Missing Something? (Yes! Kim.)

Kim is a special education teacher… and for us a special friend.

The former “special” equips her to deal with situations that confound the average person. The latter “special” equips her to deal with WR and me.

Recently she flew to Colorado where she and her husband plan to move. While she interviewed for jobs, she stayed with her very best friend who is a live-in manager at another “special” place; a home for people afflicted with dementia.

One of the residents became attached to Kim during her two week stay. Kim was attentive and made herself available to help Priscilla find her sweater – a task which needed to be done often. The forgetful lady left her sweater in the dining room, in the sitting room, in the chair in the hall, and everywhere else. Once she realized her sweater was not over her shoulders she would fret, and then accuse others of thievery.

One particular morning Kim arrived early in the dining room to prepare for her day, along with several other residents who were waiting for their breakfast.

When she heard Priscilla grumbling and tottering their way, Kim looked up. It was not a surprise to see her without the sweater. But Kim was astonished to see the thin, white haired little lady without any clothes from the waist down.

Kim jumped up to cut her off at the dining room archway, where she gently turned her around and away from the others.

“Are you missing something?” Kim asked while her arm firmly hugged and herded towards Priscilla’s bedroom.

“Yes.” Priscilla answered with her shaky voice, “My… my…sweater.”

“I’m sure we’ll find it in your house.” Kim encouraged her to keep moving.

Kim didn’t want to do or say anything that would upset Priscilla, or in any way be considered disrespectful. She waited until the bedroom door was closed before she asked the question once more.

“Are you missing anything else?” Kim inquired, and probably displayed that dimple that appears when she’s suppressing a giggle.

“Yes. My.. my.. sweater! I need to go look for it!” Priscilla was a little bit agitated.

“We are going to look for it,” Kim encouraged, “but first, Priscilla, you need to look down!”

Kim smiled and pointed towards the floor.

The confusion apparent in her face, Priscilla bent her head forward and studied the carpet around both her and Kim’s feet.

“Oh! My stars!” An astounded look crossed her face and she turned it towards Kim. “I forgot my slippers!”

(Kim is moving to Colorado next week. Now WR and I are going to be the ones missing something.)


wolfbaby said…

she sounds like a sweet lady!
HalfCrazy said…
Hi there!

Aww, I feel for Priscilla, seems like she's so nice, sweet and funny! What a cute story too! Now I would love to meet Priscilla! Kudos to Kim for being calm and cool about the whole thing!

Much Love,
MarmiteToasty said…
Oh my, dear Pricilla.........

and what a dear and patient friend you have.... special in every way..

LadyStyx said…
oh my oh my! I dont think I could have handled that without laughing...
Desert Songbird said…
Nothing worse than having cold toes, you know?
Kim is a rare gem and Priscilla is soooo sweet!
C said…
That is so funny!!! Missing her slippers! and then some.... she seems like a very special person to be able to work with these challenges.
Moi said…
What a funny story!! and you know how to tell it!!
ChrisB said…
I know the story made us laugh but it's very sad as well. Dementia takes away ones dignity, however, if I was ever in that position I would hope that I had a *Kim* looking out for me as she sounds a wonderful caring person.
tlawwife said…
I'm thankful for "special" people like your friends.
Rayne said…
oh, no! That poor lady! This is so funny!
Sayre said…
I am laughing so hard... not at Pricilla's expense, however, but with the somewhat sure knowledge that I may challenge my own "Kim" in a similar manner one day. I may as well laugh about it now while I can.

Your Kim sounds like a real treasure.
jettied said…
OOHh for sweet sweet of Kim!!! Sounds like she would be special to anyone around her!! It is so nice how she let Pricilla keep her dignity!!
kitten said…
She does sound like a wonderful lady. Those kind of people come few and far between. I can see where you are feel you are missing something.
There is a reason she is doing this, because she is the special type of person that it takes to do this kind of work! What a cute story!
12ontheinside said…
Made me giggle - and also makes me think your friend Kim sounds like an absolute gem!
I'm smiling, but it's a "with" smile, not an "at" smile. Did you know I used to work at a retirement community so this isn't that far of a stretch for me??

I do know this...you're losing an amazing friend; I hope y'all will be able to stay in touch :).
lisaschaos said…
Poor thing! She sounds so sweet.
Peter said…
I encountered quite a few "situations" when visiting my Dad at the nursing home before he passed away... funny and sad at the same time.
Kila said…
Sometimes I look forward to those days ;)
Susie Q said…
She is MY kinda lady! Love this story.
She will be close by...email is only a click away right? And the phone. It does help! But I know it is hard to have a friend far away...

Kathleen Marie said…
Awwww.... my kind of gal. I have also tagged you on my blog... Hugs!
A Spot of T said…
So sweet and so sensitive, just what someone like Priscilla needs at this stage of her life. I can only hope when my turn comes...and I'm convinced I will be a Priscilla...there will be someone as kind and gentle to help me find my...slippers :o) Love the way you tell a story. Write a book, I'll be the first in line to buy it!
Jennifer said…
Oh my. I hate it when i forget my slippers.
Merle said…
Dear Pamela ~~ Great story, poor
Pricalla, and what a wonderful lady
your friend is. Bless her heart.
Thank you so much for your message, and the accident was no fun.I haven't
driven for a few years myself. My driver lost her car, but it was insured. The lady who started all the rot had an epileptic fit and she caused 5 cars to be badly damaged, including her own.
Luckily no-one was badly hurt. Glad you liked the Flaw in Women and the medical jokes. Take care,
Love, Merle.
dawn said…
What a great story. Poor Priscilla. I am sure my MIL is headed in that direction. It seems to be getting bad and we are in for some big changes and big fights ahead. I hope when I am old I have caring people around and that I am able to admit my age and that I am not able to do things I once could. I am off to a good start, I already admit I can't do things I once could...good practice for when I am much older.

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