Rainy Day

I love the way the rain drops catch
 on the net that protects our fish
 from the Heron and the Kingfisher.

 One day I saw the Heron
 standing on top of  the rocks
 peering hungrily at the goldfish
 in their winter “hover”
at the bottom.

  Such easy pickings when the pond is open.
IMG_6638a While the sun is shining the net
 is nearly invisible…
which explains why I’ve twice
 seen the Kingfisher diving
from the sky,
 only to be bounced back
up into the air.
  I was worried that it was hurt.
 But it flew up and scolded
loudly from a perch
high in the maple tree.
When the rain turned to mist
 I took the three grandchildren out
 to blow bubbles.

The moist air has a good influence
 on the stability of the bubble.

 It gives the kids opportunity to chase the rainbow balls ...
as the slight breeze carries them away.

Z-bub created some huge ones.
When one floated near,
I could see the tree
above, me, and
Z-bub in mirror image.
(Z-bub actually is in
there twice!)

So of course I took
an impromptu and
slightly  blurry picture. 


bichonpawz said…
Great looking bubbles Pamela! I also love rain on the net pics!
DesLily said…
great shots..we are all entitled to the slightly blurred photo especially when time is a factor lol... beautiful shots Pam
The Laundress said…
Beautiful Post
Beautiful Pictures.
Janis said…
Nice shots...love the big blurry bubble!
What fun..and it is nice to see raindrops too:)
chrisb said…
These are great shots. Chasing bubbles is something enjoyed by all generations- remember doing it when I was a child and that's a long time ago! LOL
Steve Skinner said…
It's raining here today so maybe I'll go and make so bubbles too just for the fun of it!
Kailani said…
I love rainy days . . . as long as I don't have to go anywhere.
grammy said…
Love the rainbow bubbles... bet the kids did too (o:
Peter said…
I would have paid good money to see that bounced Kingfisher.
Nezzy said…
What beautiful pictures sweetie!!!

I love the capture of the colorful bubble, it sure brightened up my day!!!

God bless and have an amazin' day sweetie!!!

BTW: Back in the sixties and seventies we we're required to wear Gym uniforms. Our local Smith Dry Good store would order 'em for us. We had PE everyday back then and were required to dress in these for class. UGLY!!!
Gattina said…
You gave me a great idea with the bubbles when I see my little grandson next time. He is now 15 months old.

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