First of the Month–Watch Them Grow

Joining in with another First of The Month  with another photo of the three grand children that I have followed on here for the past year.  (Jan at Murrieta 365 still has the Meme going strong!)

We had nine grandchildren at our house the week before Christmas so we bought a one size fits all gift:  Wii.
It was a good choice.

This afternoon when Z-bub got off the bus, I allowed the boys to play some Mario Brothers.  It suits them to a T!

 And Mizelle?  Well, she watches, and then begs to play.  I will have to find an easier and more age appropriate game for her.  Any suggestions for a 2 1/2 year old?

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Mrs. Mac said…
Those kiddos are cute as bugs ears - love the intensity on their faces.

And your "about me" and dusty header crack me up! :D

Kim -- posting with my Google ID as I can't get my OpenID to work ... but you'll find my photoblog here:
bichonpawz said…
Great pics Pamela! I don't know anything about kids we don't have any around here!! Ben's grandkids live out in MN so we only see them about once every couple of years.
Jill said…
there's a sesame street one for xbox, so there's got to be something for wii, try going to a store's website (or amazon) and knocking the search down one item at a time, first games, for the wii, then by subject or age and see how that finds you.
Sayre said…
We didn't do video games when Z was that little, so I don't really know about that.

I was just looking back at some of your older pics - Mizelle looks like a child now instead of a baby. I find how children's faces mature so fascinating. That's why I decided to do it with my own boy.
kitten said…
You are trully blessed!
Teresa said…
They certainly are intent on that game! I love that you're continuing with the grandkids. They are growing so quickly.
Jan n Jer said…
Too cute for words n you did pic the pefect gift!!!!
Karmyn R said…
They are growing up.
karisma said…
No suggestions for games from me, I like to suggest outside play. Only one of mine was into games that young and he is overly obsessed now so I am not too happy with that outcome. My nephew is into skylanders at the moment.

They grow too fast these little ones. Don't you just wish you could slow them down and savour each moment just a little longer?
Peter said…
Your grandkids are growing like weeds Pamela... mine are too!!!!!
The Laundress said…
I can't believe how big they are getting!!!!

It's been too long since I've come over here to see whats going on!!!
Faye said…
Smart grannie! Maybe M just wants to be at the controls whether she can play or not? :-)
I Think there is a Dora The Explorer..or maybe a Diego game that Mizelle would love. I am certain they get time outside to play and computer games teach eye hand coordination anyway and when it rains you need an activity! I enjoyed the expressions on their intent on watching:)
kailani said…
My 2 year old loves all those kids dance games. :-)
Intense Guy said…
Such concentration!! And clear blue eyes!

:) I've no idea about the good for (smart) youngster games.

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