There is a lot of desert on the way to the Grand Canyon.  Through it, we followed the highway that put Utah in our rear view mirror and the Arizona sunshine on our hood.   We arrived in the park on the east end of the south rim where our first encounter is The Desert View.

But this post isn’t about that.  In fact, I don’t know if I can describe the overwhelming smallness of my being as I glimpsed the Grand Canyon for the first time.  The deceptive altitude has already given notice to your lungs, so taking the breath away entirely requires just a short sniff.  As I waited for it to return, I thought about Auntie Ferns statement – I could have stood and looked at it all day.  Yeah.

So…… while we joined other people along the viewpoint, I noticed a girl carrying a very young Rottweiler puppy.  She moved closer until she was standing right beside me.  It was apparent that her mother and father were watching closely as other park visitors were ogling and petting the little dog.

I must have spoken my thoughts aloud; “That puppy is so tiny – is it weaned from it’s mother?”

“We have no idea,” responded the girl, “we just found her in the desert.”

“What?!” My voice was certainly raised with surprise.

The mother turned to explain.

“Yes,” she confirmed.  “We were driving through the desert and my husband yelled ‘what is that?’ and stopped the car.  This little guy was sitting in the gravel.  There was nothing around for miles!”

Then she said they gave it water and offered it snacks they had brought along from California.  They couldn’t leave the puppy in the hot car, so they carried it to the rim with them.

Someone close behind me asked, “Are you going to keep it?”

The woman looked into the hopeful eyes of her child, and then to her husband standing nearby.

“Yeah. We have another dog at home, but I think we’ll keep it.”

My husband reached out and tickled the puppy behind its ear and suggested,

“You ought to name it Lucky.”

* * * * *

Here's three photos - I may post some others later.  Hard to choose!

Desert View.   Smoke from wild fire causing haze

Me!  Wind was gusting up to 40mph - and hat head!  My $ 1.99 shades.  My Expensive ones blew away.  Really.

Close to the other entrance -- sun setting.  I took this photo because the shadow formed an owl on the other side.  Can you see it?


DesLily said…
i got to see the grand canyon for a whole 20 minutes once on my trip for CA to NJ..I so love the canyon that I cried the entire time! I had always dreamed of seeing it. The photo's are great, thanks for posting them!!.. and the puppy really is "lucky"!
foam said…
i see the owl!
one of these days i would truly love to see the grand canyon myself.

that puppy is lucky. i hope it lives a long and healthy life with this kind family.
oh man, that puppy is adorable. So adorable....

And your pictures are just amazing. I've never been out west. Its overwhelming to look at even in pictures

Janis said…
To visit the Grand Canyon is on my bucket list. We keep talking about flying to Vegas and taking the tour from there. Breathtaking photo and yes I see the! That poor little puppy...he is indeed lucky!
What a lucky puppy to have his very own little girl and everything! Yes I see the Owl..that is one great shot! I have never been to the grand canyon..looks grand to me and deep..:)
Intense Guy said…
I see two wise owls!

(one is a shadow figure and the other one is wearing sunglasses)

I got to get to the "big ditch" someday!! In the meantime I'll enjoy your pictures.

That puppy's first name is "Beyond", Lucky is his middle name.
The Church Lady said…
Oh yes! I see the owl. That is cool. What a cute puppy. I would have never left him behind either. I'm sure someone just dropped if off, don't you think?

Your photos are awesome.
heather said…
What on earth possesses people to abandon animals? I just don't get it. Sell them. Give them away. At least take them to a shelter. But abandon them?
willowtree said…
reminds me of a lost poster I saw once... LOST - small three legged dog. Missing one eye and half it's tail. Responds to "Lucky".
Gattina said…
Disgusting ! this dog story ! I wonder what kind of people left a puppy in the desert ! It was really lucky.

The Gran Canyon is indeed breath taking. I remember when I saw it the first time in 1971, I had an urgent (very urgent) need for a toilet. But when I saw this amazing landscape, I completely forgot that nature had called me !
Nearly 20 years later I saw it for the second time. Hadn't changed a bit. It didn't belong to the Indians either. So it must have changed a lot. I saw pictures with this platform. I don't know if it's nice or not.
I haven't seen the Grand Canyon. Beautiful photos. I love the one of you Pamela!

The puppy story is wonderful! Wow!
Kila said…
I wonder where the pup came from?

Enjoyed your photos. I saw the Grand Canyon just once, flying over it at about 35,000 feet, but even that was very impressive.
Merle said…
Hi Pamela ~~Great photos and I am so glad you enjoyed the Grand Canyon.
I hope you DO remember the Nun Joke.
Love, Merle.
Jennifer said…
What I love about the Grand Canyon is how when you pose in front of it, you always look like you've been photo-shopped in! No matter where you stand, no matter what the light is, it's just too big to look real!!
lisaschaos said…
I do see the owl! The grand canyon is wonderful! My husband only buys cheap sunglasses anymore because his expensive ones always got lost in some way - but what a tale to have them whipped from your face from the rogue winds above the canyon! lol

That puppy is SO lucky! I can't imagine the horrible people who left him there!
Hayden said…
wonderful photos, as always. Love love love the clouds.

but oh, the people. abandoning a dog in the DESERT? that's too cruel to think about. Glad 'lucky' was found.
Peter said…
Ah... your new profile photo!!!!
The Grand Canyon has been on my wish list forever.
Gail said…
What a wonderful story and very beautiful country.
Oz Girl said…
That puppy is as lucky as our found kitten!!! And the Grand Canyon... it has been too many years since I have visited. Truly does make one feel small, huh? Love your blow-in-the-wind hat head. :)
dawn said…
It is a lucky puppy. You have some awesome photos of your trip. Looks like a great time of sight seeing.
Susie said…
Some people are just monsters...fortunatly there are good people to clean up after them. Lucky would be the perfect name for that puppy.

Beautiful pictures. Is that owl on your bird life list?

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