Or Black & White Flamingos.

While six grandchildren were visiting this weekend, we had an opportunity to go for a short walk on the creek. Just turned 8-year old Goober Evalina and I were doing a little bird watching.

Goober:   OH!  Grandma!  Look at those!

Grandma:  Uh huh.  Two Canadian Geese.

Goober (Sighs, and in a disappointed tone):  I thought they were short Ostrich.

Then she walks ahead of me and I hear her add quietly, "Or Black and White Flamingos."


heather said…
Well didn't you know that the ancestors of the canadian geese were flamingos? They migrated from Florida.
Coffeypot said…
Doesn't matter which. They all taste good on the dinner table.
Susie said…
I love that she has such a magical imagination! I'm pretty sure that Heather is right about the Canada Geese ancesty too...better tell Goober.
grammy said…
Love it (o:
My four year old grand baked goodies with her Mom and sisters and took it to her Dad's work. She walks in the door and proudly announces, "We brought Bikini bread"!
12ontheinside said…
Short ostriches and black and white flamingos - love it :)
Sandy said…
you know, Gram, you could photo shop her some black and white flamingos.
Tillybud said…
Thank you for such a sweet story. I love the way children think!

Tilly x
Intense Guy said…
LMAO.... short ostriches... :)
me too..LMAO..what a great mind that one has! :)
lisaschaos said…
That is too adorable! I think I'd rather they were called Black and White Flamingos, lol.

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