Auburn, Washington
ME2. Me, too.

2) ME. Corrales, New Mexico
ME2. Si, 1000 people, 2000 dogs, 3000 registered horses.

3) ME. College Place, Washington
ME2. She weighed 115 lbs, I was being starved- I tell ya.

4) ME. Walla Walla, Washington
ME2. She told you twice. She always takes my turn.

Four Things I like to do.

1) ME. Read
ME2. I turn the pages or play with the mouse.

2) ME. Watercolor
ME2. I'm her own worse critic.

3) ME. Socialize with friends.
ME2. I wonder if she put to much salt in the casserole. She did.

4) ME. Work outside in the yard and garden.
ME2. Leave her footprints in the flowerbed the hubby just groomed.

Four of my favorite foods.

1) ME. Blueberries.
ME2. More

2) ME. Pasta
ME2. At the Olive Garden, of course.

3) ME. Hasbrown, eggs, and toast.
ME2. Later, I'm sleepin' in.

4) ME. Hot Fudge anything.
ME2. With nuts.

Four Places I would like to be right now.

1) ME. I really like being here at home with the hubby.
ME2. She spooned him off his side of the bed last night.

2) ME. Maybe renting a cabin at the beach with an open fireplace.
ME2. It would be mine if that old geezer had put me in his will.

3) ME. North to see the Aurora Borealis during a giant solar storm.
ME2. The neighbors left their Christmas lights up. I'm happy.

4) ME. On a Tornado Chasing Tour.
ME2. Show me the Fraidy hole.

Four Websites I visit daily.

1) ME. The Bridge (My at the job home page)
ME2. Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump.........

2) ME. Drudge Report
ME2. Ryhmes with Fudge, served with nuts.

3) ME. Blogger
ME2. She leaves "calling cards." I'm sad there are no elevators.

4) ME. The Dust Will Wait. (just checking and hoping for visitors)
ME2. I got there first once...and left her some Spamela.

Four Places I have been on vacation.

1)ME. The Oregon Coast, so many wonderful trips.
ME2. I remember the time she nearly puked on a whale watching adventure.

2)ME. Maui
ME2. She screamed through the snorkel when I came face to face with an eel.

3)ME. Washington, DC
ME2. Okay, Okay Okay...the hubby got to me when his tears fell by the wall.

4)ME. Vancouver, BC.
ME2. It wasn't T-H-A-T long ago

Four Friends I think might respond ?

1) ME. All of them!
ME2. I lost track, what was the question? (She actually pushed the darn publish post button when I was reaching for the save draft.)
2)ME. Did not!
ME2. I saw your pudgy finger...
3) ME. I should never have invited her along for this ride.
ME2. Well, then I'm going to bed.
4) ME. Me, too.


Karmyn R said…
Have you been smokin' some hookah? oh mom - you crack me up!

I guess this is what happens when you miss Pirate day.
willowtree said…
This is honestly the first time I've ever used this...ROFLMAO!!!

You two are a scream, have you thought about getting ME2 a blog of her own?
Kailani said…
Me2 sounds a little snarky to me. LOL! She's probably someone I'd like to hang out with!
Shauna said…
That was the funniest! Hope ME2 doesn't take over - ME seems a bit nicer!
Pass The Torch said…
That was hilarious! And, nice to meet you, ME2. I don't believe we've met.

Pass The Torch said…
Thank you for leaving comments on my Imperfect Parent article! You've officially earned yourself some sidebar brownie points;)
C said…
I love the banter!! very funny!
Jenn said…
this was great, really creative. I often battle the "other" me inside.
Amanda said…
You are such a dork!
A clever dork, yes. I wanna hang out with ME2!
Swampwitch said…
This is just too clever and w.a.y.t.o.o. funny. Enjoyed every minute of reading it. Thanks for visiting yesterday and I think I successfully put your link in my post today.
M J said…
"Tried to get some rich old geezer to name me on his Last Will and Testament."

ME2 you are my hero.
Susan in va said…
I love the whole multiple personality thing - hilarious. (I accidentally tagged you with the exact same MEME today - oops! Sorry). I loved Willowtree's comment about giving ME2 a blog of her (or his?) own. (*chuckle*)
Pamela said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pamela said…
Found my meds.
ME2 is being sedated.
But she did appreciate all of your encouragement.

Karmyn: Hookah? in your pipe dreams.

WT: Thanks! But, I don't want to encourage her.

Kailani: Snarky's good. That has to have something to do with elevator farts.

Kelly: Me2 says "Nice to meet you, too. Are you a shrink?"

C and Jenn. It usually doesn't get ugly until the fat lady sings.

Amanda. Dork? While you're at it, why don't you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it? (Miracle Max)

MJ. Funny how the more thing change the more they stay the same. Now I'm married to an old geezer. Notice I left out rich.

Susan - with three tags we could have had the 3 Faces of ME

Swampwitch. My life is boring, interrupted briefly by moments of sheer terror.

ME: I've enjoyed reading all of your Meme's.

ME2: I felt like Miss Congeniality at Miss American Pageant singing 'Getting to Know you.'
Robin said…
If there ever were any, there are no doubts now. I have a HUGE crush on you (I'm now beginning to question my hetersexuality b/c this is the SECOND time I've said that to a girl in two days)(ai yi yi)!!! Adorable post, as if you didn't know from all the accolades.

Heck, Pamela, we all LOVE the Dusty MeTwins.
Pam said…
Ooo, for a few sec's there I started to feel schizophrenic. ;0]

Great writing. I'm thoroughly impressed.

Thanks for popping in to my place and commenting.
Spider Girl said…
I loved this post--so fun to read. :)
Jenny said…
One more reason why I adore you.

And your alter-ego.

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